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CalmingBreeze16 |
Listener - Sage 4

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Hi, I am happy you found me on 7 Cups.

I am a licensed therapist with a calm and easy going manner and would be happy to help you.And while I do not provide formal psychotherapy on 7 Cups, I utilize my skills to be a caring and compassionate Listener.



I have many years of experience helping all types of people with problems big and small. Relationship issues. Depression, anxiety, family issues are just some of the areas we can explore.



I would be also more than happy just to chat if you just need a compassionate ear.

I look forward to chatting with you.



Number of Ratings: 392
Number of Reviews: 106
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Apr 16, 2016
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Male
Progress Path Step 675
Cheers 159,695
People Helped 659
Chats 3,465
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Feedback & Reviews
Made me feel very comfortable to share how I was truly feeling and encouraged me to express my emotions. Thank you! 🙂
Supportive and helpful! Great listening ear and makes you feel comfortable to share anything that is on your mind.
very insightful
Calmingbreeze16 was extremely supportive when I was feeling alone! Thank you for letting me vent and for listening.
Great listener
CalmingBreeze16 was extremely supportive and made me feel what I was feeling was okay. He is a great listener, that knows what to say in the moments you are struggling.
Best lis
CalmingBreeze16 is very supportive and caring. I felt so understood and heard by our conversation. At the end of our conversation, I felt relief just by sharing. Thank you so much!
wonderful insight :) thank you so much
A lovely positive person who really listened. Thank you so much.
Very supportive and thoughtful listener. Provided a listening ear and lots of care during a difficult time. Thank you!
Surprisingly patient with my silly problems :) Thank you!
thank you so much. I barely ever get listeners that help me. But you managed to that, again thank you very much. i'm the girl that probably has ADHD and autism
Very supportive! Great listener! Asks good questions to better understand what is going on.
Thank you for seeing it as it is
Nice and try to be helpful with my problems.
CalmingBreeze16 was very helpful in helping me through relationship issues and trying to better understand what my needs are. He is extremely patient and caring.
Calmbreeze16 was very insightful and provided me with support and much needed reflection.
Very helpful. Gave me a specific thing to work towards for the short term. Not overly nice and definitely not mean. Very professional and opened my eyes to alternative ways of analyzing things.
Thank you for your time . You're a great help and I recommend you to anyone
CalmingBreeze16 helped me be true to myself and how I was feeling. He truly supported me and was there for me when it was tough. Excellent listener who goes above and beyond in his care and compassion he shows to those around him.
Excellent insight, and very kind. A great listener.
He is so mature and kind! Responded instantly, made me feel calmer until I kinda forgot I was upset in the first place. Grateful that he took time out to talk to me. :) Massive love & respect from Jaipur x
Great listener when you need someone to hear your feelings! I felt very supported.
Made me feel safe and helped a lot. Great advice!
He teached me lot of things and he always tried to be with me! Very helpfully and kind. Lucky to have you BMW.
really great,,helped me so much it changed my life
Thank you for your help:)
Thank you.
Such a breath of fresh air. Very professional and to the point. Took time to make sure I had an idea of where I needed to go for conflict resolution.
very nice person and helpful
thank you for some much needed reassurance
Very nice, didn't mind me talking about all different things, had very helpful points.
Thank you, you helped so much (:
He is very nice and calm to talk with. Very attentive too great job :)
CalmingBreeze16 was an excellent sounding board so I could express what was going on and figure out what I need to do. A very supportive and caring listener! :)
A respectable listener who suggested a few things to make my life better.
CalmingBreeze was Supportive and kind hearted, encouraging and welcoming all feelings to be expressed when I was feeling down.
Nice person all around
After three, maybe four listeners who picked my request, CalmingBreeze16 was the best among them. CalmingBreeze16 made me feel heard and very empathetic
CalmingBreeze was supportive and helpful listening when I felt alone. Makes you feel at ease and you can talk about anything. Thank you! :)
You're great..
CalmingBreeze was so patient with me and helped me see a different perspective to a situation. He validated how I was feeling and gave me a safe space to say anything that was on my mind. He is truly compassionate about what he does and goes above and beyond to make sure that you feel supported. :) Thank you!
U r awesome
really very good listener and very kind thanks for helping me...
So helpful in allowing me to open up and say difficult things that have been on my mind. Very supportive and validating when I needed it most! Thank you so much! 😊
Lovely person. Has been checking on me everyday to see if Im ok
Sorry for the abrupt stop, I just didn't much feel like talking anymore. Thank you for listening!
Helped me through a very difficult time and without this user I would've sobbed all night, thank you
Thank you for chatting with me. You've been so helpful.
CalmingBreeze was supportive and caring helping me express feelings. He was so encouraging and validated me, letting me know that I am not alone. 😊. I felt so supported in the moment!
Thankful to have this great listener! :)
Good listener, made me think more about my situation and it helped me think more about my situation and what things I needed to bring up with my partner.
CalmingBreeze was so helpful listening to something that has been bothering me. He was very patient and asked about my feelings and tried to understand the situation, while being supportive. :) Thank you!
Care, calmness and compassion personified. Thank you so much for your genuine care and honesty. You told me what I needed to hear and treated me as a friend. Can't thank you enough, Wish you nothing but happiness!!
The best!
Great person! Am lucky talking to him!
Cool listener ...genuine ...supportive...Thanku ...
Very friendly and helpful. A good listener. Helped me to calm down after a rough day. Gave me good tips and techniques on how to calm down during an emotionally turbulent time.
Awesome listener. He/she really opened my eyes and helped me through my problem. He/she took the time to work it out and not just send one word answers.
Great so far
A really amazing listener. They understood what I was dealing with, allowed me to calm down but hearing me out fully and offered some great suggestions for how to deal with my issues.
Best listener ever
it was a good chat at least
Understands my problem very well, responds to it quickly, and gave some helpful answers.
Understands my problem very well.
No one understood me more than you.
Thank you.
Felt so much better after talking to this listener, feel so great full
Made my life much brighter!
CalmingBreeze16 took as much time as I needed to help me express my feelings and let me know it was okay. Thank you for being with me when I was feeling down and helping me in the moment. You are so kind and caring. Very professional and is the most empathic listener. He truly makes a difference everyday in those lives that he helps. 😊🐻
awesome human, privilege to speak to this human as I am on my growth journey.
Wonderful listener
Very compassionate and caring
Very encouraging and helpful in reframing my thoughts! I felt so supported and comforted as CalmingBreeze helped me release some feelings and emotions that I was holding in with such care. :).
CalmingBreeze16 was very empathic and patient, allowing me to speak freely about what was on my mind. They were very supportive and have direct feedback where it was much needed. Such a compassionate, kind person with a big heart in helping others. :)
Professional listener that has great empathy. Nice to talk with.
I'm happy I can talk.
Its awesome
Supportive listener and extremely empathic. Helpful in asking good questions to understand what was bothering me. :)
Great listener
Good listener.. Great advice
Whoeverthis person is I love them!!!
Helped me a lot. Asking all the right questions. Not to change your situation but your perspective.
Great guy
A wonderful listener, open , frank, honest and sincere.
A million thanks
A nice person. I was kinda babbling but he/she still managed to pinpoint what I was trying to say or what is the actual problem. Helpful!
Great listener
Very helpful & kind
Thank you so much!
CalmingBreeze was really a calming breeze.. Very helpful..
This listener really helped me feel hopeful enough to get up and look forward to trying another minute of another day, at a time when I was feeling utter hopelessness.
Really good listener, my first on this app. Thank you
logical and patient.
Very good
So wonderful to talk to!
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