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Hello :)

Number of Ratings: 91
Number of Reviews: 38
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Languages English, Japanese
Listener Since Jun 15, 2016
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Feedback & Reviews
I loved her . She opened my mind greater than I could . I feel a good sign of relief . She is a angel on earth . She is beautiful .
I've been going through some problems with my relationship and she just helped me to sort it out !! 😊
Was quite compassionate and understanding about my situation. Understood that I just needed someone to vent to and stayed with me until I felt better. Would talk to again.
SacredBlossom has been super helpful in a very short amount of time. He/She help my rough day get better with his/her kind thoughtful words.
Very helpful, great listener didn't ask anything too much and I felt very comfortable
So nice
Has listened through-and-through each session. Able to help you find the root of your problems related to (in this case, anxiety) , and potentially even solve them. Great to talk with about stories that require a lot of detail. Will always be willing to hear you out.
Awesome listener to talk to.
I have good time finding a person that i express my feelings to when talking to her.
she makes me feels very comfortable and she understands me
you are a great listener! I am very happy that i started talking with you. thank you!
She was perfect. She is a great listener she helped me with my problems and she responds right away I definitely recommend this listener this one is perfect. :)
takes as much time as needed for u. has an amazing tallent
Very patient and helpful!
Sakuraflower is like chatting with a friend. She helps me calm down, rationalize my thoughts and know that I am not alone with my struggles. Very helpful and a great listener.
Amazing Person, Made me feel at easy.I will be talking to her again.Very compassionate person.
Thanks for talking to me! While this chat did make me feel better, I am aware of my agency over my own life, in that I still need to solve the issues that are making me feel this way. You seem to somehow understand me well even though we're mere strangers XD thank you again, and good luck with more conversations!
Amazing listener
Very good listener. Was concerned with how i was feeling and very patient with me. offered great insight. Looking forward to chatting again.
Sakuraflower is an amazing listener. She is very helpful and so much fun. She has a great sense of humor. She always makes me laugh. It is very difficult to find such a great blend of empathy, kindness, and humor in a listener. Talking to her reminds me of sitting back comfortably in a chair over a nice cup of tea with a best friend and just chatting. She makes me feel very relaxed and supported at the same time.
Sakuraflower is a great listener. I love the personal messages (pm's) that are waiting for me just to see how I am doing. It makes me feel so special, loved, and supported. Sakuraflower genuinely cares about members and is a great active listener. I will definitely talk to Sakuraflower again. :)
It was great just having someone to listion to me, my problems..... It was great having someone to understand.
Sakuraflower was really helpful in making me feel calm and sort through what was on my mind and it helped me in pinpointing the issue and getting some perspective. I commend her for doing this by being really friendly and approachable and without giving imposing advice. An extremely good listener, it felt like talking to a friend.
excellent person, really helped clear a lot of anxiety 10/10 would talk to again. hope i get to let them know how everything ends up and can still talk to them!
Sakura continues to be an inspiring listener, and one of the rare people who has been to able to help me understand my particular issues. She uses a great deal of empathy as well as drawing on her personal experiences to communicate, which is very helpful.
She was by far the best listener I have met! She was professional and kind and shared her experiences. She even helped me think through some things.
Very helpful! Great listener!
Sakura was a great listener. She helped me a lot, asked what I needed from her and provided it. She cared how I was feeling, if I was alright, and was making sure I was in a healthy relationship. I appreciate her help. Thank you Sakura.
She is a very helpful and empathetic person, I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to speak with her. I certain struggle with severe depression and other issues but I feel that I gained some insight that I can use in the future. I would definitely recommend her as a listener and also think she would do well as a counselor in general.
So awesome such a great listener I look forward to chatting again
I needed some genuine help with a certain issue and Sakura was there for me. Sakura is empathetic, professional, and very warm. Sakura is also very personable which I really loved. It was like talking to a friend. I will definitely talk to Sakura again and highly recommend listeners to talk to Sakura. The only problem with Sakuraflower is you will fall in love with talking to this little blossom! I definitely want an entire garden of Sakuraflowers to take with me wherever I go!!
