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Drimezan |
Listener - Beginner 6

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Hello! I'm glad you found me here. Please read my bio first so that you may get to know me and assess if I would be fit to help with your situation. But sadly I'm currently in grieving after the love of my life has passed away. I won't be back from the site and will not be around to attend to any personal request and chats yet. My sincere apologies. Please browse for other people who might be a fit to help you out. Thank you!
About Me:
I'm a graduate of BS Psychology with great interest in guidance and counseling. I plan to take up a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy once I am financially capable. Hobbies include listening to music, singing, reading, drawing and playing console and online games.
I've encountered a lot of disappointments and mistakes in life but in all those disappointments and mistakes came a better understanding of myself and my willingness to help those who experienced something similar to mine. I've been through a lot and in fact I still am struggling with some issues at hand but it has always been my belief that all trials or obstacles in life are there for a reason. It is to help you grow stronger and not bring you down.
I'm willing to support people who are struggling in the following:
✓ Managing emotions
✓ Relationships focusing on:
✔ Couple Conflicts [leading to possible breakups]
✔ Long Distance Relationship Conflicts
✔ Peer relations / Friendship Conflicts
✔ Family Conflicts
You can also just send me a chat if you just wanted someone to talk to and just have a conversation. Not necessarily talk about issues or problems but just talk. I'll be glad to do that but please let me know if that is what you wanted.
Important Notes:
- If you are a Christian like me and you are seeking guidance, I am very much willing to assist you. Please let me know when you are and we can incorporate Bible scriptures and teachings during our conversation if that would help you.
- Please know that sometimes I may not be of help on specific issues that may still fall on the list I have stated above and in such cases that I cannot be of much help, I do apologize. You may always look for other listeners who would be willing to listen and help you.
- Some of you might be seeking for an advice and even if I could give you one, it may do more harm than good. What I could do is help you draw out possible options and assist you in figuring out the path that suits you.
- I do not ask for much but in order to help you on your journey to a better understanding of yourself or of the situation you are struggling on, let us cooperate and work together to make it possible.
- If I'm online, please feel free to start a conversation. If I'm offline, just leave me a message and we can set up a time to talk.
Here's my Referral Link:
Feel free to share it to others who you think I could be of help with and you may also provide me a feedback afterwards.
Thank you and I'm glad you are here!

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Great listener. Thank you!
so awesome
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