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Hullo, my name is Aster! I'm demiboy and pansexual. I use he/them pronouns, and my neopronouns are bonk/bonkers.

I deal with depression, social anxiety, trauma, (possibly) MD, or maladaptive daydreaming with a paracosm (just look it up) or two, and (big big possibly, don't worry, I'm hoping to get tested and properly diagnosed) ADHD.

My panic attack triggers are yelling and arguments. My MD triggers (things that cause me to daydream) are listening to any type of music, watching anime, and probably some others, since I'm not too sure what other triggers I have yet.

Uh I enjoy drawing, I mostly do traditional art. I also enjoy writing, though I don't really do it a lot. I also really like plants, rocks and gemstones, colorful bottles, frogs, the cottagecore aesthetic, internetcore and jazz music (though I honestly will listen to anything), baggy clothes, pastel colors, and big round glasses! I also really enjoy talking about my dumb poopy daydreams because well- they are my daydreams- I put my heart and soul into those things. My brain makes them up and I tend to sorta hyperfixate on them, eheh... If you ever want an infodump of my daydreams and what goes on in my head, feel free to ask, I will graciously supply. /gen

As the great Milku said, "Bonk me onii~chan"

Here are some quotes from the homies:

"according to youtube statistics, only a small percentage of people who watch my videos are actually subscribed, so if you end up liking this video, consider subscribing, it's free, and you can always unsubscribe. enjoy the vid-" - turnip

"Ill walk past you..... Into ur town!" - Cy

"My gayness is showing" - Bri

"Kneecaps" - kneecaps

"Baby powder is awesome ๐Ÿ˜Ž" - also kneecaps

"He's gonna break into your house and make you beg for mercy in Chinese" - milku

"โœจdrink ice cofy. panik atakโœจ" - bex
Hugs to those who have sadly left cups <3

@danny0 " i dont have quotes...
i want to be remembered for being dead inside. yes "

@poeticallychallenged "hi I'm two years old, I'm from Cali and I have a big head.
... my name is nina? "


there's only one gender, and it's mine. You can't have it.

Happy Pride Month everybody!!! :))
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