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Dancia |
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*on pause* Hello Everyone, My name is Dancia. I had a Healthcare specialization in secondary school, got my BA (double hons) in Psychology and Linguistics through the University of Ottawa, and PGCert in Digital Marketing through Wharton.


With my passion in mental health, I have given speeches and presentations since I was 12. I started a mental health group in my secondary school to promote awareness and talked to the school board into implementing mental health initiatives as well as providing more resources to students. I then began writing (and later managing) for Psych2Go Organization and Magazine. I eventually published my self-help poetry/photography book “Collection of Thought.” I worked with local organizations and appeared in public videos/films such as “Faces of Mental Health.” I have been nominated as “Volunteer of the Year” several times by various organizations locally and nationally. Now, I am focusing more on peer review writing and direct counselling work. My publications are through the British Psychological Society.


Here are some of my certificates:

-CPR-BLS, AED, WHMIS, Infection Control

-Master Life Coach Transformation Academy

-EMDR Therapy Diploma with Distinction CoE

-Mental Health Modules (6) CAMH

-BPD Awareness Diploma with Distinction CoE

-NCAA Advanced Nutrition Certification

-NCAA Personal Trainer Certification

-The PSW Approach to Quality Care University of Toronto

-Caffeine: Neurobiological and Psychiatric Implications

-Fundamental Neuroscience for Neuroimaging

-Violent Behaviour, and Substance Abuse

-Understanding Behaviour, Burnout, and Depression

-Mental Health and Illness

-Improving the Management of Schizophrenia and BiPolar Disorder

Number of Ratings: 84
Number of Reviews: 66
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, American Sign Language, Indonesian, Malay
Listener Since Jul 3, 2020
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Gender Female
Progress Path Step 107
Cheers 64,197
People Helped 62
Chats 1,178
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Feedback & Reviews
She’s so wonderful in every way. She listens, she’s thoughtful and compassionate, and she’s honest.
she really cares about you and always tries to find ways and suggestions to help. look forward to the next session :)
Dancia is great, an old head on young shoulders. I felt really listened to, she demonstrated patience and empathy and she was easy to talk to.
Excellent listener, understands alot of things.
i always look forward to our next session!
I'm very grateful for the time Danica has offered to devote to discussing stuff with me
Dancia is thoughtful, analytical, patient, and creative. She is willing to be told when her interpretation is wrong, but also willing to share her logical insights. She is open to illustrating with personal experience, but not colouring her interpretation with personal experience. I feel safe and heard and sincerely cared about.
The best listener ever!!!
I had a great session with her. She was very knowledgeable, compassionate, and understanding. She asked thought provoking questions, shared lived experience that related to my issues, and used her experience and knowledge to help me with my issues. I felt comfortable talking with her and look forward to chatting with her again. She’s the best listener I’ve spoken with.
Dancia is the best. She is so kind and caring and it makes me happy to be around her. Whenever I have felt down or lost hope, she has been there to bring me up and give me hope. Dancia is so accepting as a person and treats them with compassion, love, and attention. I feel so comfortable because I know she never judges anyone. She is my anchor and my rocket to achieving my goals.
Great listener.
I had another session with Dancia. I was nervous because I felt like I was ready to talk about something i never talked about before. As always, She patiently listened
i really appriciate how genuine she is in listening to my talks and how she really took me seriously. she is also very patient in dealing with my insecurities, my constant doubt of self-worth and keeps reassuring me. :)
Always makes me feel so much better when we talk, she is so great and helping me see other perspectives and lifting my mood. I always enjoy talking to her!
This chica makes me have hope. I felt trapped in my own mind and her energy and passion is infectious. I’m a very quiet and introverted person and hard to trust yet I trust her. She makes me open up like I’ve known her my whole life. She’s excellent at reading people and reading the situation at hand. She relates things back to her life or everyday examples to show she is listening and understands you without going on a tangent. She’s always on track and focused. She is blunt but manages to still be patient and caring and never comes across as rude.
Just talk to her, you won't regret it.
Dancia was on time for our scheduled chat and was present and answered quick. She has interesting perspectives and real-life experiences which makes her perspectives relatable.
1st Session was fantastic. She listens understands and takes her time to fully become aware of what is needed! Greatly appreciate it and looking forward to the next session
She is amazing and on point. She really pays attention to listen to you and understand what you are going through. love her! She is not a basic listener but also like a friend
She is amazing and on point. She really pays attention to listen to you and understand what you are going through. love her! She is not a basic listener but also like a friend
Compassionate and wonderful. If it were not for her, I think I would have given up. I’m so blessed to be connected with her. She’s a great listener and has amazing insight.