MIss Sakura was kind, compassionate, and very helpful in my time of need.
Good listener, sympathetic with academic-related anxieties.
Was very empathetic once I started actually articulated my feelings. Very helpful and encouraging!
She really helped me understand that the things I'm feeling are normal and that I shouldn't rush into things or downplay my feelings. She was really great!
They are very compassionate. They really helped me to feel less alone and listened to. I really feel better than i did when i came on. I thought i was being silly but They made me feel like I deserved a sympathetic ear. thank you.
Sakuraflower helped me a lot, made me feel like i wasn't alone in this, explained me that there's hope even if it seems like there isn't. And that there's always someone there for me, someone who actually cares.
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Questions Answered
Do people always want to get better from depression?
May 6th, 2015 3:13am
What happens when someone calls a suicide hotline?
May 6th, 2015 3:11am
why cant i pull myself out when i know that i dont want be in this state anymore?why??
May 18th, 2015 12:17pm
What am I going to do in the future?
May 5th, 2015 6:21am
Why aren't I getting better despite my efforts?
May 5th, 2015 6:30am
Does depression get easier to deal with in time?
May 6th, 2015 3:20am
Is appetite loss common in depression?
May 6th, 2015 3:24am
Why do I always feel unmotivated and sad? :(
May 18th, 2015 5:10pm
There are so many different emotions, how can I manage them all?
May 6th, 2015 3:34am
Internal conflict is always hard to deal with, but what are effective ways to deal with confusing emotions that refuse to go away?
May 6th, 2015 3:31am
Am I too emotional?
May 5th, 2015 6:22am
How can I stop taking things so personally?
May 5th, 2015 6:24am
How can I stop over-thinking about everything and just take the time to realize that everything's going to be okay?
May 6th, 2015 2:55am
How can I stop being mad all the time?
May 18th, 2015 4:00pm
Why do I often feel like no one cares or wants me around and feel unappreciated?
May 18th, 2015 5:08pm
Why do i always get so angry over the simplest things that shouldnt even bother me?
May 18th, 2015 5:07pm
Am I overreacting?
April 21st, 2015 7:33am
How can I feel more confident in the position I'm in?
May 6th, 2015 3:20am
What are some ways to prioritize?
May 5th, 2015 6:30am
How do you manage your work when everything piles on at the same time?
May 6th, 2015 2:59am
What's the best way to stop feeling like I hate going to work?
May 6th, 2015 2:32am
How can I fit into a workplace with a well established group of employees?
May 5th, 2015 6:21am
How do you bounce back when you're burnt out from constant overload?
May 5th, 2015 6:25am
How can I stop to think my work always has to be perfect?
May 6th, 2015 3:15am
How do you cope with bullying when the ones bullying you are your own family?
May 6th, 2015 3:18am
Is it my fault that others bully me?
May 6th, 2015 3:09am
What do you do when the bully has too much power and can get you in trouble even if you are the one being hurt by them?
May 5th, 2015 6:18am
How can I ask parents or teachers for help with interventions?
May 5th, 2015 6:20am
Why do the people bully me when I always helped them?
May 5th, 2015 6:29am
What are some tips to handle and avoid Cyber Bullying?
May 6th, 2015 4:55am
How can I intervene in a peaceful manner?
May 18th, 2015 5:11pm
How do I stop overeating when I'm eating alone and stop undereating when I'm eating with other people around?
May 5th, 2015 6:32am
Why can't I decide if I want to get better or not?
May 6th, 2015 3:25am
Why can't I stop myself from checking the number of calories?
May 6th, 2015 3:05am
Is it normal for me to be able to eat meat in some forms, but not others?
May 6th, 2015 2:59am
What can be done to limit the amount of panic attacks one has?
May 3rd, 2015 5:34am
How can I get over a really bad panic attack?
April 11th, 2015 12:18am
Is it normal to feel like youre almost unable to breathe?
May 3rd, 2015 5:23am
Why do I always get panic attacks when I don't get my way? It makes me feel really spoiled...
May 5th, 2015 6:04am
What do I do when a parent unknowingly prolongs a Panic Attack?
