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Hello there, my name is Joel! I'm an empath, amongst other things. Come and talk to me if you need! You have my word that I will be there for you, when others may not be around, or rather may appear to be not around. I am here to support you, listen to you, and care for you, as well as provide advice and my opinion if you so desire it! 

Breathing Techniques/Meditation:
Both breathing techniques and meditation are wonderful. There are so many health benefits on all three levels; Mental, Emotional and Physical. They can help with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and so on. Just look up all the health benefits and I'm sure you'll be amazed. I have always prescribed meditation and breathing techniques to those that come to me as they can really help. 

Breathing Techniques:
The key to breathing techniques is to focus on the count of the breath within your mind, or the rise and the fall of your stomach as you inhale/exhale.

The Four Fold Breath:
Inhale for four counts, hold the breath for four counts, and then exhale for four counts. Hold that for four counts, before inhaling. If you find that thoughts plague you, acknowledge those thoughts before gently returning your focus to the count or the rise and the fall of your stomach.

The Simple Count Breath:
Inhale through your nose, and then exhale through your mouth. That's classed as one breath. Continue doing this until you feel relaxed/for as long as you want, or maybe 25 or 50 counts. 

Meditation is really just about relaxing your mind and body. Clearing your mind of clutter, useless or irrational thoughts and so on. For Meditation you may sit, stand or even lay down (although you may be prone to falling asleep is you lay down). If you're sitting, good posture is always good. You may close your eyes (that's typically the best) but you may keep them open if you feel more comfortable doing that. It also helps to combine your meditation with breathing techniques and visualizations in order to relax and push thoughts out of your mind. If your body is tense, you can always do the following. Start at your feet. Tense them for 5 seconds, then relax. Tense them again before relaxing. Do this until you have worked through all your muscles and until your body is relaxed. Utilize breathing techniques to relax your body and mind. 

If thoughts still plague you even with breathing techniques, do not be discouraged. You can try visualizations. You can find loads on the internet and customize it to suit you. You could visualize a blackhole sucking in all of your thoughts, before disappearing, leaving your mind empty. You could visualize a large fire starting, burning away all your thoughts, or water washing them away with a current. It's all up to you. 





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Feedback & Reviews
Joel is the best listener I've met here in the longest time! I'm such a stubborn whiner that most listeners just decide to drop me halfway through the chat but not Joel! He listens ever so patiently and inserts his opinion gently at appropriate timing. Wise guy beyond his age 👍
Kept me from letting PTSD consume me.
He was so very sweet. Seemed genuine and gave great advice!
Very good listener and a person that cares for you, i recommend this person for everyone to talk to, help is guaranteed :D
He is awesome!
you are so awesome :)

thank you for ALL the chats we had and everything we talked about. you are amazing :) xx
it was good just to chat :)
Amazing! Completely understood me and really made me feel better x
10/10. probably makes good tortillas. really neat kid, i won't lie.
This guy is the best listener on here it seems. He is super friendly, helpful, and smart. He cheered me up very quickly.
I really appreciate having someone as support as him when I needed it.
Lovely :)
is very nice and gives good advice, very helpful and it felt like i could talk to them comfortably
Awesome at listening, very compassionate and caring, helped me a lot 😊
One of the best people ive talked to.i really felt connected cause he instantly could tell what was wrong and was able to come up with creative solution. He's on the way to becoming one of the best listeners here. Really looking forward to talking to you again! Cheers!
Asks thought provoking questions, awesome.
One of the best people I've met. I really felt connected while talking g to him. He's on the path to becoming one of the best listeners here. He could tell what was wrong and was able to come up with creative solutions. He's just simply awesome! I def recommend. it was great talking to you. You can change the world mate. You have it in you.
Most lovely person to help me get through the horrible experience I was having really calmed me down and listened to my problem lovely !!!!!
Thank you friend
I haven't cut myself and has given me good advise
Great advice given
She was understanding and sympathetic
Thanks for helping me :) I felt a lil relieved after you helped. Nice person too :)
Nice and responsive, felt like I was talking to an actual person. Not the best advice in the world but thank you. Thank you so much
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