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Hiya my lovelies! Call me Cat, I'm glad you've found me on 7 Cups of Tea!

I'm Cat, a trained active listener and I like to support people suffering with anxiety, breakups, bullying, depression, eating disorders, managing emotions, panic attacks, self-harm, work stress and more. I've overcome a lot in life - so I'm very understanding of others and I know how it feels to have just somebody who will listen, understand and talk through it with you.

Also, as well as talking - feel free to message me to talk about the following areas in which I have extended knowledge:
Managing Anxiety
Managing Bipolar
Managing Depression

Feel free to message me at this point rather than reading on as this next bit is quite long haha, apologies! But it's there for those who want to read on.

Also, I am happy to listen to any of you other listeners here on 7 Cups of Tea and I’d be more than happy to support any of you who for example may be struggling personally or if you've had a difficult chat (or even whilst you’re in a chat if it’s difficult, I am more than happy to support you through it) – I am a Peer Support and I'm always happy to speak to new people and build relationships with fellow listeners so please do drop me a message sometime if you’re a listener reading this! I am a Verified Listener and can verify other listeners on 7 Cups of Tea, and I aim to put listeners at ease as much as possible during the verification process and I'm more than happy to arrange times for mock chats and I can go over anything you aren't sure of or any questions you might have, so drop me a PM if you'd like me to verify you and I'd be more than happy to help you out!

Back to everyone else reading this, I would like to help by listening to you whenever you need to talk to somebody. I'm a very relaxed listener and I aim to make sure you feel comfortable and at ease when talking to me - you don't have to feel rushed or under pressure, I'm proud of you for having the courage to come to 7 Cups of Tea (and I promise you I try to make you feel as if you aren't talking to a machine!) and you can tell me as much or as little as you like – I really don’t mind and I won’t pressure you for any information or try and make you talk about things which you wouldn't like to talk about.

Feel free to ask me questions, too – although please remember that we cannot give specific advice on 7 Cups of Tea as this can often make situations worse, and we wouldn't want to do that for anyone.

I also can do chats in more than one language, so don't worry if English isn't your first language - we can always try talking in your native language instead providing it's one of the languages which you'll find listed further down in my profile.

I know it can be nerve-racking for the first time talking to somebody you don’t know about your situation, but I aim to make this as easy and as calm an experience as possible for anybody I listen to. I'm very understanding and I know how it can feel to be brushed aside and neglected, so I always try to dedicate my time to you as much as I can and I'm more than happy to speak to anyone about anything - even if you just need a little chat, I'll always listen – and I can promise you that you will have my full undivided attention! It can be difficult to talk about things, trust others and open up but it can be just as difficult having no support. I'm very patient, so if you're struggling - that's fine! I'll give you as long as you need to explain your situation and talk things through. I understand how difficult it must be for you, my lovelies, but I'm so proud of you all for having the courage to come onto this site and talk to us and I'm proud of all my other fellow listeners here on 7 Cups of Tea, too!

If I'm online, please don’t hesitate to start a chat. If I'm offline, then send me a message and we can set up a time to connect. I'll always be sure to follow up with you after, usually between 1-5 days and I hope you all find 7 Cups of Tea helpful! Remember to share the compassion hearts and positive reviews where they're deserved – there’s never too much compassion and positivity to be shared on 7 Cups of Tea!

Glad you are here, stay strong!❤❤❤❤❤❤

Best wishes, Cat.

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Feedback & Reviews
She's a great girl. So kind and sweet and she tried to do everything she could to help me.
so caring
Best listener I've ever had, helped me with Bipolar Disorder Grief LGBQT and im so grateful I really like her and she's really caring and compassionate. She talked through stuff with me while I was really panicking she helped me set goals and achieve them thanks so much would never have done it wihout you im so grateful thanks for everthing
They didn't treat me like just another person, it was like talking to a friend, they calmed me down, almost made me forget everything for just a while and I'll always be grateful.
All empathy
Really helpful and useful advice, very friendly and empathetic, cheered me up.
She was very nice and understanding :)
amazing and so helpful
Ell was great really compassionate helped with self harm (:
A lovely person who tries the best to help you. Easy to talk to and very nice!
Such a caring person!
Really positive and helpful too thanks
So nice thanks for everything
EllseEll was really good, replied quickly and helped me with LGBT stuff. She made me so much more confident about my sexuality and helped me to remember that I shouldn't be ashamed of it! :) Defo gonna come back and talk to her, she understood me so well and was so nice about everything. Like a best friend to me during our chat, really interested in learning about me and trying to help me. I didn't think this site would work tbh cause they can't give advice, but El changed my opinion cause idk how she managed to help so much without giving advice! Just good to have a listening ear who's fast to respond and genuinely cares, and just completely gets it! So supportive and welcoming. :) :) And wasn't afraid to answer any questions I asked about the site, she's super cool and worth talking to. By far my favourite listener!!!
I loved talking to Ellse she made me feel so at ease and she helped me with LGBT issues and self injury. She made me feel really good about myself and much more confident and I don't know what id have done without her tonight. she kept me going and reassured me really helpful and gives you a lot of attention. quick response but professional and helpful too
EllseeEll was a great help and helped me with my Depression and loads more :) Definitely going to speak to her again, very understanding, dedicated and caring and took loads of time out to talk to me. So so worth talking to, she's so nice. Knows her stuff and just gets it when I talk to her about my problems. Very comforting and reassuring and always gives up her time to listen. Worth waiting for her to come online to talk to, really welcoming and made me feel relaxed and like I wasn't wasting her time, didn't judge me or think I was attention seeking. Thanks so much for all your help hope I can speak to you soon! :D
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