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Hello and welcome to my profile. I am the Support Team Mentor for the Trauma Community, so if you have any questions about Trauma or want to chat about Trauma, feel free to PM me.

My Trauma Discussions:

On hiatus right now

Information for Members:

My history is in sexual child abuse, depression, and various other anxiety problems. I've also dealt with resolving family, relationship, and financial problems, mostly as a fallout of the abuse I suffered. Being a tough subject, no chat topics are off limits to me, but if you are trying to use 7cups as a dating site, I don't have time for you. I am here to help trauma survivors and others who need emotional support, and I request that you respect that. I am planning to become a therapist for CSA survivors, and so listening here on 7cups to my fellow survivors is my first step on that road. 

If I am set to online, feel free to message. If I am set to busy, I am most likely already chatting with someone and will either message you after I'm finished or schedule another time with you. If I am offline, then I am either doing Trauma Community business and may schedule a time for us to talk, or I am not on my computer and will schedule with you when I can. If you see I am offline but we set up that time/day to talk please message me anyway. Setting myself to online means I'll get new requests so if I'm offline I am always open to people I have already spoken to, I just can't accept new chats.

I check 7cups almost every day so I should get back to you within 24 hours to set up a time to talk. Every time one of us breaks the silence, we are winning against our perpetrators. Thank you for reaching out; You are stronger than you know.

Information for Listeners:

-Support Team Mentor Trauma Subcommunity


-Support Session Leader 


I am the Support Team Mentor for the Trauma Subcommunity. This means that I manage the discussion and group chat sides of things while Kate is our Community Mentor Leader and handles the forum side of things. I will be doing trainings and onboarding for Trauma with Kate. If you have any questions about the community feel free to reach out. Our community has the philosophy that everyone should be doing what they're most passionate and knowledgeable on. We also want people to feel supported every step of the way, so please reach out if you are uncertain of next steps.

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Feedback & Reviews
Hox is sweet ❤️🌹
Hoxenos is an amazing listener. Very knowledgeable, insightful, and empathetic, and knows how to guide you toward helpful solutions. Highly recommended!
Very professional, let me vent and gave good input. She is very knowledgeable in her field of study. Can't recommend Highly enough!
Very professional
Hoxenos is the most amazing listener. She’s a deep thinker, offers advice and really cares! Thumbs up for Hoxenos!
awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome! SUPER HELPFUL AND NOT JUDGEMENTAL! LOVE!
Listens to everything you have to say, very caring
Awesome. Great listener. Nice.
Very kind and easy-going.
Great listener.
They seem very caring and understanding no judgment which is rare nowadays I feel very comfortable talking to them
Such a good listener, was able to relate to some of my issues and offer insight I never seen before. One of the best people I've had the pleasure to meet on this site
She's cool. And nice. And polite.
Shes great really great
Really helpful listener, helped me realize that I can pull through and forget about my past trauma, and we talked about video games, and Degrassi high
They're great. Amazing listener.
You helped me more than I can begin to put into words. Thank you so much.
So incredible, they made me feel so much better about my trauma situation.
They are so perfect. And super nice. They are like the best person I have ever spoke to. Very calm and patient and will give you a best solution to things you are going through. I love this person.
Was very helpful and had some awesome ideas on how to work on my problem. Look forward to speaking with them more in the future!
this listener is very nice and empathetic and really seemed to care and asked just the right questions to help me figure things out. felt a lot better after talking. thanks so much again
She is absolutely the best , I felt so comfortable after I talked to her . She listened to me without being bother . She gave me the time to tell her all the things inside my heart without feeling burden .
I felt my problem is impossible to be solved but she gave me the hope . ❤
Thank you dear ^^ you listened to me as a friend ❤
Hoxenos was a very good listener!
I like how she takes time to chat with me. And if something isn't clear, at least she doesn't pretend she understands and asks questions. We seem to get along well, which I like. Keep up the good work!
Hoxenos was very good... helped me calm down and deal with things better. Validated how i was feeling, and gave me a couple tools to help for next time as well.
Sweet, insightful, and helpful listener.
It has been one of the best experiences I have had thus far. I really do genuinely feel better, after our chat. A lot was talked about and I feel I finally got somewhere.
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