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Easylistener |
Listener - Sage 11

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5.0 star rating

Hello! I'm a trained and experienced active listener and I like to support people struggling with drug addiction, alcohol addiction and many other issues. I've overcome a lot in life and would like to help by listening to you. If I'm online, then please feel free to start a chat. If I'm offline, then send me a message and we can set up a time to connect. Glad you are here!

Number of Ratings: 294
Number of Reviews: 113
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Afrikaans
Listener Since Sep 26, 2014
Last Active in last month
Gender Female
Progress Path Step 2,087
Cheers 175,650
People Helped 648
Chats 2,651
Group Support Chats 176
Listener Group Chats 295
Forum Posts 96
Forum Upvotes 91
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Feedback & Reviews
Great listener
Empathetic listener and a great person! Was very understanding and I felt very validated
Very good person. Very supportive !
Put things in perspective for me!
Really awesome listener!!
Great listener and very kind
Very lovely and positive person. We had a worthy conversation. She made me feel better.
super kind. very helpful and understandimg, hope to chat with them again!
amazing , most understand person ever
Very patient and caring
She was very wonderful and palatable to chat with. A real experience between the two of us happened I felt connected with someone.
The first person who was actually helpful
Nice listener! Loved it ❤️
Very kind, and wise about relationships and family :)
Very good chat with caring compassion
My first experience on site and seemed like a very thoughtful and knowledgeable listener. Thank you!
Just fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!
Really easy going
thank you easy listener
Very nice person
Very kind, loving, and calm
Very intuitive, quick responses and understands problem well. Amazing listener.
Thanks for the patience and care!
Out of this world.
They're really kind, it was good to talk with them.
Excellent Listener!!! Compassionate and Knowledgeable. he/she has good understanding of life. World needs more people like him. Thank you so much!!!
Very nice and helped me out a lot with my anxiety.
Amazing listener, very supportive and very very nice. Her/his words put a smile on my face. I've been feeling miserable about myself and they managed to light up my mood. I found the support i was looking for.
Attentive, responsive, intelligent, and kind.
Good understanding and listening!
He is Awesome , he is a good listener and gives Great Answers to Problems
feel more at ease
wow, genuinely one of the best listeners I've talked to. Great person, with a good mix of helpful tips and emotional support. I enjoyed speaking to them a lot, thank you
Amazing and super helpful. Loved it!
They built up my confidence and calmed down my nerves! Best chat I’ve had, yet!
Was awesome conversation
Awesome chat experience!
Excellent job, very attentive and understanding
Really comfortable to talk to and really understanding. Thank you SO much.
very good listener, expeienced and supportive. really what i needed . I hope i can talk to him again
Great listener from the start and responds quickly, and with empathy and companssion.
She understood me so much and showed me the right path to direct my thoughts to.
really understanding and helpfull, I was able to put things back in perspective.
Very insightful listener - knew exactly what I was going through on the spot and could provide perceptive feedback.
she seems lovely
Easylistener was a great listener. I felt like she knew exactly how I was feeling and knew what to ask so I could articulate those feelings from her. I got really good advice and I appreciate the short time we spoke. They were always kind and I never felt talked down to or uncomfortable. A very empathetic listener and so understanding that I felt normal. That is a very hard task to accomplish! Excellent lister and if I had a listener like that in my support group I would not need to be on 7 cups.
the best of the best, thank you so much for everything!
Great Listener
Such a great comfort, excellent listener
A very kind person.
I've never had such a compassionate conversation and felt "better". Best listener to date!
They were really helpful, reassuring and insightful. Talking to them really helped me a lot !
Thank you
This person has really good response time
incredibly helpful
Good listener. Doesn't push ideas.
Excellent listener!
Actually helps, very intellectual
Good listening skills
Beyond spectacular...
Super reassuring
Easylistener was very receptive to what I was saying and gave a lot of warm, positive advice and help. One of the most helpful listeners I've encountered so far.
very good listener
The kind of listener who doesn't just take your problems at face value, one who is genuinely interested in exploring things on a much deeper and more intellectual level. A really enjoyable chat, thank you.
Very helpful!
Very pleasant and helped me with the problem I was having. Really kind listener. Trusting
This talk has made me feel much better and I had a wonderful time, I hope to talk to this person again soon :)
Best listening I've ever spoken with. Really helpful.
EasyListener is awesome! I always feel better after talking to her.
This person is awesome. Made me feel so much better and did give me great advice!
I really enjoyed the two way chat. You're a great listener and know how to respond accordingly. Thank you
Such a caring person!:)
Excellent Listener. I will be back.
Thank you
Awesome listener! Every professional and understanding. Made me think about things in a different way. THANK YOU!!
you're one heck of a ghostbuster! :)
They listened when I just needed to talk
Absolutely fantasticly fantastic! I was looking for a kind and knowledgeable listener and boy did I find it here. Best person I think I might have ever spoken to, including outside 7 cups. :) Thank you so much
Very helpful, makes a point to let you know how long she will be online for if you are in a conversation or when she will be online again so you can have a sort of "appointment". Lets you know that she has seen some of the same stuff you are going through but is very objective and a great listener.
Very compassionate and caring, and helped me deal with some LGBTQ+ stuff along the way.
Very compassionate and loving
I felt Easylistener understood my problem and provided good support. I definitely felt more at ease after our conversation.
great listener, very helpful, positive and attentive!
A really empathetic, kind person who cares about you indeed and does everything to help you. Only positive experiences for me! :)
He or she is wonderful. Insightful and empathetic. Just lovely.
Wow. Wut. A. Ladyyyyy
Had a really nice conversation, thanks for everything :)
good listener and good response
Wonderful listener with lots of great advice!
Kind, caring, supportive
Thankyou for the encouragement, I needed it today. This has been the most difficult part of my life in some time
Really supportive and kind. Offering great suggestions and really trying to help! You are a really lovely and supportive person. Stay the way you are :)
active listener
My listener was amazing they understand me completely, i have never really gotten this from anyone before nonetheless any site. Truly and honestly amazing
Great listener, easy to talk to... this listener put your pain into words better that you could do it yourself..
No judgement and gives the feeling to be understood very quickly :)
so far so good
Really understands me :D. Good friend and listener
Really, really empathetic. Fantastic at listening.
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