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Known in some circles as the Burnout Banisher, I have joined forces with 7 Cups to grow the 7 Cups Startup Support Community.

> Are you a Startup Founder who is in need of emotional support? If so message me and we can set up a time to chat anonymously here on 7 Cups of Tea.

> Are you a Startup Founder who has wisdom to share and is looking for a way to give back? We are looking for seasoned entrepreneurs to join our Startup Support Listen community. Message me for more details.

> Are you an organization designed to support Startups? We are looking for partners to help us grow the Startup Support Community. Message me for more details.

My professional background is very diverse and steeped in the study of western psychology, eastern healing arts, and dance choreography and performance. I grew up the child of two workaholic parents and very early on began to adopt these behaviors. By the time I was a freshman in high school, I was starting to experience many symptoms of burnout. It took me about 10 years to fully understand the causes of my poor health and find the healing solutions I was seeking. In the process I said goodbye to my dream of becoming a professional dancer. Finally at age 26, I had healed my body and transformed my lifestyle, but I needed a new dream. I needed a new life's purpose.

That is why I started BHA Consulting, to support my fellow entrepreneurs in establishing life enhancing burnout banishing personal and professional habits, routines, and systems that increase their resilience and allow them to activate optimal performance. By helping entrepreneurs banish burnout from their lives, I can help others avoid the pain of saying goodbye to a dream. Better yet, I can help them make their dreams a reality.

In my healing journey, I was fortunate to have a strong foundation in holistic health psychology, behaviorism, and systems thinking. I leaned into this body of knowledge to establish good habits and routines, both personal and professional, that I could integrate into a comprehensive intentional lifestyle. Had my foundational knowledge and expertise been in some other areas of study, I may not have been able to achieve these same results. To be completely honest, I didn’t do this alone. I knew just enough to know what I didn’t know and I reached out for support EVERY step of the way. I hired coaches, took workshops, read books, listened to audios, watched videos, the list goes on. Everyone deserves an ally in their corner. That is why BHA stands for Being Human Ally. In our fast paced increasingly tech heavy world learning how to code is easy, but being human is hard.

My areas of expertise are: Burnout Prevention, Burnout Recovery, Stress Management, Resilience, Personal Sustainability, Holistic Wellness, Embodied Learning, Positive Psychology, Self Awareness, Human Potential, High Performance, Self Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Cultural Competency, Team Building, Self Expression, and Sustainable Lifestyle Design. I use all of these area of experience and study to inform my life, my business, and the services I offer to my clients. Today, I work exclusively with entrepreneurial leaders who share my lifestyle values and are driven by the desire to have a positive social impact on the world, both inside their work spaces and out in the community.

When I am not working you can find me dancing, snowboarding, enjoying live music, or traveling the world. I am a firm believer that living a full life enhances our professional contributions, that the work we do can enhance our lives, and that the way we live and work can change the world.

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