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Greenchoice1 |
Listener - Scholar 2

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Hey Members, Unfortunately, I will not take any new chats until further notice, please browse for other listeners.

Hi my friend, Welcome to 7 Cups. I am Greenchoice! But you can call me Green, I’ll try my best to offer you support. I appreciate that you reached out to us for help, it's the only way to strive.💚

A little about me


My roles here on 7cups:


Verified Listener:

"I have been verified by completing a mock chat with an experienced listener"

Listener Verifier: 🏅

"I conduct mock chats to verify listeners, you can pm me for more info."

Support Team Leader:

"I am the Support Team Leader for the Trauma Community".

Peer Support: 🌿

"I support listeners after having a hard chat, if you had a tough chat feel free to PM me." 

Moderator: 👮🏼

"I am a moderator for the Trauma Support Community, Anxiety and Newbie hub (TCR, TSR)."

Doorkeeper: 🚪

"As a doorkeeper, I can open and close rooms"

PA (Project Agent): 🧑🏼‍🏫

For verifiers team & Trauma support.

Forum Supporter:

"I am a forum Supporter for Trauma Community & Newbie hub."


My Availability:


Online/Green: I am available for Personal Request Chats & Unscheduled chats.

Busy/Orange: I am engaged in Scheduled Chats and/or other projects on 7 Cups. 

(Feel free to leave me a message, I might be slow in replies though, so please do look for another listener here if urgent)

Offline/Red: I am not available currently but feel free to pop me a message, and I will try to get back to you as fast as I can!


My favourite listeners:

@Tac0belle - You are the best and kindest here on cups, Thanks for being here! 💚

@Sia1325 💖


@cuteorange213 💜

@Kkea - One of my besties here on 7 Cups! 😊

@sunnylexi ❤️

@Kara13V - My bestie I love hosting sessions with you you're just the most amazing person! 💚

@ShiningSky3754 - Twin brother 🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏼



Few Quotes I like:


• “Life doesn’t make any sense without interdependence. We need each other, and the sooner we learn that the better for us all.”


• “Once you start making the effort to ‘wake yourself up’—that is, be more mindful in your activities—you suddenly start appreciating life a lot more.”


• “We are what we are because we have been what we have been, and what is needed for solving the problems of human life and motives is not moral estimates but more knowledge.” 



Thanks for taking some time to read my bio. Hope to see you in my PMs soon!💚


Growth Path Timeline
  • Exercise completed!
    Listening is important Work
  • Exercise completed!
    Small, Simple Step
  • Exercise completed!
    Compliment a Listener
  • Exercise completed!
  • Exercise completed!
    Subcommunities Build Confidence
  • Exercise completed!
    Subcommunity Shared Experience
  • Exercise completed!
    Simple Breathing Exercise
  • Exercise completed!
    Simple Breathing Exercise
  • Exercise completed!
    Simple Breathing Exercise
  • Exercise completed!
    Simple Breathing Exercise

Feedback & Reviews
Her suggestions are very good
Amazing listner, very helpful and motivating !!!!!
Sweet and wonderful I feel comfortable in this listeners presence
he was extremely kind to me and I felt that he understood my situation. thanks for this :)
He's so amazing talking to him is the best thing ever 💚
They were very kind and understanding. They helped me out a good bit!
He was really kind and made me feel like I was talking to a friend! I would recommend him for anyone who needs a nice listener ❤️
Thank you kind amazing person
So kind, even from the start! A great listener and just someone who has your back.
really really nice
Great listener with no judgements
They were a great listener!
Understood me, very helpful, very sweet and compassionate. Gives good tips and really helped me understand my thoughts more, by far one of the best listener I’ve ever had.
Listened completely to everything I had to say
This listener was very understanding and made me feel a lot better after talking things out.
Such a great listener and puts in effort!!
they helped me with the issue I'm having and they were helpful and responded very quickly
This listener is great!
Thank you for the help. very cool :)
This listener is amazing helped me very much. Thanks.
very helpful and friendly to me
Really kind and helpful.
I was really scared to chat with a person but it was great. They replied almost immediately. My problem wasnt really bad or anything but they still helped and I'm greatful :D
Replied almost immediately! It was nice to have someone listen...
it was very helpful!
They were really helpful in letting me naturally come to a solution and being supportive. They were also great in affirming that's it's okay to not be okay :-)
they were nice and listened to me
theyre very helpful and know how to make the person think about how they themselves can fix the problem
Thanks for listening to me !
They were so friendly and understanding. Lovely to open up to and very inspiring, thank you so much :)
Really helpful and understanding
It's nice to have a person to whom we can talk
amazing listener
Really great listener! Gave me good tips and listened to my worries.
Listened and helped me gain new perspective. I felt much better equipped to deal with my situation after speaking with them.
Great listener !
A very lovely person who cares about others
Thanks for providing me with tips :)
He was really nice, and caring.
I really liked talking to this person he/she said that I needed to focus on be and if breaking things off with I toxic friend is best for be then I need to do that
Good Listener, helped me a lot
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