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Hope2theRescue |
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Heyy Lovey!! Welcome to 7 cups!! My name is Hope.

If you need support and I am not available, please find a listener to your liking here or leave me a message! Click here to give me a huggle:D

i am a Group Moderator and a verified listener!


"Dear You (the beautiful person reading this,)

You are not a monster. You are a valuable, unique, wonderful human being who deserves everything grand that this life has to offer. Come out of the shadows and stand proudly in who you are.

You are not damaged. You are whole, regardless of having struggles. I like you the way you are. I wouldn’t change you. I see you differently than you see yourself. I am not afraid of you or your struggles... I am amazed by you. I am amazed by your courage, willpower, gifts and talents. I accept you, and your worlds of light and darkness.

Some people just have a “neighborhood” in their mind and they never get lost. You have endless terrain to explore, but sometimes you take a wrong turn and can’t find your way home. I love your vast landscape and remember... we can make you maps. You can figure out how to stay safe and still sail on majestic seas of emotion.

You are not “crazy.” You are not violent. You are not the lame stereotypes.

The world needs you and your story. You have been to hell and back and you are here to say, “It gets better.” When a person is struggling, many people look away. They change the subject or suddenly need a drink refill. You reach your hand out into the darkness to find theirs. You share your lantern. You’re not afraid of darkness, because you know it... You had coffee with darkness yesterday. He brought donuts. He doesn’t scare you like before. You know how to work with him.

You are creative, artistic, and a dreamer. That same imagination that exhausts you with sad images and fearful scenarios can also dream up amazing art, music, business ventures etc. You’ve held so much pain that is now energy that you can use... What are you going to do with it? Create or destruct? Choose create.

Just because you are different, doesn’t mean you are broken. Different people change the world, because they can see beyond what is.

Please stop picturing bad things happening. You’re not going to suddenly go crazy. Your friend doesn’t hate you because she hasn’t texted back. When you picture something going wrong, remember it could also go right. College could be better than high school. You could meet a wonderful partner. The next medicine could work. You could live a full, happy life. 

Yes, challenges will come but you can face them with all that you are when they are here. Focus on what is in front of you. Life is too short to be absent from it. 

We all make mistakes, whether we have a mental illness or not. We all act out of pain or confusion and do stupid, hurtful things. We are all human. It’s time to forgive yourself for everything. Guilt and shame slow your ship down too and you are ready to live free from them. You’re gaining more and more speed...

You are ready for life to take you to the most beautiful places.

Please know you are worthy of love. The right person will fall *madly* for you. Someone worthy (yes, they need to be worthy of you) will be crazy for you - Cue Crazy In Love by Beyoncé.-  See, now they are the crazy one!

Please remember to laugh and be ridiculous. Remember what you are grateful for. Remember the small joys and the big joys. Think back on a time when a friend or family member made you laugh till you peed a little.  Watch a funny, stupid movie. Take a bubble bath that smells like marshmallows. Take a mental health day and don’t feel one ounce of guilt.

 You are here for a reason. "- @SmileYourWorthIt

What you Can Expect from me:

A long-term listener who will help you on your mental-health journey the best that I can

A great friend who listen to any story or problems you want to tel

And much more! We can do anything that will make you feel better.


Good Topics to talk to me about:



✧Lgbt+ issues


✧ grief💔












✧Relashionship Stress



✧ Weight Managment



✧Work Stress



✧Eating disorders



And Many More



All About me:(the boring part)

~ My Name is Hope~

~I love people~

~proud lesbian~

~sexual assault survivor~



No one has a perfect life, so I dont expect you to. I beleive that everyone should be happy. I really REALLY want to help you like someone I know helped me. Stay strong and stay beautiful! I love you all. If I am not available right away. PLEASE leave me a message, and I will get back to you ASAP.

Special Mentionings:

@BlueGobe- ista ur my fav and i love you so muchh

@unicornforlife12- my best friend

@Youareloved123- my twinny for life

@juniperstarfish- my bbf

@KatieV - my little sushine

@BigHeartBetty- my best supporter and the one who makes me get a six pack from laughing xD

@Khadija- my favorite kiwi i love youu

@caringjoy36- my newest bestie

@seattlegirl007- my best frand and my buddy love you booo










(If you have made it this far, congrads!:)








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Feedback & Reviews
She is very kind
She was there for me when i really needed someone she is amazing
shes niceand cute i rlly like her
She's so sweet
Your the most beautiful girl ur amazing I love you so much and am so so thankful for u
She is really nice and doesn't make me uncomfortable like most people
I am absolutetly stoked that someone like hope2therescue exists.
Very helpful
Great! Helpful!
The best listener ever!! She is always there for me when i need her and can tell her anything! Thank you so much your the best!! 💖
Thank you so much for all the support! She has helped me sooo much! Such a great listener! And so understanding!
The best listener I have ever spoken to! She is so so nice and so understanding! She is always there if you need to talk to someone! 💖
She was super super nice and easy to talk to!
Probably the best listener I've ever had. She was so amazing and I feel so close to her. She's so amazing.
Helpful, intelligent, great listener!
Great and caring listener. Very understanding and friendly treats u like a friend and comforting
Helpful and caring...a good talker too :')
Best ! Sorry i dissapoint her though
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