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EmpathyAeauria |
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I'm a masterful listener. I have reached the epitome of success and creativity as a spontaniously altruistic individual.
Hello my name is Empathy Aeoria and ty for exploring my page. I'm a listener in training and will always be searching for methods to improve myself. helped me immensely to come out of a deep, dark, place. its my turn to give back and help other people. I practice full and complete love, empathy, understanding, and caring. feel free to discuss anything with me. My listening style is question and reflection based with some compliments thrown in for good measure, and I like to share Youtube and Wikipedia pages with people. I will never discuss what you say with anybody else. However, I may send you links or phone numbers to alternate organizations where you can get extra help. It is up to you whether you choose to pursue them. I also like to find links on the web to help you with your specific issue(s). Im known to send the occasional Youtube video of my favorite metal, jazz, or classical songs. I enjoy having you share music and websites with me too.

I like heavy metal and other intense and extreme music. I play 9 and 8 string electric guitars, keyboards (I especially like organ and synthesizer sounds), drums, various electronic instruments, noise generators, and sing. I'm working on an avant-garde music composition for 100 recorded peeings of myself in a toilet, chainsaws, jackhammers, bulldozers, babies, and electro-acoustic audio manipulation. My playing style is a mix of metal and various distorted guitar genres, free jazz, avant-garde, classical, and free improvisation. I am a sound-designer, sound-artist and musical-sculpurer.  I also wish to practice many varieties of artwork. I'm a master chess and scrabble artist. My art style is avant-garde abstract expressionism.  I love chess and scrabble and other strategy board games. I'm a lover of high quality movies. I'm a professional writer of poetry. I'm working on a collection of 100 "Sex" poems in an avant-garde style. I jave an interest in hypnosis, asmr, yoga, meditation martial arts and eastern religions. I like sports cars. My favorites are 90's Acura NSX's, Ferrari 211's Lotuses and Datsun Z cars. I consider myself a volunteer peer supporter on 7 Cups.

I can relate to various mental health issues, mood disorder and obsessions to be specific. I have an interest in psychoactive drug knowledge, gender identity, sexuality and psychology. I have traits of autism and am aspergerish. I am involuntarily celibate/love shy. been struggling with LGBT issues for a long time, and I can offer support in that area. I'm prettty much over those issues now. I identify as pansexual, pangender, and polyamorous. I am a transgender woman. I'm very good with transgender chats. I tend to isolate, and have few friends. I'm into whatever I can do to be as social as possible on the internet, as well as in real life.

I have been a video game addict, but my use is under control now. I currently am an internet addict, but I don't mind, because I obtain all my knowledge online, maintain social contact and self expression, and get lots of help online .

I have severe insomnia. I used to have a problem with drug abuse, but have gotten over it, and am now drug abuse and alcohol free.

I have been a victim of emotional and psychological abuse.

I'm unemployed and struggle with obtaining and holding a job. I have completed 3 years of college and part of a music engineering program, but I did not graduate and don't intend to go back to college.

you may feel free to discuss things of a sexual or violent nature with me (suicidal thoughts, self harm thoughts, and homicidal thoughts). I have personal experience in dealing with these thoughts. the most helpful way to treat them is to let them out of you (talking in chat, in person, or on the phone), just like they play out in your head.

Please send me a personal request if you can relate to me. I love taking requests! I particularly like taking LGBTQ+ and sexual based chats. I'm good with romance and intimacy. I also like to take autism related stuff and self-harm, managing emotions, and loneliness stuff. Incest chats are ok with me too. beastiality and cannibalism are ok with me. 

I'm no longer do relationship problems/trouble chats anymore I will redirect you to a different listener.
No chat is too extreme for me.

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Feedback & Reviews
straightforward, good
She is well balanced, and is fit to deal with negative things.
very welcoming
I genuinely felt better after our talk. This was my first experience and after the fact I’m glad I decided to do it
helpful. smart. attentive.
Listened to me, and understood when they were unable to help me.
Your a special person
Thanks for being there for me and all the best
She was very kind
Very kind and helpful listener
Thank you very much for your help 😊
they are nice
Felt genuinely interested and committed to our chat. Easy to talk to, very open and no judgement.
kind and patient human being. really trying to help. made me feel better
Is a great listener always willing to listen and help. Thanks a lot!
Very attentive makes you feel very comfortable
thank you!
They were very supportive and helpful. I feel better
very kind and nice to talk to!
Great listener listens and allows you to open up without pressure. Really wants to help you as much as possible a real nice person.
You helped me a lot with figuring out my gender. You're great :)
Comes from a tough life and thus is very understanding.
The perfect listener for me!!!!!
He's great
These are good people
They are quite resourceful and kind
good companion
Larson is a good person.
he was not able to understand my problem
Very articulate
Total sweetheart
pretty awesome
Good listener
He is amazing! We have a lot in common and I enjoyed his conversations. He helped me out a lot. I am glad to have had a conversation with him. I will be going to him again.
Very informed and polite. Also a sweetheart!
Very kind and understanding! Thank you!
Nice and helpful
He's a sweetie
Such a great person to talk to Bramble went thru exactly what Im going thru which made it easier to talk about and he was actually able to make me feel less isolated and like im not alone ! Thank you!
He was very kind and empathetic.
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