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7cups has put that extra spark in kickstarting my journey of recovery, authentic self-discovery and mastery of all things I am passionate about as I discover (or re-discover!) them along the way (:

I grew up on the Interwebz.

On my free time, I enjoy the following, as often and as many at a time as humanly possible-- gaming, reading, music, cats, nature, coffee, matcha, aqua, swimming, hiking, travelling,... the list is long. (o:

I've also recently discovered pixel art-ing and now busy myself with painting art for a friend's game as mini part-time work when I'm not working on uni things.

Read on, if you must, on the whats and whys I'm on 7cups so far.

So on a more serious note, I am currently on that road to recovery from a decade over worth of deep emotional pain and confusion (existential depression), BPD and Generalised Anxiety (these two in more recent couple of years). From my own perspectives and research, these had roots from more unsupportive/dysfunctional environments during my adolescent years, at home (to a lesser degree), a more negative and cynical mindset, and my tangible reality's immediate culture(s) and language(s) (that I mostly could not connect with) of the society I grew up in back in M'sia some 5+ years ago. If it weren't for the internet, games, and books, I'd hazard a guess that I'd be ashes in the ground somewhere...

So, here I am now, always a W-I-P, growing and learning about my world and things I can do to make it a better place! (= <3

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