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Please read all. I do work on relationships, But I only focus on Current, Active, In Person Relationships between F/M, F/F, M/M. Please read on

I am Not able assist with chats that include the serious issues of: Friends or Family issues, Anxiety, Depression, Overthinking, Breakups,  EX Relationships, Crushes, Dating advice, On line or Text Only Relationships or Long Distance Relationships.

I have made the choice to specialize in the type of chats that I participate in based on my experience here to date and what I have been successful with. Apologies if I cannot assist you

Thanks for your understanding. I want you to connect with the best listener for you. I'm sincerely sorry and once again apologize if this does not work for everyone.  With that in mind.....  

I will chat with you openly and honestly without judgement. Many times there is not a perfect solution.  Sometimes just the best bad option at the time. I do feel what you tell me ...but I am NOT an empathy machine or a total advice dispenser like Siri or Google . Please know this in advance that I feel what you are going through. My styIe is not for everyone.
I attempt to help you to find your own solutions.
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Feedback & Reviews
Unconventional advice for sure, but it brought another perspective... and a smile on my face where there wasn't none.
Took my conversation seriously - thank you
They provided good advice and help get me past tough obstacles that in my mind were huge but in reality weren’t.
This guy was awesome
Thanks for the direction
Construction was a great listener and helped me feel as though I wasn’t insane or overreacting for having the feelings about a situation that I did
very understanding responds quickly very good listener
Pleasant individual
She provided a good atmosphere where I could flesh out my own thoughts.
Great. Love it. Easy
Perfect listener. Understands what he/she reads. Honest, kind, and helpful. Glad to find such a listener!
good guy who really helped
Very good and helpful
Amazing guy, really made me feel better.
Great listener!
Thank you for being friendly and supportive.
Super helpful. I just needed to declutter my thoughts. Thanks again!
Wise listener, helpful chat.
They were so helpful in a time where I’d basically lost hope in my self and my marriage. Thank you for giving me back my pride.
Construction listened well and gave a very non biased honest opinion, thank you very much for your help
She was supportive, listened, and gave me information to resolve my problem.
This guy is completely out of this world!! Changed my mental state in a matter of minutes, honed right in on the exact issue, gave me clarity, research to follow up. He was the pefect balance between empathy, caring and directness.. To the point. Highly recommended Thank you again.
Thank you for listening
Very helpful, asks the right questions
Great listener.
Straight to the point. Appreciate their honesty.
Very Helpful, Really care
Very helpful! Gives honest insight.
Great listener, wise, helped me get through a tough time
Gave good advice and listened to my problem
Thank you for your help. Awesome listener
The guy is great
The listener was a very honest person. Tells you how it is. Helped me get to the core of what I need to work on.
I felt understood, and so much better afterwards. I know moving forward that there are some serious question I need to ask myself.
Good listener. Didn't judge me even when I begged them to.
Mallory is super nice
Prompt messaging. It’s nice.
I think that he/she is knows quite about relationships. Seemed a bit rushed. Otherwise really awesome and understanding.
Very responsive, very nice and genuine and knows what he's talking about!
great it is very helpful to use this service !
Good listener with great input.
He/she understands me and lets me think positive
Great listener. Really nice and cared
He is a great listener, gave me a new perspective on things!
Construction was a good listener, he was very mindfull if I wanted him to be blunt or not and I appericiated his honesty.
A short chat possibly but a person who really cared.
Great listener. Really helped me understand where I'm at in my issue.
Listened and sympathized with me
nice individual, agreement that may be better to speak with someone else
Super friendly, great listener really nade me feel heard.
Good listener, meaningful pieces of advice
Listened intently
Listened to me and what I had to say.
He's here to listen, he's good person!
very straight to the point!
Super sweet to talk to!
Very good listener
We had a short conversation but it was good. It made me rethink.
great help! amazing support
he/she was very helpful despite he/she didn;t have so much time to give me the support but was willing to share his/her time to help me. thank you so much
Great listener! :)
Thank you for your patience and direct advice. I calmed my rattled nerves and gave me a bit more direction.
thank you for your help
Non judging, patient, wise
Really good advice! Kept it short and sweet
very good help
well explained advice
Straight forward and honest!
Great listener, thanks for your help!
Good listening and patience
Great very helpful I feel better
The best listener I could ever dare hope for. Completely honest in assessment and helped me discover things I needed to know about myself
listened to my personal relationship problems didn’t judge and handle with ease and care
he began the conversation by telling me it wasn’t his best area but he would try, and he then proceeded to be the best listener i’ve had so far!!
great chat made me believe in myself
He read carefully and gave his honest opinion. To the point and nice person "dear"
Excellent listener, repeated important points back to me so I knew I was really being heard. Made excellent points about my situation, guiding me to uncover some of my true feelings without telling me how I should feel or what I should do.
Absolutely great. What this person is doing is wonderful. They choose their words carefully and thoughtfully. Thank you.
Thank you for your time.
Helpful, suggested me
Very open, and non judgmental
he/she was really receptive and listened to me patiently. I am now able to go get some sleep. Thanks again
Listened to my story no matter how messed up it got
Very helpful, kind and listens with neutral view. Advice is rational and forward-thinking. Great to talk to and lowered my stress greatly. Thank you very much :)
Amazing helpful person
Great listener. Very understanding, compassionate and down-to-earth.
Thank you for the help
Patient yet succinct.
Offered to help even though they weren't sure they could. Very nice.
Understanding and attentive
Great chat!!!!!
A good listener and did not pass judgement.
Very good listener and advice giver!
Awesome, very helpful!
A very honest person
He was very helpful
Gave sound advice, very simply, helped a lot
A pretty chill listener. What she said is a great wake up call or mental slap on my situation. 10/10 would recommend to other peeps who have relationship issues.
Great listener!
I felt i am heard. It was nice talking to someone.
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