May 5th, 2015 6:19am
Why does my body stay in shock and take so long to settle down if I know I'm having a panic attack ?
April 12th, 2015 8:46pm
Why do i wake up in the middle of the night with a panic attack?
May 3rd, 2015 5:30am
Why do panic attacks keep happening?
May 5th, 2015 6:09am
Why do sudden fear comes in our mind with any automatic thought and unimportant issue?
April 21st, 2015 9:47pm
What are some good techniques to try to stop a panic attack before it happens?
May 5th, 2015 6:13am
How to maintian peace in mind while having trouble breathing?
April 21st, 2015 9:48pm
Why do I always fear the unknown to the point that it's almost debilitating?
April 21st, 2015 11:45pm
Is it normal to feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest?
April 21st, 2015 7:52am
Why do I always cause physical harm to myself or others during a Panic Attack?
April 21st, 2015 7:56am
Why do I get Panic Attacks during very simple situations?
May 3rd, 2015 5:29am
Why can't I control myself and just breathe?
April 21st, 2015 8:01am
Why doesn't facing my fears make them at all less scary; I thought doing this over time was supposed to help...?
April 21st, 2015 7:37am
Why can't I think straight?
April 21st, 2015 9:48pm
How do I stop thinking about when and where the next panic attack is going to happen?
May 5th, 2015 6:06am
How come even though I'm only slightly overweight, I always wake up every morning dreading gym class?
April 21st, 2015 7:54am
How can I stop myself from having Panic Attacks in public?
May 5th, 2015 6:11am
Why do I get panic attacks at random moments?
April 13th, 2015 12:30am
Is it normal to have panic attacks out of the blue without any triggers?
May 3rd, 2015 5:24am
Why can't I assure myself that everything is okay?
April 21st, 2015 7:40am
Why do I feel like I am going to have a heart attack when I have a panic attack?
May 5th, 2015 6:14am
How can I achieve my goals and be there for important situations such as exams without a panic attack making me miss it?
April 21st, 2015 7:41am
Why is this happening to ME? That's a question I always have whenever I begin to feel anxious and start to feel a panic attack forming inside of me. Why ME?
April 21st, 2015 7:43am
Why don't grounding techniques always work for me?
April 21st, 2015 7:44am
How do I stop myself getting angry at people when having a panic attack?
April 21st, 2015 7:46am
Why do panic attacks sometimes come out of the blue for no reason?
April 21st, 2015 11:47pm
No matter how hard I try I always have a panic attack if I have to go into hospital ! Is there anything I can do so I can stop it from happening ?
April 21st, 2015 7:48am
Why do I get Panic Attacks when I get nervous about stuff? Especially when the things I get worried about wont effect my future.
April 11th, 2015 12:09am
Trusting people causes me to have panic attacks ! Is it possible to trust people after what iv been through ?
May 3rd, 2015 5:37am
What can I do to lessen my anxiety before an important event I need to attend?
April 11th, 2015 12:01am
Do people actually like me for me?
April 11th, 2015 12:03am
When should you seek medical attention for anxiety?
May 6th, 2015 3:28am
How can I stop worrying about school so much?
June 15th, 2016 1:11am
Why do I always feel so alone?
May 3rd, 2015 5:33am
Why am I so shy around big crowds, but when I'm with one friend than I'm fine?
May 6th, 2015 3:24am
Is it normal for people with anxiety and panic attacks be afraid of trains?
May 3rd, 2015 5:24am
Why do I always have the feeling that I'll fail at everything that I care about?
May 3rd, 2015 5:28am
What's the difference between social anxiety and being shy?
May 5th, 2015 6:08am
Why can't I breathe when I have to speak to people?
May 5th, 2015 6:13am
How can I talk to people normally?
April 11th, 2015 12:12am
Why does anxiety cause insomnia?
May 6th, 2015 3:18am
Why does telling myself "it's just anxiety" make everything feel much worse?
May 6th, 2015 3:37am
Why can't I just overcome my anxiety?
May 3rd, 2015 5:46am
What's the best way to stop being afraid of discrimination?
May 6th, 2015 3:01am
How can I calm myself when i'm surrounded by a massive crowd of people?