Great...thoughtful person...
She's so caring and understanding. I feel so much better after talking to her. I'm so grateful to have her.
Dancia was attentive, gave me good space to share and answered quickly and to the point. She has a lot of knowledge about mental health. I really appreciated our chat.
crazy how small the world is! really great to meet someone who shared similar experience, she's a really great person to talk with and has been supportive throughout
i love her, she’s helped so much
I had my second session with Dancia, and I am just so thankful to have this opportunity that I never was able to find in 3 year search for a therapists help. I had given up but luckily I saw her post that she was looking for people who needed long term help. I have not had hope in so long or even felt joy in 3 years. I felt both today and no doubt she will make the world better with the combination of all she has learned and practiced and above all, her natural gift of knowing how to help guide the hopeless or damaged people to a life of hope and joy. I have never connected with anyone as fast as I have with Dancia. I’m blessed to have this ioourtgrj
She's amazing. Extremely helpful and caring. I love her so much. She so kind.
Dancia is supportive, caring, and a wonderful person. Her stories inspire me to be a better person and she guides me to be the person I want to be. Whether I am in a mental crisis or need help with regard to work or school, she is always happy to help. Dancia is on time, friendly, and has many resources. She will be a great psychologist one day.
I don’t feel judged when she talks to me.
She checks up on me regularly. She's one of the best listeners on 7 cups. She's so kind. She's helped me so much. Definitely recommend her.
Very easy to talk to, I felt comfortable opening up and talking in general from being scared from past experiences. Look forward to more chats!
seems patient and understanding
Finally I found someone who truly understands me. I had given up all hope of ever getting help to overcome the many things that made me no longer want to live. My sons are my motivation so that was why I couldn’t give up yet. DanciaKS came into my life here at 7 cups just in time. All the other help has failed me. After just one session I have no doubts I can overcome things if I just put in the work because I found the perfect person to guide me on my way. I am so glad to find someone who gets what I’ve been trying to explain to others when i talk about the fog I’ve been in for a few years now. I can never state enough how thankful I am. How relieved to not feel so alone trying to carry my load!!! Whew! I have some hope again!
Amazing Listener. I highly recommend her. She is very friendly to talk to and you can really tell that she really is listening ❤️
She has to be one of the nicest people I've ever talked to. She made me feel understood and she acknowledged my feelings. She helped me sincerely. Love her so much.
My first chat with Dancia really deserves 5 stars! Not only did we find common interests, she was also knowledgeable, genuinely interested in listening to what I had to say and related to me so that I didn’t feel so embarrassed about what I was talking about. Made me feel comfortable the whole time, Professional and lovely to chat with. Thanks Dancia! :)
I would rate higher if possible. Dancia is intuitive, kind, compassionate, intelligent, and understanding. I log on just to talk to her. She checks up on me to ensure I’m safe and happy. We always have thought provoking conversations. She’s just amazing. 😍
Seems very understanding and patient
best listener in the galaxy
Very relatable and a good listener. Felt comfortable like I was talking to a close friend
Very good. A good listener
Really great talk with Dancia. Very relaxing and soothing.
It's a pleasure to talk with Dancia.
Very knowledgeable in a vast variety of topics; fun to chat with and helpful
A very kind and discreet listener on a very private topic.
Great session, felt good.
Loved it! Awesome chat!
A great session again. I feel progress was made thanks to Dancia.
Another great session with Dancia. I feel ever more confortable, and it feels great to open up to her.
Dancia is a great listener, very supportive. I always come out in a better mood after a session. It makes me want to work on myself and come for a next session.
she is awesome. I enjoy the chat very much
Another great session with Dancia. She managed to change my mood back up and I can't thank her enough for that.
Dancia is an excellent listener. She's perceptive, attentive to you and very proactive to lead the conversation. I felt at ease and I put my trust in her without hesitation. Thank you.
Unique and creative strategies to tackle difficult emotions
She gives creative ideas on how to handle worries and annxiiety.
I was recommended to her by a friend of mine and my experience went beyond my expectations. She will make a great therapist one day.
DanciaKS makes me want to open up despite previous hesitations. I would like to have her as my theparist.
Patient, understanding, kind.. She's very easy to talk to.
Very helpful and she actually took even an extra step to help my problem. she is great, definitely recommend her.
She has been the most helpful. I log back on just to talk to her. She does a lot of research for me when I need resources. She is dedicated.
Super friendly and informative. She gives lots of resources and has a warm personality.
I have never met someone so passionate about helping others. She is open minded, passionate, and not afraid to open up about personal experiences when I asked for it.
Consistently gives amazing insight
Loved it! Awesome chat, it makes me think about something in different point of view.
Very good listener and helped me feel better about myself and my situation!
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