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CastaDivaRadhe |
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Hello everyone! I am here for you and happy to help! Please read my bio before reaching out to me. "Hard to see the light now. Just don't let it go. Thing's will turn out right now. We can make them so. Someone is on your side. No one is alone."

***Please follow the link below to get more information about my listening requirments. I am happy to speak to anyone and everyone. But those that follow the instructions contained in the link will have my TOP PRIORITY in terms of response time and attention*** To follow the link, you may have to copy and paste it. It should bring you to a post on the general entries forum part of 7cups.

Please read at least all the way to the bottom of my intro paragraph before reaching out to me.

I am a very active and engaged listener. I have a background of education in both mental and physical health. I am not a licensed therapist or doctor. Currently I am taking a break from school. However for a number of years I was pursuing a degree in psychiatric nurse practitioning. I plan to go back and finish this degree within the next year. I have greater than average knowledge pertaining to areas of psychology, pharmacology, anatomy, as well as general physical health. I am not qualified to diagnose, or provide a treatment plan for any illnesses that you may suffer from. However, I try to apply my knowledge and background in my work as a listener. I have a certain affinity for helping those who are suffering form neurological disorders such as schizophrenia, Bi Polar Disorder and similar mental health issues. I also have a strong focus on personality disorders as well. Particularly those that fall into the Cluster B personality types. I do not mind discussing any problems or situations that you may be going through. However I try to limit myself to only dicussing relationship problems that center around the LGBT community or those that are having problems due mental health issues and/or absue. I try to make myself available to those who feel most in need of speaking with me. I am a very serious listener and take a practical approach when speaking to everyone. With this being said, I do not mind talking to anyone about any problem. But please understand that I may refer you to another listener if I feel that there is someone who needs a greater amount of attention at the moment. I can have casual conversations as well and do not mind them. But if something more pressing arises, I like to give my full attention to that. My hobbies include listening to opera and classical music, cooking, reading (mostly academic or non-fiction literature except for classics) musical theater, and playing card games. If you would like to know more, please feel free to message me and ask. I will always try to make time for any type of conversations. I just ask that you bear with me, if I feel the need to refer you to another listener. For any indiviudals who are dealing with dark personality features, or are interested in knowing about my own personal mental health diagnosis. Please read to the bottom of my Bio. As with all other listeners on 7cups, any discussions that we may have will always be completely confidential. I will never reveal anything about what we have discussed, and I will never judge or shame you for anything that you say to me. I am here to offer support and assistance where I can. I believe that the only way I can do so effectively is to have the trust and confidence of those members I speak to.

All members are very important to me. In order to be able to devote more time to all of you properly. I try to limit my active chats to no more than five at a time. If you see that I am available, but for some reason I am not answering your personal request please consider the following:

1. I am happy to speak to any and all of you, please come back and try again with me.

2. If it is something that you feel to be very urgent. Please try sending me another personal request. I will attempt to answer it if at all possible.

3. If you are not a new member to me. Please be considerate of other members time as well. I promise that I will get back to you as soon as possible.

4. I try always to respond promptly and appropriately to all current chats. If for some reason my responses become slow. Most likely there is another member that I am speaking with who I feel needs more special attention at the moment. Such as a crisis or issue that I am trying to address in the appropriate ways. Please bear with me, I will respond as quickly as I can.


Empathy Deficient Individuals, and Dark Personalities Please Read Below

You are always welcome to reach out to any and all listeners here on 7cups. All that I have associated with have attempted to speak from a place of what I believe to their best understanding. However if you are looking for someone who will understand from a more personal perspective. You are always welcome to reach out to me in particular. I am a clinically diagnosed Antisocial Personality. Outside of my college educational background, I have studied these features and personalities in particular with a passion. If there are any harmful, manipulative, or destructive impulses/fantasies you are dealing with. You will in no way scandalize or shock me by what you disclose. This goes as well for any individuals who feel they are struggling with some issue that most people would find alarming. I am happy to speak openly and candidly in an appropriate way surrounding your issues. As well as happy to share my prespective and insights. 