June 15th, 2016 1:23am
I have read that people with anxiety tend to see their present self extremely unrelated to their future self. How can I get closer to my future self?
May 6th, 2015 2:28am
Why can't I be like all the other girls my age?
May 3rd, 2015 5:35am
Why can't I talk easily in front of my class?
April 11th, 2015 12:15am
Why will my brain never slow down?
May 3rd, 2015 5:45am
Are my friends going to dislike me if I don't want to do what they want to do?
June 15th, 2016 1:05am
Why do I always feel like people are laughing at me when I don't hear it?
May 5th, 2015 6:10am
How can I learn to let go of certain things that make me anxious?
April 21st, 2015 11:43pm
What is the best way to relax at night?
May 3rd, 2015 5:26am
At what point is it considered anxiety?
April 13th, 2015 12:28am
How can I stop procrastinating and start working on projects earlier than the night before ?
June 15th, 2016 1:09am
How can I stop being rude?
April 11th, 2015 12:13am
What's a safe and secure way to ease the pain of anxiety when it's too overwhelming for me to handle?
May 6th, 2015 3:34am
Why can't I move on from my past relationship? I feel my life has been on pause for the past months.. I've tried everything but I don't seem to get better.
June 15th, 2016 1:17am
How do you explain to people things around anxiety that impact on your life without them thinking your trying to be controlling ?
June 15th, 2016 1:19am
What should I do if people think I am lying?
April 10th, 2015 11:59pm
I have a hard time going in to auditoriums and movie theaters because of the dark lighting and the large group of people I don't know. What are some things I can work on to help me overcome this?
April 10th, 2015 11:55pm
Why do I keep waking up thinking about the day ahead?
June 15th, 2016 1:14am
Is it normal to not know who you actually are 100% till your an adult?
May 6th, 2015 2:37am
Why am I so scared of coming out when I know my family fully supports LGBTQ rights?
May 6th, 2015 2:31am
How do I help my family understand that this is not choice for me?
May 6th, 2015 2:24am
Can my sexual orientation change?
May 6th, 2015 3:26am
Why do I always feel like I am the wrong sexuality?
May 18th, 2015 10:44am
Why do I have to constantly prove to people im Bi?
May 6th, 2015 3:23am
How do I balance my attention between my kids?
May 18th, 2015 5:05pm
Is someone who self harms also suicidal?
May 6th, 2015 2:51am
Why stop if it helps?
May 6th, 2015 3:27am
Why can't I find another way to deal with my problems?
May 6th, 2015 3:35am
Why can't I stop self-harming, even when I know it is bad?
May 6th, 2015 2:50am
Is it normal to progress from one form of self harm to another ?
May 6th, 2015 3:29am
How to cope with stress and depression without self harming?
May 6th, 2015 2:33am
Why do I always think about my problems right when I lie down to sleep?
May 5th, 2015 6:27am
Are there any ways I can energize myself in the morning after a restless night?
May 18th, 2015 10:45am
How do I get him back without seeming desperate?
May 6th, 2015 2:35am
Is it okay to be single forever?
May 6th, 2015 2:55am
What's the best way to get over someone who cheated on you?
May 6th, 2015 3:00am
How do I stop blaming myself?
May 18th, 2015 4:46pm
How could I prevent breaking up?
May 6th, 2015 2:36am
What am I doing wrong?
May 18th, 2015 4:51pm
How do I deal with cravings that seem out of control?
May 18th, 2015 12:15pm
Why does addiction feel so good and is it caused by peer pressure?
May 5th, 2015 6:23am
How can I change my thinking from being so negative about my addiction, and empower myself?
May 3rd, 2015 5:27am
At what point does drug abuse rule your life?
May 6th, 2015 3:02am
My parent wants me to do something I don't want to do, how can I tell them no?
May 6th, 2015 3:32am
How do you cope with an ex hating the good relationship you have with her children?
May 18th, 2015 4:53pm
how can I deal with the stress of my family but still have them in my life?
May 18th, 2015 10:47am
What is the best way to stop feeling unwanted in my family and different from everyone else?
