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Jerome28 |
Listener - Intermediate 4

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4.5 star rating

I'm Jerome and I'm glad to help. I'm a trained Active Listener here on 7 Cups and have studied psychotherapeutic counseling. Sessions are 60 minutes.

Number of Ratings: 41
Number of Reviews: 10
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Languages English
Listener Since Nov 17, 2015
Last Active in last 6 months
Gender Male
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Feedback & Reviews
Thanks so much jerome! I feel a lot better. Really listened and helped break things down for me to see the bigger picture. I felt valued and like they really cared what was going on with me and understood where i was coming from. Even pointed out some of my strengths that i had forgotten about in this battle with depression. Thanks again!!
Really great listener
very responsive and friendly.
responded quickly
Very helpful. Listens to you with sincerity.
They responded very quickly to me during our conversation and was very helpful with everything.
Very fast response, also has lots of suggestions and was willing to work through the problem me and talk it out.
He is a great listener. understand the problem and handled it professionally.
Great listener all around. Very professional. I highly recommend him to anyone. He dissected my problem very accurately and I am looking forward to talking to him more in the future
Thank you. It was helpful.
Badges & Awards
Listening Ear Magnet Jester of Smiles Ellen Jump Start Anxiety Depression Eating Disorders Managing Emotions Panic Attacks Surviving Breakups Traumatic Experiences Crisis Intervention Listener Oath Work Related Stress Self Harm Sexual Abuse Alcohol & Drug Abuse Family Support Cultural Diversity Bullying Chronic Pain Psychological First Aid Family Stress Sleeping Well Graduate Master Scholar Love Bug Refresher College Guide Loneliness Guide Test Anxiety Exercise Motivation ACT Therapy Affirmative Reflection Chat & Text Listening Ace Active Listening Startup Support Perinatal Schizophrenia People of Color Guide ADHD Social Anxiety OCD Boundaries Forgiveness Grief Managing Bipolar Managing Finances Surviving Domestic Assault Getting Unstuck 7Cups Guide 12 Steps Community 101 Loyal Friend Tick Tock Fellow Friend NAMI Listener Steadfast Soul I Reconnection Hero I First Chat First Post Five Steps High 5 Hang 10 Open Door Weight Management Hope Training Peer Training 01
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