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HoneyStarling |
Listener - Proficient 4

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5.0 star rating

"Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light" - Brene Brown

"Things will not calm down, Daniel Jackson. They will, in fact, calm up." - Teal'c, Stargate SG-1

Please read my profile before requesting me

I am not currently able to take on regular chatters. If you need long term support you will need to look for another Listener. Thanks!

Lost? Lonely? Struggling? Need some care and support? I'd love to meet you! I'm kind with a sense of humour. I consider it a privilege to listen and support anyone who has the courage to come to 7cups and talk. I have experience and a deep empathy and compassion for anyone struggling with BPD; socialisation issues; relationships; family stress; anxiety; bereavement; shame; worthlessness; overwhelming emotions or numbness. 

Whatever you're going through - you don't have to go through it alone. I believe that even the most overwhelming problem can become lighter if shared. I am also diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder and have been living positively with it for a number of years now, so if you're struggling with similar issues I would be happy to hear from you.

About me: I'm 31 years old, female and happily married (10 years) to a long-term boyfriend, no kids (though I do like children!) and a loving ragdoll cat owner. I love anime and manga, video gaming, reading (crime and sci-fi especially), crafting, mucking around in my small garden and generally just taking it easy. 

Number of Ratings: 240
Number of Reviews: 70
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Languages English
Listener Since Feb 15, 2015
Last Active over 6 months ago
Gender Female
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People Helped 330
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Feedback & Reviews
an outsanding listener, she really was there for me for how long I needed
Really genuinely wonderful person, felt very relaxed talking to them, very easy to talk to, and understood my situation completely and was not judgemental. Thank you for helping me feel so much better.
Amazing, insightful, honest.
Had a great chat . Very incisive, clear, helpful and upbeat- highly recommend.
Great listener! The best ive ever had !
its everything i need, and honey really helpped me
Honeystarling was a wonderful person to chat with. she was friendly, warm, funny and helpful.
excellent listener,friendly,easy going .really good at dealing with anxiety
HoneyStarling is the best listener ever. She is great.
Them reviews below don't lie! She's winsome, in every way.
Thank you so so much for talking to me and taking the time out of your day to talk about my issues, I appreciate all your help and i just cant thank you enough for being a friend to me when I didnt have anyone else.
I hardly ever rate a 5/5 on any field, but Honey has been really, really helpful in giving me a clearer view of what is currently going on with me. She has been listening accurately to what my issue was, gave different points of view which made me see different perceptions more clearly, and helped me understand that grey areas are not necessarily a scary or a bad thing.

Thank you for your help, Honey! :)
HoneyStarling is a great listener and she offers very useful tips! Thanks for drawing a smile on my face
Very friendly and approachable. Kept the conversation going and responded promptly to my scenario. A great help!
Wow. Amazing.Thanks. My head is back on straight with some of your calm.
HoneyStarling is very polite! A really great person!
Couldn't have had a more pleasant experience!
Very patient with me as we wrestled with some of issues. Consistent and professional which was very appreciated.
Honey, thank you for being there for me. She's helped me out so many times now, I feel I can really count on her.
So much kindness! So thankful that Honey could be here for me tonight. It was so very appreciated. Such a great listener!
Thank you for your support.
It was so relieving to chat about my concerns here. Thanks for this service.
Really helped me out :) Really good at analyzing and listening! Thank you!
Honey was great, I've never had someone understand me that much.
Funny girl that really cheered me up today. Thanks Honey!
Best Guy ever, helped me heaps
Wow she really was great and helpful. I had some unique issues I needed to talk about and she was very delicate with the situation. She didn't solve my problems, but she certainly helped put things into perspective for me. A+ rating.
really nice
I was lucky to talk to Honey today, she was really helpful
I feel less alone now after talking with HoneyStarling for a while. I really enjoyed our time together and feel like I can face the day after all.
nice lady... helped me a lot
Very sweet and helpful, made my night so much better.
Very helpful and understanding. Tries to truly consider the other person's emotions before replying. Extremely pleasant to talk to, and helped make the best out of a bad situation. :)
Awesome listener to talk to. Had a really fun time which is what I was needing at the time. Love her sense of humor!
Looked after me and gave me the time I needed to open up. Appreciated her candour and honesty, a combination I find rare in these kinds of online places. Didn't feel like a product on the line, rather I felt like she gave me all her attention and was tuned in to what I was feeling.
Easy to open up to, she had an immediate insight into what I wanted to talk about. I found our time together pleasant and informative - I never knew there were so many resources available out there to help. She pointed me in the direction I needed to go all while making me feel cared for.
impressing talk
She was amazing and I hope I have the chance to speak to her in the future. We need more people like her to make the world a better place.
HoneyStarling was so helpful. I was in a bad place, and I left feeling so much better. It felt like talking to an old friend. There aren't enough words to express my gratitude. Thank you so much for your time.
honey is a nice listener
Good soul. :)
Honest and Caring. Two of the best qualities a person can come by in another individual.
She was incredibly kind and even though she doesn't have the same experience as I do, she was able to even offer to connect me with someone who probably knows more. But simply sharing time gave me the sense of companionship i was needing.
They did excellent! and really helped me work through what was bothering me! responded very quickly. felt like I was talking to a friend about the issue! thank you!
its nice talking to her thank you :)
Sweet as honey,itself.
5/5 and that is all that is needed to be said :) -raspberryOrange7450
I had a very insightful chat with this calm and kind hearted individual. I would recommend her to anyone :)
She is really sweet and understanding.
Honey is awesome and so helpful. I actually went out and saw someone for a problem that I was having and I found Honey to be more helpful. Very consistent and so easy to talk, and so fun at the same time. Such a wonderful soul!!!
Excellent! Helps so much...
What I wanted when I came here was to be able to tell my situation to somebody who wasn't involved and could be a listener as well as help me make sense of my emotions, and that is exactly what I got. I am so glad I came here. This listener has helped me a lot tonight, and I am very impressed that she wants to tag me in a few days to see how things are going.
Had lots of useful insight into managing intense emotions as well as a host of experiences to draw on and provide support.
Probably the best out of 35 listeners I've talked to
its really a good place to chat
Really Nice listener. Felt better after talking.
Amazing person, completely understood me like no one actually ever has and is really good with advice!
Amazing to talk to .. lifted my spirits :)
great person, really cares about whatever is going on
Great listener!
Such a great person to chat with. She helped out a lot tonight when I really felt alone and didn't have anybody to goto.
My problems may have seemed a bit silly, and I was a little embarrassed to share. This listener was extremely helpful and not judgemental. If you need someone good talk to, this listener is for you.
Thank you, you have made my day.
I really liked this listener. Very understanding and related to what I was going through.
Best Listener Ever!
Very calming...
Very calming...
HoneyStarling was awesome!
HoneyStarling has been great!
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