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Depression is not selfish
Anxiety is not rude
Mental illness is not self-centered, anymore than a broken leg or the flu is self-centered

If your mental illness makes you feel guilty, review the definition of "illness" and try to treat yourself with the same respect and concern you would show to a cancer patient or a person with pneumonia

She/Her I am an active trained listener and if you have something on your mind, you can share it with me. You never have to worry that you are boring me. I am here. I want to help . We will overcome this together. :) You can message me even if I am offline. You are always welcome.

Fellow listeners, come say Hi đź’ś


Word of Caution - As a matter of policy, I DO NOT SHARE my personal information or stay in touch beyond this website. Any disgression is not entertained.

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Number of Reviews: 60
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Languages English, Hindi
Listener Since Apr 2, 2015
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Feedback & Reviews
Really the best listener I have ever had !! The dedication she shows here on this site , just shows how kind and helpful she is. Really beyond words to express , the help I have got from her so far. She really is a ray of hope. People like her are the rarest, but they do exist. I was really lucky to have her as my listener. She is just the best stranger I have ever knows. Thanks a lot, FeatherIce !! Appreciate it. 13/10 would recommend her.
loved it! awesome chat!
she is very awesome sweet understanding and kind it shows how much she cares in her chat!!
Great listener really let me get it all out
Helpful and listening
Right, I'm going to be short on words here. She's an angel and a star with the brightest light. Drove out the darkness of my situation away with deft expertise. I was all alone in a dark tunnel, screaming for help and there she was; held out a light for me and showed me the way out, having my back all the while. Poetic? Forgive me. Shout out to you Feather, a humble Thank you for all you did for me.
One of the best listeners I have found here! Very matured, open and sensible. Thanks for her time.
Amazing listener, let me just rant and go on and on and helped me sort my thoughts together and even assured me how I wasn’t alone and truly made me feel like that.
It was nice and lovely to talk to Feather, The chat was as light as a feather. Thank you for your time
Really helped me today I feel better and confident in knowing what to do
Brilliant chat, helped me a lot. Found a beautiful friend in her.
Very helpful. And super easy to talk to. Even informed me of other parts of this site that might help me
Thanks for all your support and understanding. I have met a number of people here but you are a person of a different league. Thanks for being there when all my chances seemed bleak . She is very much recommended for seeing things in a new light.
Wonderful person,motivating and helped find the root to my problem.Thanks friend you gave me renewed will!
The kindest stranger I met today. She is wonderful.
Ur awesome
Such a lovely connection.
Great advice
Thoughtful, warm, and considerate. A very empathic listener with a lot of patience
Talking to her is like talking to a ling lost friend - effortless
Marvellous, Thanks for helping me
The Best
Ice is extreamly nice!!
Thank you. :)
Awesome in all ways
I cannot THANK YOU enough for being there for me. Supportive, empathetic, caring and understanding, that is what you are. And you even checked on me , sweet gesture. Thanks for being a support system in my crisis and not running away from my problems. You have really been a pillar of strenghth in my life. Thank you for everything you have done for me.
This listener brings me hope.
Talking to you has been like talking to myself, without any judgement! Thank you for being a shoulder to lean on.. You are such a wonderful soul! Stay happy.. Stay blessed!! :)
Thanks Feather!
You have been immensely helpful and supportive abouy my situation.Thank you Love! I am going to be here soon.
Supportive listener
Very understanding, supportive, intelligent and empathic. 10/10.
Amazing listener! Very helpful insights! Must talk to her soon!
Thank you
Not only is she great at listening, but she also truly cares, and wants to help and make a difference. We had an amazing conversation and in the end came up with an awesome plan and solution that has me feeling very hopeful and great about myself. She is definitely one of the most helpful people I've come across on here!
Thank you for your help. I really needed someone to vent to without judgement and you were there for me. Thank you
A comfortable chat, she made it easy for me to open up and share my issues and we worked on them together.I like her 'no mindless advice policy'. Even if she has a opinion, she never forces it on me. She really cares. I felt heard.
You Are A SweeetHeart♡♡♡
She asked really good questions and told me i am not worthless. Definitely recommened.
Really good
Bloody awesome. Super friendly. No shoving advice down the throat. Made my day :D
Very kind, empathic, and compassionate! I found a new friend! :)
You know this person is beautiful from inside from the way she supports you. She is a loving friend and an awesome listener.
very nice
Very patient. good listener.
She is AMAZING. I love you Feather. You listened , understood and was so patient with me. I never dreamt I could find someone like you here. You are a gem!
An awesome individual and friend. Thank you!!
Really good listener. Awesome! Definitely recommend to anyone! Makes you think in different perspectives and shares own experiences. Amazing.
Very good listener!
Thank you ♡♡♡
So nice omg she's so nice!!!
They were really nice and supportive. They made me feel a lot better about my situation. I wish them all the best in the future.
A very compassionate, easy to talk to person who always makes time to listen. Liberal and open-minded without being judgemental. A true lifesaver.
She's amazing!
She is the best listener I came across on this site.She has an open mind and she can make you feel good on your worst day. She always makes an effort to interact even when you run out of words. She never judges and has a positive attitude about the everything in life. She looks at a problem from a completely different perspective. She can make you laugh easily.She makes you believe there is still kindness in the world. Faith in humanity restored FeatherIce.
Excellent. Very supportive about my issues and helps me by encouraging me, and also comparing similar intrests. Thank you so much for being there for me. You are a wonderful friend and because of you I feel quite better. I am so glad I found you on 7 Cups of Tea. She is a very good listener and doesn't judge me, instead she listens and focuses on my problems and helps me through them :D Thanks for everything FeatherIce25 :D
Very helpful...
So lovely and supportive, made the effort to be personal and ask about/compare interests :)
Very nice and I call her one of my friends
she's clearly a great person I just think her for helping you today
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