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Feedback & Reviews
He was great.
Truly amazing person
Great listener!
He was very helpful and when I talked to him, it felt like he devoted his attention to me as his responses were fast and thoughtful. He never once made me feel invalidated and was incredibly supporting. It is incredible that people like him (and on this site) devote their time to help others when they could be doing other things. It really helped me out, thank you.
he is really a good listner.he could help very well
Great listener
Very helpful and relatable
Coleton was so supportive, responsive, and helpful. Really listened to all of the details of what I said and offered strategic but non-pushy advice. I really appreciate and everything and feel a lot better now.
I have now found a Listener I feel so very comfortable with, who listens and sincerely shows empathy and makes me feel better chatting with. Thank you so much for being here and listening to me.
he was really great. i felt like we were really having a conversation and it was really helpful.
excellent listener :)
Great listener, very nice and very helpful.
CastaDivaRadhe was very kind and helpful.
They are great! Really supportive and understanding and knowledgeable.
very thorough, just like i had expected. very professional, too. needs to be more listeners like that here!!
They are really understanding and caring. Very helpful . would love to have them in my life if i could
Very attentive, polite and helpful. Couldn't ask for anyone better. Thank you
She know's, she really does. It was a good clearifying talk. I needed that kind but honest talk! Thank you so much and i hope you help a lot more people like you did me!
Seemed to put a lot of thought into their responses to me, came off as mature and easy to talk to
thank you
Thank you for your help.
Really good
Kind and supportive.
Passionate, Comfortable to talk too
Very helpful, kind, professional. Awesome.
Amazing person
Good listener
Very very helpful
Very helpful
Amazing person
One of the very best people I've met on here when I came talking out my issues. Very informative but, also had a kind understanding of my situation. I would recommend a hundred and ten percent.
Coleton was VERY helpful, and I really liked talking to him
helpful and kind
This listener gave me so much hope. I didn't even think that this was possible in an online chat with a stranger, but I feel like there's hope for me again, and I can see a way out of my misery and fear. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are truly making this world a better place.
Good listener.
Best scholar ever!
Wonderful listener :)
they are amazing, very helpful and not judgmental.
After chatting with him I was convinced that he has all the qualities that a listener must have and I felt a lot better after chatting with him.
Very systematic and patient, easy to talk to
I really can't find the words to thank you.. U r much more than a listener....... U r the friend.. The sister.. The understanding person i never had!!
Thank you so much...
I really can't find the words to thank you.. U r much more than a listener....... U r the friend.. The sister.. The understanding person i never had!!
Thank you so much...
The best listener here. Professional, responds immediately, I just don't know what words to use to describe this wonderful man. Thanks again!
Fantastic listener
Great Listener, Thank you very much for your help.
He was patient and kind
Super nice.
one of the best listeners on 7 cups.
Very nice and great listener
One of the best listeners I've ever had on this site.
great listener
Great advice!
I am so very glad I stumbled across this person. Lovely, kind, helpful, professional and sympathetic. I would recommend them to anyone. Almost instantly made me feel better following a mental illness crisis. Could not give anything else rather than 5 stars.
empathetic, patient, generous, helpful. he's everything a great listener should be.
literally the best listener I've ever gotten on here
Really pointed questions. Really felt a strong sense of empathy
Very helpful, and listened to what I had to say.
She has been great
Doing great job
The best person to get advice from. Really a good listener and most importantly has appropriate solutions.
Love it makes me feel better
Very quick response time, and very professional about how the conversation was carried out. Suggestions were very helpful, and they were very patient when it came to trying to understand the situation and what I was feeling.
Without exaggerating too much, this person may have put me on the right path to bettering myself, forgiving myself, and giving professional help serious thought. I owe them so much.
Very understanding and patient
Really helpful. Thank you!
Great suggestions for dealing with anxiety. Professional, kind, and responded quickly. Awesome person!
Very good listener with proper queations and answers
Really listens to my problem and is answering and giving questions professionaly
Great feedback!
Thanks for helping me to chose between studies and work. that was really helpful..
Very Helpful
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