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Jiminycricket91 |
Listener - Paragon 14

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I'm a shoulder to lean on and and ear to speak into. I love theater art and creativity :-)
Number of Ratings: 710
Number of Reviews: 269
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Languages English
Listener Since Aug 11, 2016
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Feedback & Reviews
Great listener that helped me with an abusive situation. He gave me valuable insight by asking critical questions and really understood. Much respect!
was a good listener and gave me good feedback. I would talk to Jimmiy again.
Great listener, very helpful and non judgmental
Amazing great listener helped me out a lot
Nice person, supper satisfied
Awesome listener!
Very helpful thank you
Good listener and understanding
Good person to talk to. Saw things the way I see things and made feel that I have a reason for feeling the way that I do.
Supportive, attentive and patient listener.
helpful and kind
Awesome listener and appreciated the time they gave me !!
He honestly cares, listens, and discusses the issues.
My favorite listener yet! I felt very heard and Jiminycricket91 was patient, wise, and thoughtful. I am impressed with their ability to pick up on the small details and ask helpful questions. I hope to one day connect again.
is a good listener and has very insightful feedback. definitely helped me out
Really good listener. Helped me feel more confident and comfortable about leaving a really abusive relationship. πŸ’šπŸ˜Ž
a really good listener
Actually checked back on me the day after talking. Super sweet and a great listener
replies fast & takes the time to listen
Thank you for talking to me. It was really helpful
Thank you for being a good listener, patient, understanding. You helped me put things rationally into perspective and it made me feel calm venting to you.
Great listener and very insightful. Appreciated his time listening.
So good and kind and helpful
Really great listener! Provided me with so many links and helped me understand myself better.
Very attentive!! Great
Well articulated and very sweet. And easy to talk to. Gave me good links to look to and was very open minded.
Thank you for being so caring and patient πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
Very helpfull. Helped calm me down and helpedme think rationally.
They helped me pinpoint what I've been struggling with for a long time.
They've been a great listener, responding lucidly and professionally with compassion.
A really good listener who offered me a fresh perspective. Really glad to have the conversation.
Sometimes all you need is somebody who listens to you like this person did.
Great feedback and support. Thank you
Makes you think from another perspective :)
Thank you for being so kind
Nice chat. Thanks for listenning. :)
I thought it was good.
he's a good listener would love to chat with him again
Cheers for the link.
Thanks for reminding me what’s really important. Feels good to talk to someone who understand you and not judging your actions.
This man was great. He was the first person all afternoon to really talk to me. Thank you
Love the chat. very responsive
Jiminycricket helped me think through some complex familial and trauma-related issues. He was supportive, with positive regard and helpful insights and inquiries. Excellent listener!
Really Amazing Listener
Really great listener
Really attentive and understanding
Amazing person very very nice
Great listener, easy to talk to
attentive and kind
listened to my problems and provided steps on what to look into going forward to address my issue.
very kind and generous
very helpful until the end. a great listener and good at putting things in another perspective.
Thank you for ressources and understanding 🀍
very helpful and kind
This listener did a fabulous job and helped me think clearly and gave me great advice i would highly recommend!!
Thank you ! Good to have a listener like him!
He is great! He is attentive, kind, and was helpful. Thanks!
great listener and a motivator
This listener asks poignant and excellent questions that are extremely helpful. This listener is quick to respond, patient and shows concern.
compassionate listener
Great listener! Needed someone to hear me vent!
a great listener
Such a calm and attentive listener, highly recommended.
Thank you for taking the time to talk with me.
very understanding, good listener,
Thoughtful responses!!! Thanks
Gave good insight on some of the problems that I had with myself
They gave me valuable resources, and I was very thankful.
Very smart he took the disgusting to the deepest point
Genuinely seems interested and comes across as friendly. A very good listener.
He really help me
very cool listener and he has good experiences in life too :)
Kind, thought provoking questions, kind guidance
He's been great so far!
Thank you for listening to my problems and offering help
Lovely person - great chat
So far so good Thanks for being here
Great listener And present
Helped me with resources and was a very good listener
(: this was my best chat yet
It's a very wonderful thing to do for people.
Great thanks for the help
By far the best listener out there, and I've talked to a lot. I love the way they keep firing questions making you realize the answer yourself. I'm still halfway through the chat and I really like them.
Very nice. Helped me get through hard times ❀❀❀❀
Very responsive so far
Really sweet and validates/rewards healthy thought processes.
He’s helping figure things out
he is understanding and loving!!!!!!!! thank you!!!
Really good chat, offered great advice and made me see sense. :)
Very insightful
Listened to problem, asked good questions and had reasonable suggestions
Thank you. You are so awesome!
The best listener ever! Asks questions that lead you on the logical path. Incredibly helpful.
Really is a great person
thoughtful, understanding
He is a really good listeners
He's really empathic! Helped me a lot when i was going through a lot! Kind, friendly and super caring, asked some appropriate questions:)
He is REALLY supportive during our conversation, he made me realize that at the end of the day, i shouldn't be caring about the childish things that happens around me because they can't stop me from whatever i'm trying to achieve.
It was good! It's my first time so I don't really have anything to compare it to
This was great. Thank you
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