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Hello there! I am Emma :)

Iam a trained active listener and I like to support people struggling with personal issues, relationship issues, everyday troubles, and many more. I'm 26, live in California (NorCal), and enjoy yoga, TV, and playing around with my dogs (but I'm not as much of a cliché as you'd think, honestly). My dogs are named Boo and Charlie. Boo is half Pomeranian, half schipperke. I think. I'm not sure :D Charlie is half corgi, half something :P And is a tiny puppy that likes to raise hell (Charlie's the one in the photo with me in the profile image, and Boo is the black one with the headphones, being cute as heck)

Iam an undergraduate student (yes, still!), studying African-American Studies. My goal is to get a PsyD and become a clinical psychologist. I also advocate for LGBTQ, People of Color, people with disabilities of all kinds, learning disabilities, and Deaf/HoH. I've overcome a lot in life and would like to help by listening to you. I love to laugh a lot, so if you're feeling down or anxious and need a good relief (and if you like a goofy, quirky personality), come chat with me! If I'm online, then please feel free to start a chat. If I'm offline, then you could me a message and we can set up a time to connect. Please note that I do not take chats regarding eating disorders, depression, ADHD, anxiety, or mood disorders.

If you're already talking to me, are about to, or talked to me recently, I'd really appreciate it if you could take a moment and write a teensy review for me, so I could have your feedback and know how I did. Love ya.
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Feedback & Reviews
She is the most sweet listener on this website! She is the loveliest girl ever!
She was the loveliest listener i've ever talked to! She is an amazing girl
She's very nice, understanding and approachable. She let me vent and was there with me the whole time. I'd recommend her to anyone who's upset and needs to vent/ or complain!
It's really helped me think about some things and give me ideas on how to help. I'm glad we got to talk
helped me so much, took my silly problems seriously, related to me, made me laugh, helped me feel like i'm not alone :-) good time!
Such a friendly attitude, and not only is a great listener, but has so many helpful tips! Helped me to feel more encouraged to get better and be happy! So far the best person I've talked to on here.
She was very good and very attentive to the listener's needs and by the end of the conversation I felt a lot better than before. Highly recommended. :)
She was very kind and helpful. Thank you Ms.Emma
She was very helpful!
Very helpful. Helped me more than anyone else did, is probably my favorite person to come to. Listens well and doesn't judge at all. She's an amazing person & listener! Very wise!
Thanks again. It was a pleasure.
She helped me so much! Very glad I got to chat with her. She helped me figure out my problems and now I'm feeling much more conifident!
Such a wonderful person and really makes it easy to relate to her. Really helpful and makes you feel good about yourself
You're an amazing person thanks for the help em!
wow shes really gr8 she listens and really cares I feel like I made a new friend thank you so much msemma
I thought they really helped, the conversation flowed really well and I felt comfortable, which made sharing my problems easier.
Very helpful, kind, and compassionate!
really, really understanding. she was very nice and encouraging and by the end of the conversation i felt a lot better about myself/my situation. made my day a little bit better.
MsEmma is a very kind and empathetic person. With her help I now know that I am not wrong for making a life changing decision and I am not as worried anymore. I plan to talk with her more in the future.
MsEmma is an amazing person to talk to,she really helped me understand everything more.Thanks to her I am really going to have a better outake on the world from now on
SO KIND! She made me feel so comfortable, and I could tell she really cared. I am so thankful for you, Emma, you made me so much more at ease!
thanks MsEmma
Earlier I was feeling low and needed someone to talk to. Hesitantly, i came on this website expecting to hear a few cheesy quotes and see a few inspirational messages, but instead i got a one on one chat with MsEmma and i've came out feeling at ease, confident and more than satisfied with the online service you provide. MsEmma is a loving, caring and outstandingly professional helper who really listened and did her best to give me the advice and reassurance i was looking for. I am very grateful to have had the experience to talk with her, and i encourage anyone who even just needs a chat to just say hello. Thank you once again Emma, you really have made all the difference!