May 18th, 2015 4:59pm
I feel like I hate my abuser. Should I feel this angry?
May 3rd, 2015 5:31am
Does speaking about a traumatic experience help or make it worse ?
May 3rd, 2015 5:38am
Can a person really not be affected by a serious traumatic event that would 'normally' cause trauma?
May 3rd, 2015 5:41am
Sometimes it looks like it's all happening all over again. How do I deal with this?
April 21st, 2015 7:53am
Is it possible for a traumatic experience to affect my feelings and behavior even when it isn't on my mind?
May 3rd, 2015 5:40am
How can I bring back the personality I had before experiencing the trauma? Is it even possible?
April 21st, 2015 8:54pm
Will my trauma be taken seriously if it does not seem as severe as others?
May 18th, 2015 4:45pm
How can you overcome memories of trauma in the aftermath?
May 5th, 2015 6:09am
How do I stop thinking about the night when the tragedy happened?
April 21st, 2015 8:55pm
How do I let my partner know about my past traumatic experiences without my partner freaking out?
May 18th, 2015 5:12pm
How long does it take to get over a truamtic experience and return to normal ?
May 3rd, 2015 5:48am
How can I stop the images of the traumatic experience from playing and re-playing through my head constantly?
May 5th, 2015 6:08am
Will I ever stop feeling pain from my traumatic experience?
April 10th, 2015 11:50pm
What is the best way to release trauma that has built up in the body, causing tension after a traumatic experience?
April 21st, 2015 8:50pm
Why do traumatic experiences keep coming back and resurfacing at different stages in our life?
April 21st, 2015 9:45pm
Is it normal that dreams could be traumatic?
May 5th, 2015 6:01am
How can I effectively empathize with people who have had different traumatic experiences than me?
April 21st, 2015 7:38am
How do I tell someone that I was raped?
May 3rd, 2015 5:32am
I keep having flashbacks,how do they stop?
April 21st, 2015 7:35am
How do I stop thinking about the car accident I was in 4 months ago?
April 21st, 2015 7:39am
How do you get over PTSD from a racially based hate crime?
April 21st, 2015 7:58am
When is an traumatic experience just a traumatic experience and when should i be worried it might be PTSD ?
April 21st, 2015 8:00am
How can I stop the flashbacks?
April 21st, 2015 7:51am
How can I give myself grace for the mistakes I have made and remain positive, rather than get depressed, angry, and anxious?
May 6th, 2015 3:22am
How do I cope with loosing my brother after he passed away over a year ago?
May 18th, 2015 5:01pm
Everything demands so much attention - my parents, my partner, my career. How do I sort this out?
May 18th, 2015 5:03pm
Why is therapy not helping me?
April 21st, 2015 7:55am
Why do I wake up stressed about my future ?
May 6th, 2015 2:30am
When the people I care for can't contact me, how do I stop myself from feeling so helplessly lonely?
May 6th, 2015 3:30am
How do I know if I really experienced what I think I went through?
April 21st, 2015 7:50am
How can I stop thinking about a traumatic event?
May 5th, 2015 6:02am
Why do I constantly think it is all my fault?
May 18th, 2015 4:54pm
How do I stop playing the situation over and over in my head again wishing for a different result?
May 18th, 2015 4:48pm
How do I figure out what is real danger and what is something I'm imagining?
April 21st, 2015 9:42pm
How can I explain gaps in my memory when people ask me about what happened?
May 5th, 2015 6:05am
Why can't I live my life like I used to be?
April 21st, 2015 9:44pm
Why can I not remember the incident, but just the emotions?
May 3rd, 2015 5:44am
Who do I get over the feeling of wanting to hurt someone, who hurt me?
April 21st, 2015 7:50am
Why couldn't I have done anything?
May 5th, 2015 6:03am
"Is it natural to be happily different to everyone else?"
April 21st, 2015 7:36am
What's the best way to deal with emotional blackmail from a partner?
May 6th, 2015 2:29am
How can I stop thinking my parents' divorce influences my actual love relationships?
May 18th, 2015 4:57pm
Is it normal to suddenly become very self aware when someone compliments your appearance?
May 3rd, 2015 5:42am