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**Note: currently inactive **

Hello there! I’m Jadie, and I'm an elementary school teacher and artist. One of my non-career-related life goals is to be a crisis line volunteer.

I believe that pain is real - but so are love, compassion, and redemption. I am here to listen, support, and walk with you for a bit on life’s funny journey - I know how helpful it can be to able to connect with someone who is genuinely trying to understand what is going on. Please feel free to send me a message, I will get back to you as soon as I am able to.
"I laugh, I love, I hope, I try, I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry. And I know you do the same things too, so we're really not that different, me and you." -Collin Raye

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Listener Since Mar 4, 2014
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Feedback & Reviews
The best listener. :)
Jadie is very empathetic and doesn't leave me hanging I find she often sympathizes without giving any real advice if u just want someone to listen and sympathise with u she's a good choice

Great listener. Period.
Jamie is an excellent listener and truly enjoys spending her time here withme
Amazing. Very Helpful and caring. Understands what you are going through.
Magnificent. They were able to conjure the most vivid images describing my suffering. After that I felt that I understood what I was facing.
She is so sweet and sympathetic. A very kind heart
You are wonderful and so very helpful. Thank you so much. I hope I can discuss this with you more in the future. :)
Jadie is a total sweetheart! Thank you for listening to me, Jadie :)
She's the one I'm comfortable
Love ya! Best mentor everrrr
She's really awesome, I felt comfortable talking to her
She was good
Really really sweet and understood everything I was going through. She was amazing.
I felt comfortable talking to her, she's great
Thank you.
She's wonderful
Wonderful listener... Jadie is extremely helpful and kind. I have felt so comfortable talking to her.
Felt allot better after talking to her :)
Very caring, great listener
A real blessing.
Thank you so much!!!!
thanks a lot! you really helped!
I'm glad that I could be myself around Jadie, non-judgmental and caring, I am extremely thankful to have someone like Jadie to listen to me and help me.
Thank you so much :) xoxo
Jadie is an incredible Listener who was extremely empathetic and helpful! I was able to vent about my problem and get some good feedback. I left the chat feeling much better than I came into it. Thank you!
Jadie is wonderful and always responds with care.
Jadie was wonderful!! She didn't judge me for my ways of thinking, and focused so much on what I was doing right in my life, even if they weren't always successful attempts. I feel a little more capable now--the site wasn't so much a cure, but a way to help me confront my issues and talk them out with someone who wasn't going to make too many suggestions at me like a friend or family member would have. Thank you so much!
Very thoughtful, caring and such a good listener!
Thank you
Good very good
Thanks for you help!! You are a great listener!
Jadie is a pleasure to talk to. She has exceptional insight and was able to recognise, highlight and suggest sensible actions to resolve my ongoing problems – incredible considering the very short time we had spoken for. If she ever wishes to pursue a career in counselling, I think she would help a lot of people. Thank you.
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