I felt good and the thanks to 7cups of Tea for hosting this initiative. You save lives. Thank you
Thoughtful and validating...she made me feel heard and listened to. I was spiraling away in negative thoughts and now I have some more confidence in myself and trusting my own feelings and instincts.
Thank you ❤️
MsEmma was really empathetic and understood me. She really knew what to say to confort me, insted of just saying nice things or being polite, she really managed getting the subtext of what I said and work it out. I'm really greatful.
Really helpful
Very great with listening and reflecting it within her advice. My first time on here felt comfortable and very helpful thanks to MsEmma :)
She understood what I was feeling, was encouraging, relatable, and compassionate.
She is the best.!!!!
Emma is a wonderful, wonderful listener. She will not sugar-coat any advice she gives and will tell you what she truly thinks and knows. A knowledgeable person in all matters, she never ceases to listen and give excellent advice, even in the smallest of problems. Her ability to help others exceeds that of a listener; she's a friend.
Wonderful listener! I had a lot of things on my mind having to do with my relationship and I feel so much better after having talked with MsEmma. She made sure to thoroughly go through my issue before giving advice and linked me to some very useful articles. It was nice knowing that there are other people that are going through similar issues in relationships. I'm so thankful to have gotten the chance to speak with her today. :)
Time for a new review... Emma is ridiculously amazing. It isn't like talking to a listener it's like talking to a friend. I wouldn't be where I am today without her and could never thank her enough! Xx
Thanks MsEmma. It was really nice chatting with you. I really like your site and i will be coming back daily. I found it by accident and started reading about what it does and i am very impressed.
It helped a lot having someone to listen to me, and she definitely helped me clear up my mind.
You're always incredibly helpful. You give me new ways of seeing things that used to set me off and reassured me that I'm not as crazy as I think I am sometimes. Thank you so much!
Really uplifting and fun listener, also very helpful! :)
Very kind, perceptive, and knows how to validate people. The fact that she saw the same patterns I did based on descriptions I gave made me stop feeling so crazy and alone.
So friendly, kind, helpful! Shown me a few great songs that will help! Really nice girl☺️
Very kind, extremely personable!
Pretty awesome......has some really good questions, views and idea's to put forward. Nice to know that people have dug themselves into a hole, but managed to get out the other side stronger, with more resources and is able to help others along the way
The greatest listner ever. So compassionate and sweet. I felt relived and understood. I wasn't judged. This listner is an angel. Thank you for your valuable time and your true caring.
I'm so grateful to have talked to you.. Thank you a thousand times again for your help and advice.
She gave me great resources that I'd never even seen. Id been on google all day looking for help. And she led me to more resources I hadnt seen. SO HELPFUL AND UNDERSTANDING. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
So very helpful and understanding
an amazing sweet person ,i am glad i talked to her she made me alot more better
You have an incredibly helpful point of view about everything that I was/am going through and it truly helped me to talk to you.

Understanding and insightful. She is so easy to talk to about anything. I am lucky I connected with her.
made me feel so much better after talking with emma so understanding and a nice person
She is lovely!
Emma, is a good empathetic listener. She has a way to persuade you in positives !!
so kind, listened, made me feel better.
Ms. Emma was great to talk with. She give me the advice I needed. She also helped me by providing a links that the site offer as well.
Absolutely Brilliant
What a beautiful soul. Thank you, your support and kind words meant a lot
a very, very caring listener.
MsEmma is so so so sweet! She really helped me a lot and made me feel so much better :) I feel really happy now and I was really down before lol
Great to talk with, shared a lot of relevant and interesting resources.
Really helped me with my issue and related to me very well. Thank you so much!
amazing girl and great listener. she listened to my problems and offered great new outlooks and made me see things in a whole new light
really endearing listener...
This listener was simply amazing, dedicated and caring. She showed true compassion for helping others and I would highly recommend talking to her if you need any help or reference to someone professional.
Very professional and genuine. Great support!
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