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I am not taking personal requests at the moment. Sorry!

You may find me online often at 00:01 BST - 12:00 BST. Or 20:00 BST - 00:00 BST. I do not get on at specific times. I may appear randomly, however these are the most common times I am on.

Greetings. My name is Dandyylion. I like to research a bit on Psychological theories and a few philosophical things. I find the functions and the thoughts of people to be interesting and I like to use my abilities to support the ones who need help. I help people specifically with Depression, Anxiety , Self-esteem, and other things that will help people become a good person to the world.

I am usually gentle, however, if I seem a little intimidating just know that I am only stating what may be true and what may help you. I can be very empathetic for others, so if I state that I feel sorry for you a lot, I mean it! However, if you catch me on a really late night, I may be less eager to speak like I usually would.

In those cases, you can speak as much as you like. I will always be listening!
I can talk a lot, so you may need to be prepared for that. I enjoy studying Psychology and playing Video Games! Thinking about philosophical works and understanding the world is also an interest of mine!

I very much like to talk about my insights and I love to be able to help anyone understand their core person. It makes me very happy to help people in this way, and I am very drawn to this sort of help!

If I am online you can speak to me as long as I am online. If not, then you can simply message me! Good luck on your day!

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Feedback & Reviews
Really great listener understood what I was saying, what was going on also was great to talk to. 😊
Dandy helped me calm down. The best!
great listner
thank you so much! really empathetic and a great listener. Totally related to how I feel and made me feel better!
They are a kind, empathetic person who really seemed to believe in me. Their advice was invaluable and it was very important to my personal growth. What a blessing to have been paired with this listener by chance!
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