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Hi, I'm Danielle! Open to any and all topics, with experience in general mental health, motivation, interpersonal conflict, LGBT, spirituality, loneliness, mild depression, and anxiety! I am just starting out here, so let's start slow and figure this out together. 

If I could go back to school, I'd become a clinical psychologist or counselor. Access to affordable, competent mental health care is egregiously limited, even as people require it now more than ever, and that motivates me to support others in any way I can. I am currently studying psychology on my own, so I have an expanding layman's knowledge on the subject. I have good (improving) listening skills, am perceptive and skilled at perspective taking, am very calm/emotionally controlled, and have been told I am compassionate and radiate warmth

Beyond that, I am your typical below-average queer college student/young adult. I struggle a lot with social anxiety, so my life is relatively limited. I am studying English in school and will most likely pursue writing professionally. I'm working to improve myself every day through independent study, mindfulness, and yoga, trying to find the recipe that brings a little peace into the tumultuous, unhappy, and sometimes disappointing phenomenon known as existence. 

Let me know how I can help. That's why I'm here :)

Happiness is a firefly, a little, glowing thing in a dark world. We try to collect it in our glass jar, sometimes managing to capture a whole crowd of them, other times failing to catch even one. Hopefully, together, we can add at least one firefly to your jar. 

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