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Hey, welcome to my Listener profile. Before continuing on I would like for you to take a minute to close your eyes, and take a deep breath. You may not be feeling great right now, and that's what's brought you here today to 7Cups, and to my Listener profile. First I'm going to give you some generic information about myself, who I am, and why I'm here, so you can get to know me. Then I'll give you the different kinds of chats I may be able to help with. After that I will talk about my own personal experiences, in order to give credit to the chats listed above and help you get to know me a little better in a way that wil hopefully make you feel more comfortable sharing and talking to me. Although if not, that is completely okay too, as not every Listener-Member pairing will work, and I want you to have the best possible experience here at 7 Cups. Lastly, I'll talk about more fun things such as my hobbies, interests and things of less consequence.

Basic Information

Currently awaiting a username change.

Hello, my name is Nate, I am a 17 year old autistic, transgender man from Scotland. I joined 7 Cups of Tea in July 2016, but have been inactive since about January-Feburary this year. This was because of the personal issues I was facing including gender doubt, family issues, the transition from school to university, compassion fatigue, andmy own mental health. I started listening when I thought I was a woman, but have since came out as transgender . My pronouns are he/him. :)

After my long break, I am hopefully here again to stay.

I've been through a lot of things in my life, that have not been pleasant and have even changed me for the worst. I joined 7 Cups as a way to utilise these experiences in a way that can create a positive impact on the world. I thought that my knowledge and experiences, good and bad, could hopefully be something that could help others understand their situations, their own thoughts and identities, and ulitimately, even prevent people having to struggle and suffer in some of these ways. I am back here today, as someone who has even more stories to share and who is hopefully more mature and thoughtful, because I still hold these same values

Chats (a non-exhaustive list, as I'll always be prepared to help someone, no matter their situation):

Family issues

Anxiety and panic

Low mood and depression

Mood swings

Trauma: r*pe, and sexual assault

Trauma: Growing up in a violent/abusive household

Borderline Personality Disorder

Neurodiversity, and the issues surrounding us



My Experiences

I have experienced issues relating to all of the above chats. I'm going to keept this part as short and non-descriptive as possible in order to avoid triggering readers. If you would like me to change any part of it because you find it triggering, don't hesitate to message me. :)

I've had a lot of issues with my family, for many reasons. My parents were never the best people, my dad was always violent and my mother manipulative. I lived with my sister for almost 2 years because of this, but she and her partner also became cruel. My LGBT+ identities, and neurodiversity have also played a role in my family struggles. Intermeditate family arguments and such have also left most of my family estranged for most of my life.

I have also struggled a lot with anxiety, and mood. As a neurodivergent person, the world is inherently anxiety-provoking, and I experience anxiety almost constantly, more so in new enviroments, situtations, or in social situtations. I also struggle with low mood, and mood swings/emotional impermenace, relating to my personality disorder. I've had to work really hard to get to where I am today, and I hope I can help other people to cope with their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

I'm a trauma survivor, as previously mentioned I grew up around violent and manipulative parents, and have been in more than one abusive situtation. I am also a partner rape survivor. Trauma is likely the reason that I have BPD, which I am currently in the process of diagnosis with. Borderline Personality Disorder, and other Cluster-B disorders, is a wholely misunderstood illness, and if you'd like to learn more about it, feel free to drop me a message just to chat. Because of BPD I have struggle with intense emotional mood swings, attatchment issues, impulsive behaviour, dissociation, a belief that I am truly evil, worst of all I've been... completely anti-recovery (and that wasn't a choice. I wanted to want to get better.), and so much more. I want any other borderlines out there to know that you are not inherently evil, or abusive, or Bad. Your illness is valid. You are worth it. None of it is fair, and it's scary, and I'm sorry. But we got this. Together? Maybe?

As previously mentioned, I'm neurodivergent- Autistic. If you want to have a rant about Autism $peaks, or infodump about your new special interest, or have a compassionate ear for an ableist experience you've had- I'm your man. :)

I've also already said I'm a transgender man, I'm also pan-ace (panromantic, asexual). So I've.... got a fair share of experiences with LGBT+-phobia, and many other issues. I've battled particularly with internalised transphobia, a phenomenon I've dubbed Doubt Dysphoria, and unaccepting family. If you're experiencing gender doubt, erasure, trans/ace/biphobia within or outwith the community, any of the issues faced above, any other LGBT issues, or just want a friendly LGBT+ person to talk to about anything, I would feel honoured to help you with anything as best as I can.

Self-harm sucks. I first started self-harming when I was 11 years old, and sometimes still struggle with it to this day. If you need to vent, help with creating or performing healthy coping mechanisms, or just distracted, you can always send me a message.

I've also struggled with stress, chronic pain (eye pain, carpal tunnel syndrome), and bullying.

With all of that out the way, I hope you feel more comfortable and at ease with talking to someone who's been through issues that may mirror issues you've faced or are facing yourself, and now...

The Not-So Heavy Stuff

So I'm a 17 year old boy, and I really like Disney movies, anime, and cartoons. I like reading a lot, and writing although I'm in a permenant state of writer's block.

I'm incredibly enthusiastic about Lush bath bombs.

I collect Monster High dolls.

The movie Trainspotting, and it's sequel T2 Trainspotting, is my favouritve thing of all time. I have both the Choose Life monolouges memorised.


The highest level qualification I did in high school was Advanced Higher Drama (which is like Year 1 at uni here), and I got an A even though I can't act. I did my dissertation on minorities in theatre.

I'm currently studying English Studies and Psychology at university, and I hope to work with neurodivergent children, as a teacher or in some other form.

I have 7 cats.


Latest Special Interest: 'I Love You Philip Morris'

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Feedback & Reviews
I am really thankful, I now feel comfortable to open up to more people
Okay, Alicorn is one of best listeners i had in a really long time. This person is really smart and cares about you. He/She helped me a lot and didnt tell me stuff others did, like to move on or etc... You really helped me to live through this and let the God bless you. I love u and stuff u told me. I love your long messages and your patience. Thank u for wasting your time on me. Youre awwsome. I love you. :) :*
Alicorn is so helpful and gave me a lot of tips and things to do. Thank you so much!
Very kind and helpful, offered lots of useful resources.
Her exercises are helpful to me. She's a very great and a gentle listener. I think she's the best one that ever handled what I'm going through. She gave me resources and talked me into good things that calmed me down.
Thank you for being here.
Very mature person to talk with. I suggest talking to her if going through something because I guarantee that she'll answer sophisticatedly.
Simply the best caring & so kind !!
Very understanding and caring , instantly made me feel a lot better !
Awesome listener even on hard subjects..
A person who wouldnt stop trying to help. I need someone like that.
Great advice, very helpful!!
Awesome listener. Seems to know a lot about psychology and helped me to understand better some things and also how to cope with them! Big thanks!
Gives great advice and says exactly what you need to hear.
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