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Izzy274 |
Listener - Pinnacle 4

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You can book me for a chat here: or pm anytime and I'll reply when I'm online!

I may not be able to reply to private messages on Sundays as this is when I host sharing circle and Support Room 24/7. If you have seen me in group rooms and I've not replied to a pm, please don't feel like I'm ignoring you! I love talking to everyone here, and will get around to my private messages when I'm not focused on hosting so my attention isn't split between different people <3 .

My name is Izzy (she/her), as my username suggests, and I’m always happy to talk/ listen to you.


A little bit about me: I’m 17, female and from the UK. I have lots of hobbies, including music (I play piano and cello), art ( I like to draw and I’m also trying felting) and reading.

I’m currently doing A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and maths, and I am an aspiring medic, so if you’re feeling stressed or worried about school or applications to uni/college feel free to message me ❤️ as I have lots of personal experience in this area. I love meeting new people and finding out about their interests and hobbies.


I became a listener in March 2020, because I wanted to pay forward the amazing support that had been given to me whilst I was struggling with anxiety and depression. It means a lot to have someone to talk to who will actually listen, and it can be so powerful sometimes. On 7 Cups, I want to be able to make even the smallest difference to your day, no matter if it's just a short check-in to see how you're doing. I love getting to know you all over time and growing together to enable you to achieve the things you want to.  


I try to be active 7-10 pm British time daily ( I think that's 2-5 pm EST), and respond within 3 days maximum. 

If my icon is green  I am currently available and accepting any chats! Feel free to make a personal request and I will be online to chat for at least 30 minutes. 

If my icon is orange I am online but busy - feel free to message me however replies may be slow as I am probably already taking a chat, or hosting a support session. I will reply as soon as I am free to though.

If my icon is red I am currently offline, so won't be taking any chats. Feel free to drop a message for when I get online though!


Some things I’m doing on 7 Cups:


- Verified Listener:

I passed a mock chat to become verified in the community


- Sharing Circle host

I host a weekly healthy habits session 3-4pm EST on a Sunday


- Intern

I’m have completed a 15 week internship with 7 cups, so feel free to message me if you have any questions about internships!


Room Supporter:

I am currently a room supporter for the newbie hub community and the anxiety support community, so feel free to message me if you'd like me to start a discussion in those rooms, and I hope to meet a lot of people there :)


Content development and leadership programme:

I am currently undertaking the content development and leadership programme, so feel free to message me if you would like any content created or have any questions about the programme <3


My listening Style:

As a listener, I tend to reflect a lot on what you say and use this to guide the conversation through empathising and validating your feelings. I ask open-ended questions to keep the conversation flowing, and always try to follow up after a chat to see how you're doing. I tend to send detailed, quite long messages, which I know can suit some people and not others, so If you would prefer shorter messages just let me know!

I'm still learning as a listener, and continuously improve. Your feedback means the world to me as it allows me to tailor my listening style to you which can really help in a chat. Of course, sometimes listening styles just don't mix, and that's okay. - I would always be happy to refer you to another listener if you feel like the chat is not helpful for you (:. 


In community rooms my listening style is a little different - I don't ask many questions as there may be things you don't feel comfortable speaking about it the group chats. I also tend to be quieter if a room starts to get busy. 


Thank you for reading if you got this far, congratulations ahah (: Feel free to pm me for a chat so we can get to know each other!



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Feedback & Reviews
Loved it! Awesome chat!
very welcoming and really made me felt listened to, i recommend !!
Very understanding, empathetic and sensible listener...really enjoyed talking to her. A fairy who came here to make me feel better!!
Made me feel genuinely comfortable and very good at keeping Conversations flowing smoothly.
shes great!!! abosolutely
Is a very thoughtful and kind listener
Genuinely one of the most kind and understanding people I’ve talked to
So nice and kind and understanding! 💗💗💗💗💗
She helps so much xxx
Genuinely one of the best listeners on this platform. She has helped me lift a huge weight off myself as she was very easy to talk to. It was like talking to a friend. Would gladly recommend her to others which is why I am happy to write this.
Izzy is an amazing person :)
So nice! Thank you
Izzy is the best listener I have ever chatted with!
The best experience I've had on 7 cups: she's professional, relatable and overall extremely nice. She really tries to find ways to help, and managed to do so with me
Great listener and gave good tips:)
Very nice and understanding.
She actually thinks about how she can help you the best she can, amazing listener
Just best of the best sweet . Listen to everything even tho i talk much
Help others .Profesional
Amazing and kind listener, a humble human being
She REALLY dives deep into how you think. She tried to grasp the root of the issue and try figuring out how to solve it. Overall okay 10/10
XCaraphernaliaX was very polite and I had a good time chatting with them!
Really kind listener!
Love her!! super polite and so easy to talk to
she really helped especially since im new here
She is the nicest person and has a big heart.
She was a really great listener very professional and takes every situation seriously! Just one of the best I highly recommend her to anyone!
Awesome! Best person on here :) really helped me!
she really helped me think about my problems and how to analyse them!!
amazing listened to me was very friendly!
Very friendly and supportive! 5/5
they are a great person n very open. they have great communication skills and make u feel super comfortable
super supportive and helpful i am thankful
very friendly, really enjoyed the conversations
This chat was uplifting and honest. They're really good at engaging and letting you know they're truly understanding the situation. I'm glad we talked.
Kind and helpful
shes like a best friend to me, always there for me...God shes amAZiNG
Super sweet, encouraging, and helpful!! I enjoyed our chat a lot :)
she was very amazing, patient, non-judgemental and understanding. I would definitely suggest talking to her. Best part is that she doesn't reply late. She is very present and doesn't handle a lot of members at a time. Focuses on you and your issue
she's super sweet and even sent me a welcome pack!
This listener has been very attentive and helpful toward me. I feel calm and comfortable while talking with them.
Shes super nice!! ?
i really love talking with her, she is very sympathy
i love to talk with her!!
really helpful and always there when u need someone to talk to
very helpful and friendly
helped me figure out my emotions
Helped me with my problems and was super duper patient
Very helpful and reassuring.
The most best-est, absolutely amazing-est outstandingly incredible-est person ever
She wrote me the longest messages anyone’s ever wrote to me
She was amazing
Made me feel so comfortable talking to and cared so much! I'm really thankful
amazing listener
She was really nice and calm. She talked with me and never made me feel unheard. I would recommend her, if you want someone to talk to! :)
Very empathetic, and helped me work through anxious thoughts
She is a really great person ♥️
theyre a great listener very friendly and accepting
Amazing listener. Super kind caring and helpful. Totally understood where I was coming from.
Great conversation and really comprehensive
Super helpful! Awesome listener and very kind!
very nice and helps others
carla is really nice and gives you some things to try out and in my head carla done a fantastic job
Amazing!! She helps you find your way out.
Extremely helpful and supportive.
She help me so much! I was able to get my feeling off of my chest
Amazing! Helped me a lot and gave me really good advice that I'll definitely try out. It was good to talk to a friendly face 😊
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