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I guess you could say I left 7cups, but really, 7cups left me <3

o p e n   w i d e 


I'm super duper sorry but I'm on an itsy bitsy break right now, so I'm not taking PMs! I'd be more than happy to talk after the break, though! <3






Hey there! Welcome to my profile :)













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I’m Ezri, it’s super nice to meet you! Whether you need to vent, think things through, figure out what to do, or just talk, send me a message and I'll try my hardest to help you out :) ​​​​​​













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Life can be hard-- I get it, I really do. Just remember… “Life doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints,” -Lin-Manuel Miranda. If Lin said it, it has to be true ;) ​​​​​ ​













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I’m a verified listener, a professional daydreamer, and, most importantly, a friend. I give lots of hugs, and I promise to listen to you without judging, giving advice, or imposing my personal beliefs on you ​​​​​​













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I first came to 7cups as a member, and it was scary. I didn’t really know how to talk about how I was feeling, and I was scared to expose myself to a complete stranger.  But we don’t have to be strangers. Sometimes, people just need friends, and I’m down for that :) If you want to get to know each other a bit before we start talking, that’s also fabulous​​​​​​













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A few things you might want to know about me:



• I love to work with kids with special needs :) 



• I write short stories, poems, and songs ​​​​​​



• I like drawing, too! ​​​​​​



• My favourite books are The Glass Castle and Room ​​​​​ ​



• I think spoken word poetry is the BEST! (Especially when it’s written by Phil Kaye) ​​​​​​



• I speak three languages, and I’m trying to learn Spanish! ​​​​​​













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I have been through a lot. It’s been really hard for me, but the 7cups community is freaking AMAZING and has helped me through so much!  If you want someone who understands what you’re going through, I’ve personally dealt with physical, emotional, and verbal abuse; chronic illnesses (and chronic pain); rape; OCD; eating disorders, LGBTQ+ issues; intense family stress; anxiety and panic attacks; depression; disabilities; and self harm. ​​​​​​













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A super special shoutout to my super special twins:



• Sky (@skyisblue) is mine, everybody else, back off :P (I love you to Singapore and back my favourite sofa brain :P)   ​​​​​​



• Rea (@amazingrea), my champ, paperclip, and rock who is responsible for 90% of the frubbishity vocabulary that escapes my mouth ;)  (So much love for you, my lovie)   ​​​​​​



• What’s-her-face (@MidniteAngel)… you’re alright ;) (I love you silly)   



• Lyru (@Lyra)… you're the bestest, most loving, funniest, sweetest leadership-role-nagging pumpkin there is <3 Team Lyrachor for lifeeee!! Love youuu   



• Lenka (@RammyMarie) is my forever cutie patootie, I love you my llama   ​​​​​​



• Logibear (@Logan73), I just love you a heck of a lot :P   



• Sci (@iAmJustAnAspiringScientist97) is the bestest, sweetest, rant and love spam buddy on 7cups ;) <3 Lots of love   ​​​​​​



• Beatle (@ImL) is such a cutie pie, (um, I mean what, you're evil), anddd and and and you know me and stuff and you're alright and I don't mind your presence always, so yeah, I guess I sorta love you  



• Arwa (@arxxxh) loves me, I swear! She's such an incredible twinnie and I can't imagine 7cups without her :P I love you too much my evil spammer :P <3    ​​​​​​



• Ishana Tova (@cdname) is SUCH an awesome, muddy, James Bay twinnie and spam victim :P My mod triplet, my bestu froond evur, you always make me smile, and for that I am eternally grateful <# Ieyu, Ishana Tova, mazal tov, I evol you, Ishaneshatmazaltov <# Even if you evol me more <#, I love you more <#   ​​​​​​



• Bree (@brxxc) is my favourite bluebean, and a fabbity heart holder <3 Love you too much silly :P   ​​​​​​



• Cheeeeerio (@HopefulJasmin) is the cutest munchkin alive!! You're almost as amazing as Liana and Harry ;) <3 I love you my Jazzyyyy   



• FAITHY (@FaithForTheWin) is suuuuch a mushhh! She's sooo friendly and awesome and always lights up the TL when she walks in! Lots and lots of loveee   



• Hammiltwinnie (@krissydoll) is the sweetest plumperbush EVER! I love her to pieces and she always makes me smile and laugh <3 Aluvoo very much   









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Please PM me if you need anything, even if you just want to talk!  I’m more than happy to do anything you need, whether that’s sending you youtube videos, talking to you about random stuff, or having a deep philosophical conversation! ​​​​​​













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If you’re still reading up to this point, go click that PM button and I’ll send you a super special GIF to brighten up your day :P ​​​​​​













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Lots of love Stay amazing!



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Feedback & Reviews
Very supportive I r8 8/8 m8 Zeri is gr8
So nice. :3
so supportive, nice, and amazing
Ezri is one of the kindest souls on this planet. She is a really great listener and friend . A single message from her can brighten up your day. I love you eri !
Best listener i had so far, she has helped me cross a really though road, Keep up the good work!
So great and helpful. Really creative and easy to talk to. I had no worries about how to explain myself, they just understood me.
Super helpful, Kind, and empathetic. Very calm and I didn't feel judged for looping or repeating myself.
She is an amazing listener. She helped me work through my feelings so I could see what I need to do to get closure. I couldn't have asked for a better listener.
Very nice and understanding! I feel really relieved after talking!
I love Ezri sosososososo muchh!! She's my best friend here at 7cups and I don't know what I'd do without her. She has all my AHAVA
One of the best listeners on this site. Really helped me calm down. Highly recommend!
They gave me places to go and things to do. I feel better. That's new.
Helped me get over something personal.
Fun to talk to,great personally
Extremely helpful and very nice
They are so nice and really helped me through a panic attack/emotional breakdown.
this person is great
I liked how this person responded faster than others, and this person gave advice to me and tried catching a long and being empathetic. I would definitely talk this person again if i could
She's been through so much and still ends up being amazing and perfect and I love her because she helps me so much
Ezri you're always there for me when I'm not having good days and you calm me down instantly. Thank you so much for that and thanks for being just generally amazing!
She made me feel wanted when no one else could and she was there for me in my final hours, for that I am eternally grateful. You can't save everyone but she did all she could❤️
She's literally the best person on this website. I love her to death. She's the most caring and compassionate and caring listener you will find here.
Ezri is honestly one of my favorite people in the world. She has been there for me through thick and thin and I love her so, so much. She helps me with everything and she got me out of a bad place I never thought I would get out of. Love you
She is honestly the best listener I've ever talked to! She is so so so helpful and is so kind.
She super great she really helped me I really feel a lot better now I don't really know how to review stuff very well but she was just really awesome so yea
Ezri :) you're the best, you really helped calm me down when I needed it. Thank you! (:
Thanks so much for the help, I'll talk to you in the future if I need to. :)
Best listener ever. She cares sm about everything I have to say and knows not to cross the line. I feel super comfortable with her and she helped me soooo much! LOVE HER!
Possibly the best listener I've ever had :)
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