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Erica |
Listener - Marvel 2

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Welcome to my profile!

As you can probably tell, I'm Erica! Thank you for stopping by and checking out my profile.

I have been through various things in life and have made many mistakes which have taught me many lessons. I myself struggle with Anxiety and Depression, which are the topics I can help best with.

-What I can help with-

I'm here to listen to you. You can vent, rant, get support from or simply talk to me when you don't know what else to do. I'm open to a lot of different things but please do know, I do not take sexual chats. Thank you for surviving and being stronger than the battle you're currently in.

-Topics I'm good with-





Self Harm

However, I'll do my best to help with any other topic!

Please note, I give an hour for 1-1 chats and they must be scheduled beforehand so message me to set up a time (I am in the EST timezone)!

-Roles I'm Involved in-

Doorkeeper (Message me if you need a room open!)

Group Moderator 

Peer Supporter (Listeners, I'm here to support you after rough chats!)

Chatroom Teen Star 

Quality Teen Star

Verified Listener Project

Lastly, here are some resources and a few lines I love

If you're brave enough to tie the knot, to take the jump, to take the pills, to harm yourself in any way... you're brave enough to live another day. Life is a battle and it's going to be tough but you'll become tougher and stronger than the battle will ever be. One day at a time, lovely, you'll get through it. Never forget that there is someone who cares, who sees those tears in your eyes; the sadness through the smile. I care about you, yes, you. You are amazing, beautiful, kind, brave, strong, awesome and worth it. Wipe those tears away and say, "I will survive.", go on, do it. You got this, I believe in you! 


Butterfly Project

Crisis Chat

Live Through This

Project Semicolon 

Runaway Hotline

Additional Resources
Number of Ratings: 102
Number of Reviews: 43
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Dec 29, 2015
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Chats 1,457
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Feedback & Reviews
she was so calm and helped me so much and so understanding. i loved her response
Very sweet , caring, and always make me happy
Oh, Erica, where should I start? When I sent my first message to you, I was nearly crying. My whole world was falling apart. Now, I can't stop smiling!!! You are a lifesaver, Erica, you are a superhero, I hope all that love and kindness comes back to you tripled!!!! Thank you so much for this lovely chat :)))) -Danielle
She was great
Erica is absolutely a fabulous listener. She's so supportive of everything that I have talked to her about and I finally feel like I have a friend. She cares about everyone and she's just the sweetest thing to next to sugar. The way Erica talks through things and helps out is just beyond amazing and she makes the world a better place with everything she does. Not only is she capable of helping with a wide variety of things, she does so with an amazing heart. I could keep writing about how amazing she is but words can't describe someone of this nature.

I loaf chu
amazing listener! empathized, awesome help, thank you!!!!
Amazing listener i just adore her and her help
Recommended for everyone. She is honest and caring. She will not let you down. If you are feeling distressed, please give her a try.
This listener is one of the most caring and understanding people i have ever gotten the chance to talk to on 7 cups, they are the main reason i stay on this site
She's awesome, thank you so much liv
Liv made me see things in a more positive light. Really helpful.
liv is amazing i loaffffffff her loads
She ACTUALLY REALLY CARES and takes care of her people with plenty of care and empathy. She's really quite a blessing and a GREAT listener. 10/10 do recommend.
You are so lovely Liv! Thank you so much for being a brilliant person and supporting me when I need it most. I will definitely speak to you again. Keep up the amazing work and smile! x
Liv is honestly one of the best listeners I have EVER met on 7 cups ❤️ she is so loving and caring and kind.. She's like my older sister! 👯 I can talk to her and tell her anything and she won't judge..💙 livvyyy is a purrrrrfect listener to talk to🌸 I'm so glad I found Liv on 7 cups because I don't know if I would be here today without her ! 💜💙💗 Liv you make my days so happy and bubbly 😊 there's not enough words that describe how much I love you! Seriously you should be so proud of yourself for all the help you have given people 💘 livvvvy see you soon!
A super nice and friendly listener :)
My gorgeous livyyyyy
I love liv, who doesnt lov liv???
Good conversationalist, good spirit.
Just look at herrrr!!!
So niceeee!
I wish there were more people like livv liv
Evrywon lov liv
Amazing Listener and Moderator! She is very sweet and helps you out as much as she can.
Showed lots of care and interest and always had lots of positive things to say.
You are the best
Thank you so much for the help, you are great
Did great! Very nice person
Really helpful at the moment thank u
Made me feel loved
She helped a lot and was very active and kind. :) Glad to have listeners like her on 7cups !
The hearts
This person right here is s hidden gem of this community!! She made me feel better and listened to me no matter how stupid I thought my problem is, she helped no matter what! My best rewire? GIVE THIS PERSON A COOKIE
she was an absolutely wonderful listener
She is one of the most wonderdul person ever. She helped see the light in things even though I was in dark room. She encouraged me even though she had problems of her own. She was (and still is) perfect.
Thanks for all the help when I most needed it :)
She is really great! I absolutely love her responses and how she made me feel 100% better! Hehe very helpful!
They were really helpful, gave me links to website that could further help me and she was very empathetic
Thank you for all the links, it really helped
So very sweet!
Really helpful and easy to talk to, not judgemental at all
Wonderful listener and friend!!
This person was a very great listener and gave really good advice. I will be coming back to this person for more advice in the future.
She's a great listener and she's super sweet!!
This listener has given me the best experience I've ever had in 7 cups. In my time speaking and conversating with her she has shown great capacity to empathize with the feelings thoughts and emotions the members communicate with her. Showing a great capacity to understand them and support them in they're times of need. She is very warn and compassionate with others showing lots of warmth and love towards all she meets and speaks with. I have found it really nice to speak with her and she really helped me feel better by giving me support, compassion, loving actions and simply smiling at me. She does a great job of being a listener even in her being a listener a few days or a week. When I first started speaking with her I thought she was one of the top tier listeners of this site and boy was a shocked to hear she was just starting out. I would recommend her to all who need help and support. She shows lots of love and compassion to the people of this community and I think she is a shining jewl of the community. I'm very happy I spoke with her and I'd recommend her to anyone who needs help with anything they're struggling with.
She was helpful and nice.
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