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****Currently not taking personal request****

My names Emmy, I’m a Twenty year old Listener from England, Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder & Anxiety issues I have a good grip on Mental Illness after in and out of Psychiatric hospitals I’ve now managed to come to terms with my illness, I’m stable & Recovered.
I have Fibromyalgia I spend most of the day in pain, the daily battle of if my Joints are going to stay in place or not, Currently on the Waiting list for a double hip replacement and a knee reconstruction, I don’t let it get me down.
I’m obsessed with Jessie J, Hovering/Vacuuming and I’m pretty clumsy.
“You must make a decision that you are going to move on. It wont happen automatically. You will have to rise up and say, ‘I don’t care how hard this is, I don’t care how disappointed I am, I’m not going to let this get the best of me. I’m moving on with my life.”
I think the things I could help you the most with is:
• LGBT problems including coming out.
• Moving away from home/cities
• Bipolar, OCD, Self-Harm, Eating Disorders, Anxiety.
• Being a Young Carer.
• Being Homeless
• Bereavement.
• Fibromyalgia and other Chronic pain conditions
I believe nobody knows you better than yourself.

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Feedback & Reviews
HelpfullOwl was very thoughtful and considerate while reading and listening to my troubles. I was also provided with links to more effectively deal with stress and hopefully end some of my problems related to stress.
The listener was very kind and supportive.
Great listener and very patient. Thank you for letting me vent to you :P
Really good. Really appreciate the help that was offered. Very happy.
Really helpful. Gave me lots of advice and links to helpful websites on what to do. Reall pleased about coming here and talk to them.
Amazing!! She really helped a lot and i'm grateful i was able to get with someone so quickly!!
I just found this website, and luckily the first person I chatted with was very helpful. She was empathetic, understanding and, made me feel like she wanted to help me.
Very compassionate and understanding. They offer good advice, really enjoyed talking to them.
Lovely. Sweet. Caring.
Great listener, so lovely and helpful. Really understanding.
Very attentive listener, sympathetic and also doesn't "hog the limelight" despite her own obstacles she's had to overcome :) A kind, friendly and helpful listener. Thank you so much!! :)
She's really nice , she has her problems too but that's what makes her ready to help you out . She really helped me .
Sweet heart and very kind. great listener and a good person to keep in touch with.
Owl is a very good listener. she has helped me ever sense i joined. shes one of the listeners ive kept in touch with and favor.
Shes a great listener and helped me out a lot!
Super nice and super cute!
Awesome Listener!
such a good help !
Thanks for helping and work on your history! I might drop by again! You helped a lot. I really needed to vent and I felt great after the session. Thanks again!
Such an amazing and kind person .. Helped me a lot and I am really thankfull I had the opportunity to speak with such a lovely listener :)
I love her!! ♥
very helpful, and such an amazing heart
she is so giving
Amazing inspirational girl ... made me feel so much better :)
Amazing listener !!!
She is Amazing :)
I found 7cups because I was feeling really alone, I didn't think I could carry on with life, I'd lost all hope. But Emmy has helped me see that things will get better if I try, After every storm there is a rainbow.
Amazing. Wonderful. Life saver
I love her, she's wonderful, Best listener I've ever spoken to. She's amazing and deserves some recognition. She's so kind, Supportive and listening. She helps you to feel calm. If i could give more than 5 Stars I would.
She's wonderful!! ♥
Why doesn't this girl have an award for how lovely she is? Top listener
I was on the edge of life but with the reassurance and support from Emmy I know i can continue this fight with mental health. A battle im determined to win. You're such a superstar
She was AMAZING! Sooo kind and helpful!
Very helpful, Funny and a great person to talk to.
She has been great, empathetic, sweet and caring... Thanks
Such a lovely listener :) highly recommend to anyone!!
she can help you understand your problem :)
I spoke to this listener before and thought i would try again, she is such a lovely person and has made it really easy for me to talk about my issues. I would highly recommend this listener to anyone. Amazing person!
You can count on this girl.
This listener has really cheered me up, she has taken time out to help me with my issues and i really appreciate it. Really lovely listener... would recommended to anyone needing help with anyone. Amazing girl thank you!
It is my first time but the response has been wonderful. This is really helpful
Absolutely wonderful listener, Really helped me think about my life and how I can get back on track, Showed me I'm not alone in the world and many people face the issues I'm dealing with. Give me a lot of usefull resources and took the time out of her day to support me. Thankyou girl
Really helpful. She is great person :>
Lovely person. A great listener.
Awesome :)
Good listener
Thankyou :)
Thank you for everything you helped to get my mind of stuff and I appreciate it :)
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