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Please do not harass me when you see that I am online, I do try my best to get to every single one of you. There are various other wonderful Listeners out there who can help you. If you feel that I do not respond fast enough, feel free to move on to the next available Listener. Thank you.
Green: Online :) Come! Come! Come speak your mind, until your heart's content!
Orange: Ooof~ I have quite a few members right now! You can come if you're willing to wait!
Red: I'm offline, I have too many people to speak to, or I'm in group chats/ afk.


About Me: My name is Lauren. I'm 21 years old. I am in nursing school, wanting to work in Behavioral Health. I love, love, love to write! Writing is truly a passion of mine, and I highly encourage all of you to find that creative streak in yourself and embrace it! I'm also a psychology nut, so if we ever are in a 1-on-1 chat, I apologize beforehand. I am also an ex-intern here on 7cups (but now I'm mentoring my own kiddos!) and it's truly a great experience which I highly recommend! It is a wonderful way to become more involved in this lovely community!! :) -- I'm just a Mentor in total, so feel free to send me a message.

7cups Story: I stumbled onto 7cups on Feb 18th, in desperate need for help, specifically to talk to anyone that I didn't know. Everyone is anonymous so I thought it would work, that I would find someone to talk me out of relapse that I've struggled with for 11 years. I sadly never connected with the right Listener who was there to help me in my need, everyone felt like they didn't understand me at all. That's when I turned things around to be on a better foot.. limb.. body part.. ANYWAY, on the upside of this story, I became a Listener and .. Well. I'm here now! If you have a similar situation, never hesitate to reach out. You're here on this site for a reason, so you might as well use it for its purpose, silly :P 

Listening: I am a Verified Listener who is here to help and support you to the fullest. I am here for all Teens and Adults. I'm your shoulder to cry on, a new online best friend (only if you want), your tissue to bl-- ... ANYWAY, our conversations are 110% real and confidential. As crazy as your situation may sound, feel free to say it. I am open-minded and nonjudgementalThere is no issue that is too difficult to handle, since I can cover various types. 
You're not alone!

 What I busy myself in Online: 
Teen Chatroom Mentor

Teen Quality Mentor

Teen Internship Mentor

Group Mod

Peer Support

Project S.W.A.T.

Gamer Outreach Team

Social Soldier

Verified Listener Team
(PM me if you need to be Verified)

Welcoming Committee

Appreciation Team

 ♡ If you ever need anything, feel free to send me a PM ♡
~ If I'm not online, I will reply as soon as I'm back on! ~
 P.S. This is a really cool time killer and it makes you be creative:
 P.S.S. I have published a short story on here, so you all can enjoy:
 P.S.S.S. and my poem won the Earth Day Festival (Apr. 2016) and is on a blog:
Number of Ratings: 169
Number of Reviews: 50
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Feb 18, 2016
Last Active over 6 months ago
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Feedback & Reviews
She is very nice and listens well :)
Amazing listener!
Thank you
I love you Lauren. you saved me.
Great person to talk to. Very helpful
I felt understood. She doesn't pressure you to say anything. And she doesn't judge.
very warm and welcoming understanding person
Great. Talkative and quick to respond
Really cares and listens!
Kat is very friendly, considerate and helpful aswell as easy to talk to. She is also very thoughtful and solves your problems in the best way possible. I would recommend Kat to other listerners.
i love kitty shes so nice i wish she was my sister
OGMissy sent this
iKat is the best.....she is a wonderful listener and helpful with solutions. God Bless her
Very kind
Lovely person. Helped a lot. I could actually have a conversation and I honestly feel better now, thank you.
Kat is a amazing listerner, friendly, caring and extremely supportive and also has an outgoing and easy to relate to personality. I would highly recommend Kat to oher listerners abd members.
May the good Flames guide her.....
Let her find her way in the darkness.
I hope she finds someone who can stick around long enough.
I miss her already
The kindest person ever
she's so sweet, and funny, she made me feel like I matter and helped me through my problem, and also made me smile :)
Your wonderful I feel like I have known you forever. like a lifelong best friend.
She's so sweet!!!
Kat is an amazing listerner she is kind, compassionate, caring and deals with your problems in a professional way and is also very supportive. I would recommend her to other listerners.
vvv thx for your time for your time
Kat is the best listener i ever had!!! She helped me with all of my problems and actually cared about me.. thanks kat
Very helpful !!
Kat is an amazing listerner she is very kind and supportive aswell as thoughtful and deals with your problems in a positive and professional way. Although responce time could be slightly improved I would definitely recommend Kat to others.
Absolutely wonderful, didn't mind my annoying ranting and helped me come to a solution for my concern. I'm very grateful for being referred to her :)
she was so nice and really understanding. i truly want others to talk to her
Really fantastic
So nice and helpful, very patient and supportive! She made me feel so much better.
Really good listener
I was really lonely and she was there to keep me company. It made me really happy that I was able to find a friend and she said that I can send her an message when ever I want to talk again. No Complaints :D
I met Kat today in a tim of need & I asked her 4 advice & she told me that she couldn't really give me any but she could talk to me and we could work it out. So I said okay & she was able to help me work out the pro and cons of doing something & she had me reliese that there are other alternatives that are healthier than what I do. So I want to thank her 4 thakin the time to talk to me.
Thank yoi Kat! SO MUSH! I LOVE U
She's a very nice person, my mood is increased because of her. I'm looking forward to chat her next time
Kat is really nice :) you really help calm me down and your mine and jerry's new friend :)
Kat is truly one of the sweetest people I have met. She welcomed me here and also said that she would love to have me join 7cups as a member, which I couldn't refuse! She was able to understand my problem on a level that other Listeners never have been able to. If you ever need someone to talk to, you should talk to Kat. She's as bright and bubbly like the colors on her profile. Kat had me feel like she was a new friend :D
She was a very good listener, and she responses so fast
Very kind and supportive :) talked me into a healthy light.
I really like her! She makes me feel good
She is rrly nice! & I like her a lot. She made me feel like I wasn't alone and supportd me! She even refferd me to beomcing a member! Isnt that nice? :D
A very caring listener.
I feel so familiar with her
loving, great, awsome
Really Nice
Honesty so helpful and genuine, gave me amazing advice!😊❤️
She is srsly the best person ever! U guys will rlly love her because I did and she is really nice. She told me I wanst alone with the things I faced and helpd me think of ways to help me stop selfhamr
A very good listener. Helped me when I needed someone to talk to.
Such an amazing person, so talented with words
Shes the best eveerrr
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I've stopped self-harming, but I have existing wounds. What should I do without telling anyone?
April 19th, 2016 7:18pm
Is it normal to self-harm simply because you're bored? (note: I self-harmed in the past because of depression, which is no longer relevant)
April 19th, 2016 3:06pm
Why does this have to happen to me?
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