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Just a down to earth, honest kind of conversationalist who's here to help. Whether you're after someone to chat with or need someone to listen I'm your guy 🙂
Number of Ratings: 288
Number of Reviews: 105
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Languages English
Listener Since Oct 28, 2015
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Gender Male
Progress Path Step 399
Cheers 189,069
People Helped 479
Chats 3,080
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Feedback & Reviews
Really listened and cared for my situation I am thankful he was there when I needed.
Great listener. Very patient. Thanks.
Let's me talk. And takes his time to form a reply
Best person to talk to. Loved it!
He is amazing. He is a down to earth guy and such a gent, thank you!
He is very understanding and compassionate.
Good and pragmatic listener.
I love Jack super cool guy
Really understanding guy
Awesome chat. I would wana have a copy of it.
Awesome chat, really prestative, great person to talk.
Very personal questions
Jack is very nice. He is a good listener who is willing to help you feel better :)
I liked it, helpful chat
Thank you so much for the talk. I feel very much encouraged.
Such a good person. It's a change for a male to be so open and easy to talk to. This guy is literally saving lives.
Jack was very nice. He was the bsst listenert I have ever been connected to.
He is very nice and understanding.
gave amazing advice
Jack was a good listener & he provide good feedback. You can tell he is knowledgeable and has experience.
Responsive and insightful Listener. Jack asked me many thoughtful questions and maintained a supportive, respectful chat.
Nice and quick with replies
Excellent! Just excellent.
very sweet and understanding
totally awesome in every way. so glad i came by
I am enjoying this. I don’t feel better for now, but I just can discuss and it feels great!
good listner and relaxed me
Good listener, Tried to help me looking on the bright side of things.
I like the feeling of his talki
He was very nice and asked questions that prompted me to think about my feelings. Also, he wrote back rather fast
Thanks for listening. Specially after a tiring day.
Amazing comforting chat
Jack was a great listener and helped me understand some things that i haven’t thought about
Amazing! He’s so helpful and empathetic
Killer mentality awesome vibes great personality 10/10 approved jack is the best hahaha thabks a ton for your influence brother.
Excellent listener! Good sense of humor, listens, and really encourages you!
Wonderful person who cares and genuinely wants to help
One of best.
He was brilliant at listening and holding a lighthearted conversation - helped loads! - Pringles
I think I understand why women like firefigters so much now; bcoz they pull you out of the fire. Jack is very helpful, wise and respectful.
A person worth listening to.
Thank you very much.
Great listener :)
Wonderful guy.
Great listener and I truly enjoyed the feedback!
Great guy really helpful, best listener I've spoke to
I have never had a better experience than I had today with Jack. I will forever keep his words with me and I appreciate him for it.
funny and easyo talk to
The best Listener I've ever came across on here!
ily thx
Jack has been a great source of inspiration for me. I can't tell you how much it means to me to be able to chat openly and honestly about issues so close to my heart and share experiences that I've never shared with anyone else. Having said that, you have to do the job Jack does to understand those experienced as most people just wouldn't understand because simply they haven't been there. You're doing a great job Jack, and this is one persons reported that you were able to get to on time. You don't need blue lights to make a difference mate, although they're certainly more fun :-) Don't run yourself down though mate, I worry you're doing too much. And if ever you're in need there's an old firefighter here looking out for you. :-)
Wonderful listener, very empathetic, and easy to relate to:)
He was so nice and understanding, I'm glad I connected with him. I felt like he truly was listening, not "chatting".

Thanks so much. 💕
Your a great listener and to me, very helpful! Thank you so much and i will make sure to keep the advice in mind!


Had a few conversations with Jack now. Can't tell you how much it's done for me chatting to a lovely guy about things we have in common. Better than any hypnotherapists or drugs or whatever. Thanks Jack, you're a star.
Pete :-)
Amazing conversation. Really appreciated all of his feedback.
by far the best listener I have come across! So understanding at such a young age. Was a great help! Cheers!
Super sweet, funny and helpful. Really made my night! (:
Jack was so nice to chat to. We have a lot in common as we have both done the same job. Chatting to Jack reminded me who I am which can sometimes be difficult to remember, as life and its obstacles and people with their own agenda that trample over you can distort your view of yourself. Woke up this morning feeling more positive.
Thanks Jack :-)
helped me work through my situation logically. great help. fast replies, but took his time writing his responses. helped allot. thanks.
My favorite listener, ever. Empathetic, and responsive, but with 0 judgement! I really opened up with some thoughts I felt like were were shameful to share, and I was met with openness :D
we're basically best friends now, he's awesome!
I love him! He's really really amazing! He's been really helpful!
He is the best :D
Really nice and tries hard to help
lucky to have made such personality.made precious influence on closing of my day.

beautiful and helping expirience rarly found
We only had a short conversation but he made me feel very secure, welcome, and genuinely cared about. He's a great guy and I would recommend him for anyone. ^_^
Says all the right things
Experienced and Helpful. Keep it going!
Very helpful and nice Thanks
Great Listener ever :)
Very chill and personable dude who's up for any sort of chat. Recommend.
Had such a good experience with Jack! He will truly listen, validate you, understand and give encouraging words! Highly recommend him! :)
It really helped that he really listened to what I am saying rather than giving advice right away. It was nice talking to Jack.
We only had a brief chat, but Jack was delightful! Very kind and caring!
Really listened to me. I look forward to chatting with Jack again :)
Very fun, personable guy to talk to. Doesn't just "listen." He actually tries to understand. 10/10 would recommend. Thanks, Jack!
thank you you did a great job :) I really like you
Very good listener
helping dude !!!
Good conversation. Offered some great advice.,. time to put it in to practice
Had a lovely conversation with Jack, made my day, grew me as a person, and made me smile a lot:3 Thanks for it Jack:3
feel like he is a real pal :)
hes cool
A really nice & helpful soul . Just like a Google who answers your questions and give you the results that you want. :) thank you once again
He's great to talk with , helped me distract from something that was causing me to feel low
Jack is awesome! Really funny and sweet. I'd totally talk to him again.
Ver easy to talk to and a great listener.
he is good :)
such a cool dude and a damn good listener :)
Amazing and kind and couldn't have been better!
Jack is the kindest and most hobest listener that I have ever encountered. He lets you control the conversation, takes time to get to know you and your story, responds swiftly and with the wisest answers he can provide, and he makes sure that before you depart that you're okay. I will absolutely be back to him if I need anything. I'd recommend him in a heartbeat! People like Jack are rare and precious!
Always there for you, non judgemental.
Best help I've received. I only ever want to talk to him now he knows my troubles
Most wonderful guy around.
great at calming me down, great man!
Nice person.
very responsive. great listener.
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