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Hi there! I am a graduate student in occupational therapy! We specialize in mental health and physical dysfunction and assist individuals with meaningful and purposeful engagement. Evaluations, assessments, and initiating treatment intervention are a few of the many things we do! 

Welcome! I am someone who prefers being truthful and honest as I do not feel pampering is beneficial. I promise, however, to always remain respectful, non-judgmental, and truly invested in your situation. This is my contract with you; the only thing I ask for is your willingness to share. You are on a path and I'd be blessed to walk a little bit of it with you.


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Feedback & Reviews
Thank you Ej!!!!
I really admire Ej. Very thoughtful, sincere responses that made me realize that there is still hope for the future. Reminded me that I will one day have control over my life even though I do not right now, and I have the choice to overcome whatever it is that is breaking me apart. Thank you.
didn't expect this site to actually work. good talk
this dude is the real deal
Probably the best listener I've ever met on 7 Cups! If you have any problem of any type be sure he's the guy for you :) so glad I've talked to him. Awesomeness itself!!
He's awesomeness itself !
An amazing listener. He has a true gift.
An amazing person who cares and is just there for you. Thanks Ej.
Great listener, Thanks Ej for always listening !
he is gd at what he does
I feel like I got a professional therapist for free!!!! He made me realize that my super complex problem was actually a minor issue. He calmed me down AND made my goal realistic. THANK YOU EJ (: (: (:
I was referred to him from someone else and I can see why
thank you ej!
He is absolutely amazing and a great listener he really is awesome
Willing to talk to me at a time that is convenient for me. Thanks Ej!!
Didn't judge me when most do. Thanks!
Even though he was moderating he took time to respond when he was able. He let me do all the talking and helped me see other solutions that I hadn't even thought of.
Fantastic guy!
Absolutely amazing.
Dude rocks
Great help! The response time was unbelievable -- it was as if he was only talking to me, which is unlikely. He definitely helped! Would highly recommend. Ej, thank you!
LOL funny guy! I'm sure he;s very helpful!
Ej you are just amazing!!!!
EJ is great to talk to!
EJ is a great person to talk to!
a cool bro
willing to listen, and validate firstly. he initiated the talk but let me control it and talk about what was comfortable and take it in a direction i wished. but he also seemed to provide knowledge/professionalism that wasn't too "haughty?." like he could relate. i like that he seems to be not so far from me in age group i think?
EJ is a beautiful human that was able to put my depression into a prespective that I had never seen before. I came here feeling weak and alone and left feeling stronger and empowered. Thank you so much for speaking with me.
He's professional and yet so full of compassion. He would understand your situation and try to relate to it, which is all I was looking for :) Thanks a ton!
Fantastic listener and so easy to talk to. Friendly and professional. Thank you!!
He was so helpful and he still is! He stayed there for more than 2 hours, talking to me and reassuring me. It really helped to talk to Ej. He really cares and looks for ways to help you! 💙 Thanks Ej. ~Snr101
Very awesome & trustworthy
Ejj is an excellent listener!
Review, one day late

1. No computer generated sounding response
2. I blew his mind.
3. Extremely focused
4. Very astute
5. No judgements
6. Knows what his actually doing and saying
7. God of patience, not that I tested it
8. Awesome when he's not busy
9. I blew his mind
10. Proud of him.
He,s very kind.He,s so patient.
Ejj is da best drake in the world ;)
This guy right here has one giant heart. It is refreshing to talk to someone who genuinely cares and wants to talk.
Nice man, hope to interact again
i cant explain how relived i feel right now! Ejj listened to me talk for hours and gave me decent advice! much appreciation to u ejj!
He,s so helpful and nice :)
Ejj, is dope sauce and has a good vibe.
Very helpful! And cute! :)
Love talking to him he is very helpful
He has a nice heart.
He,s so kind,I like him,He,s so good,Wow
He,s so kind,I like him,He,s so good,Wow
Very good listener, very nice and helpful.
He is awesome. And cute ;)
Very kind and helpful indeed, even during a highly stressful time. A+!
Understanding Guy
truly brilliant, articulate, and poetic. this persons way with words and diverse knowledge of human nature and culture makes for an interesting open-ended learning experience and friend through the toughest of times. truly a gem.
His username is accurate HELPFUL:):):)
Thank you! :-)
The best listener I have found on here! Really genuinely cares and is willing to take time to talk through things. Thanks so much for sticking with me!!
Super duper
Good listener. He gets it! That means a lot.
He truthfully listened to what I had to say. Not only that, but he didn't spew his own opinions, he made it known that he cared for what I had to say, but urged me to think for myself. I had the answers.. I just had to find them. HelpfulEJ was incredibly professional and more helpful than I had imagined I would have found. Thank you!
You are So Draky and Drakingly Awesome, Drake, stop whining though in your songs :)
incredibly patient and insightful, helped me understand my humanity
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