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I’m Conner, a verified listener here on 7Cups! Safe to say, I think you'll be in good hands!

I have 25 years of life under my belt and after the unfortunate end of a 7 year relationship with a young lady with a lot of trauma in her past I’ve about seen it all. I also sadly know what it's like to be cheated on. To help you better, please try and read as much of this as you can :) Help me help you! 
I'd say that relationship and breakup support is probably my best specialty, along with college life. Dating, Jesus, pregnancy (including loss), some suicide-related things, sexual assaults, college life, and breakups are all things I'm happy to talk with you about!

Please keep those in mind when personally requesting me; anything outside of those specialties I can try and help with but you may find better results with a different listener. I'm sadly not a psychologist nor psychiatrist, and won't be able to help much with any severe mental health-related issues. 
I’ve also prevented a good 9 suicides (one of them being on here in my first day), so if you have those thoughts let’s talk; I’ve experienced them myself too. I'd hate for a beautiful person like you to choose a permanent option to a temporary problem! 
I am religious, so if you'd like to talk about Jesus feel free to reach out; if not let me know too. 

I’m active fairly often both on PC and mobile so feel free to reach out!
If I'm online, feel free to chat. That means things are slow. 
If I'm busy, that can mean one of 2 things:
1st: I am literally busy and likely multitasking between 7Cups and my daily life.
2nd: I hit my request cap-I'll usually take about 5 requests then flip from Online to Busy so I can give them the attention they need. Feel free to message me anyway and I'll see if I can fit you into my workload 
Expect 5-10 minute delays in replies. I'm likely literally busy, or with other members.
If I'm offline, I'm either asleep, or just offline in general. 
->BUT, fear not :) Send me a message and if I'm not too busy I'm more than happy to talk with you
Other important things to know:
-7Cups system is the one that asks you for a review of me so soon; not me. I'm not being greedy! Reviews greatly help though and I appreciate the kind words 
-"Hearting" my comments helps me know when I'm helping you; feel free to use the button 
-I'm on Pacific Standard time. 
-Good English and grammar preferred too please... it makes it much easier for me to help you :P
-Feel free to check out my song of the day  I post a new one each day I'm online! 
-This is NOT a fetish chat. We can talk about intimacy-related issues, but it can't and won't go any further. 
Oh and Go Cougs!


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Feedback & Reviews
Extremely kind and polite. God bless him
Very understanding and gives a different point of view
He was kind, he asked questions, and thrived to know more to help. Very good listener.
Nice and helpful
Helpful, kind! He is very nice
I talked to him about this new relationship that I have some issues with regarding trust and social queues. This listener was super nice to me and took the time to read my paragraphs of drama and still sounded sincere. I can feel the empathy coming from him and I hope to chat with him again if I need someone to talk to. :)
he's very sweet & cares a lot about the way you feel.
A very good listener. Thank you for listening :)))
The best out of the best, he listens and not judge you. Most importantly stays true as a listener that don't try to give you advice but just listens to what you are saying.. that's nice.. he saves me from my own thoughts
Helpful, and kind.
Great listener and provides helpful advice, kept me at ease about my anxiety.
so far very empathic
he’s great. he related to me.
Absolutely great. Definitely a wonderful listener.
Sometimes you feel like your life is a puzzle. You get to the point where you can see the big picture and are excited to receive the last few pieces since you know exactly where they go. Suddenly, life bumps your table and the pieces scatter in every direction. This is how things felt.. I am so blessed and honored to have talked to such a sweet, caring, kind, encouraging, and supportive person! He's someone who not only listens, but encourages you and helps you to pick up those pieces and put them together to create a new, improved image. Thanks for being here and being so incredibly amazing! You deserve the absolute best in life!
Amazing guy !! The best at giving out advice he will make your day the best and will put a smile on your face ❤️. Understands very well ! And really nice you the best remember I told you. ~Taty😘
Really caring, and understanding
Very caring listener.
He was very good at bringing the issues to light ....
Best listener everrrrr :)
Always there when I needed him
He is very friendly, helpful and supportive! He is my favorite listener and I'm so glad to know I can talk to him about anything & he'll know just what to say.
Really a great person. Very nice and as helpful as can be.
Nice to talk to
great help
listened then got my mind off what was upsetting me. Thanks!
Thanks, you are great man .....
thank you
He was good at listening
Helped me so much, great listener
Was feeling bad and confused, and got connected with him. Lifted my spirit right away! He replies with empathy and focuses on what i actually feel . Thanks a lot!
He's knowledgeable about breakups, and very attentive. Easy to talk to
He made me smile
He was amazing to talk to. He helped me get a clear perspective on my situation, and how to solve the issue at hand. He's awesome :)
Was good to talk to
Nice to talk to
Nice talk!
Thanks so much!
He's a nice guy , very friendly🤗🤗🤗 everyone should talk to him at least once , I'm glad I came across him the very first time
A very nice person to talk
great person
great person
Thank you for everything, I'll employ this advice, blessings! n_n
was fantastic couldn't thank him enough
Very helpful
Kind listener
Patient, understanding, affirming and non-judging listener, truly helped me to relieve mind's burden. Thank you!
Very very good
Thank you for listening to me(:
Total legend, helped me clear my head and left feeling so much better!
This guy is awesome! I've never felt such a connection with a listener.
he's such a great listener. cheered me up really well!!
Very helpful
So caring and sweet, really great at responding to my rants :)
Good job
Another great person !
Very friendly
Really sweet. Nice to get things off my chest
Thanks kind man for listening
Thanks so much You're the best guy in the world
He was amazingly helpful and his response time is the best.
He saved my life!!! God bless him.
Thank you!
Good support
"Sometimes we need to just be validated rather than fixed"- My professor.
This is the guy to validate.
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