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↖(^▽^)↗ So glad you're here.

You and I could be friends, I think.

I'm not saying I'm the best person to listen to your problems or the most equipped to but what I do know is that if you come to me; I will care, I will listen, I will be non-judgemental. You already mean the world to me. I know it hurts right now but how about we work towards making things better together? Hope you take me up on my offer.

Note: Courage doesn't always roar, sometimes it's the quiet voice at the end of the day whispering 'I will try again tomorrow'

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Feedback & Reviews
Ahhhh, I'm not usually stuck for words but when it comes to him, I'm speechless. I can't possibly find words that can encompass just how thankful I am for this embodiment of affection. Imagine feeling lost in this big big world, scrunched up alone and unnoticed in a corner. Damien would be the guy to sit by your side and offer you reassurances until you feel strong enough to get back out there. He brings the hope to the hopeless, the joy to the saddened, the love to the fearful. I absolutely adore this guy, not for just being here for me, but for being him. The portrayal of kindness, love and strength. One day, I want to learn to make as many people smile as he does. He's as fabulous as a star; you could call him a FabStar, in fact c; You are such a shining spirit, sweet.
Fast response. Easy to talk to. Can make you laugh but is understanding about issues and rightly sympathetic. Very nice guy :) Will talk to again, thank you for putting up with my resistance & helping me through my problems. Super encouraging and helpful.
Thank you! You really helped me! I love you!
Rachael xxx
You just feel comfortable around him!
You'll just feel comfortable around him! :)
You'll just feel absolutely comfortable around him :)
Funny dude that made me crack a smile, thanks. I will visit you soon again! you're best at what you do and now i have the courage to go up to her and finally tell her because of you. You are the best man! keep rocking so hard! :)
my very own superhero, if i could i'd pack you in a suitcase &carry you around everywhere to give me confidence &smiles. Everyone should talk to you, faith will be restored and hearts will be re-joint. Totally amazing!
This beautiful ray of sunshine has made life nothing but beautiful for me. He's the type of person who cares so much that you just feel like you're wrapped in a warm blanket of love and kindness. He's the sunshine of my life because he's bright and he makes me grow, but the thing that makes him better than the sun is that he doesn't burn. You're amazing, you really are. Thank you for being there for me. -xx
What can i say about Dammy? I have no words to express what you did for me Son. I have no children of my own but I'd want a boy just like you. Despite the age gap, you took the time to understand, to make me comfortable and to make me feel heard. You're a dork but extremely sweet. Thank you for this very good memory, will be revisiting the site soon! You made me feel so special!
A sweetie.
This guy is one of the best listeners I've found so far. He made me feel super comfortable, like I was talking to a friend, but still remaining professional. He understood my problems and encouraged me in a kind and sweet way, thank you for everything Damien, you're truly amazing! -I.
Talking to DHawks is like living in your happy place.
good talk
Words absolutely can not describe DHawks, but I'm surely going to try. Never before have I met someone more sunshine-filled, more love-filled, or more willing to share a piece of his heart as easily as he has. Quite honestly, he's one of the most amazing people I've ever met in my entire life. He goes out of his way to make sure you're feeling okay, and not because he has to, but because he cares. Sunshine, I am so happy that I've met you. You make the world brighter in every sense of the word, and quite honestly, you're one of those "once in a lifetime" kind of people. Before him, I had not much hope in the site, or really in myself, but honestly he's filled with such beauty, that I've absolutely gotten a new kind of love for the site. This listener is absolutely fabulous; thank you for everything, lovely.
DHawks is a fantastic person! He's so kind and so eager to help. I feel super comfortable talking with him, and I highly recommend it. :)
Simply the best
Absolutely amazing person. :)
He's the nicest person I've ever met. He doesn't care for me because it's his 'job'; talking to him makes me feel like he really wants to care for me. Once, he stayed up till 4am to check up on me and to make sure I wouldn't hurt myself. No matter how busy or tired he is, he'd get back to me asap. I know I'm not getting any better right now, but I know, with his help, I will. :)
Amazing. :)
Really helpful. One thing: he wont leave your conversation without coming up with a conclusion to help you move forward before he goes anywhere. :)
Thank you, I believe you are the best.
Thank you, D! X
A superhero indeed.
Very kind person and smart person. The amount of advice he gave to me and the things he said were very helpful. I feel so much better, thank you!
Your a great listener and very supportive ...thank you
he is really an amazing listener no matter what is bothering you. he replies quickly and is so nice and friendly and very easy going. Send him a message you won't regret it :)
My first experience with a listener and it went extremely well! It was very easy talking to him because he was so friendly and open-minded. He really paid attention to the things I was saying and it felt like he actually cared. I felt really refreshed after talking with him and will definitely be chatting with him again soon! He's a totally great and never (h)awkward person, someone I'd never forget and definitely recommend talking to.
He's a good listener
very helpful as usual
oh my such a nice fellow, really helpful i felt like i knew him a long time, he has really showed me a better way an help me to put my thoughts together, it was a pleasure speaking with him, blessings.
Amazing very attentive and just all round great chap
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