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Epikura |
Listener - Beginner 10

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Hey, I’m Nina from Germany. I have been struggling with my mental health for a long time and now that I am stable, I want to offer the support that is needed to get through those difficult times. I am a very patient listener and no matter what issue you want to talk about I will not be judging you. I am happy to listen to whatever you want to share.

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Listener Since Oct 6, 2019
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Feedback & Reviews
The chat with you was interesting and your words very kind. Thank you.
Epikura was so great with listening and offering tools to help get through the situation without giving unsolicited advice. She was very knowledgeable and quick to respond. She help me in so many ways .. she is awesome!!!
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Questions Answered
What are some natural remedies for depression?
October 15th, 2019 8:47pm
How can I make my friends and family understand that my depression is a serious issue, not just me being dramatic?
October 15th, 2019 5:24pm
What causes depression?
October 14th, 2019 11:27am
Is it normal to think about suicide everyday?
October 16th, 2019 5:01pm
Is it normal to feel guilty about being depressed?
October 22nd, 2019 5:56pm
Why do I hate myself so much?
October 7th, 2019 10:40am
What should I do if I am feeling suicidal, but don't want to tell anyone?
October 16th, 2019 4:53pm
Is it normal to not want to get better?
October 16th, 2019 5:20pm
Why would someone who is already in pain wish to inflict it upon others?
October 19th, 2019 9:27pm
Is skinny always considered a compliment?
October 19th, 2019 9:37pm
How can I avoid a panic attack without suppressing my emotions?
October 7th, 2019 10:59am
What really is so wrong with using self-harm as a coping technique when it works so well?
October 15th, 2019 5:18pm
How to deal with self-harm alone?
October 9th, 2019 9:43am
What do I say to people that ask about my scars without making them uncomfortable?
October 19th, 2019 9:45pm
How do I explain scars when a young child asks about them?
October 17th, 2019 6:20am
I harm myself on purpose. I never do it because I need to cope, I do it because I like the pain and like to have something on my body. I know I should stop, but I don't want to. Why is that?
October 16th, 2019 5:15pm
I made lots of cuts on my forearm with scissors and after 3 days my skin became really hard and my whole forearm is swollen. I put polysporin on everyday. Is this an infection?
October 7th, 2019 10:53am
How do I stop worrying about not getting enough sleep?
October 15th, 2019 8:40pm
Is it still worth trying if he/she broke up with me several times?
October 9th, 2019 8:37pm
Why do I always blame myself for the breakup?
October 6th, 2019 2:53pm
Why do I compare myself to everyone else and feel I'm not good enough?
October 8th, 2019 7:32pm