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Kahilum08 |
Listener - Intermediate 10

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5.0 star rating

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Souls seeking other souls for comfort is natural to us all,
just as breathing air is.
We are meant to be a global family unit;
not to feel abandoned on an island
surrounded by a sea of our discomfort.
If you wish to put your metaphorical hands in mine,
you can talk, and I will listen,
while maintaining focus on sending you some Energetic Love
to help you enter a healing state.

We are not alone. Never, not for a single moment.
Choosing to find someone to talk to is a big accomplishment.
Believe me -- I also seek help for my own Heart.
No one has all the answers, but each of us has at least one of them.
So, talk it out and keep finding the answers
that might complete the puzzle to help solve your pain!
I'll do what I can on my end; the rest is up to you!

My name is Kahi, and I am happy to meet you.

Love & Patience to you, dearly loved soul <3

Note: It is extremely helpful to us listeners if you would be
willing to choose a topic upon entering a chatroom.
It helps us mentally prepare for whatever situation
you might be needing some help and guidance on. 

Also, members with topics chosen tend to have
their chats picked up more quickly by listeners,
due to a listener being able to find members
who are dealing with issues that they themselves
have a speciality in working through. *

~ In order to foster the best connection with all 7 Cups members,
I will only be taking one chat on at any given time ~

~ Discussing guilt, shame, and difficulties with feeling
safe enough to communicate out one's pain is my primary focus;
however, I am willing to talk about pretty much anything,
so long as there is genuine respect between you and I
throughout the entire chat ~

~ I also am open to Personal Requests;
however, due to my personal schedule, I would ask that
if there is a pressing matter that you feel would want to be
addressed at a specific time, please consider giving
one of our many other willing and caring Listeners
an opportunity to help you through your tough time.
If you do end up leaving me a message,
I will reach back out to you as soon as I am able ~

Number of Ratings: 20
Number of Reviews: 17
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Spanish
Listener Since Aug 20, 2019
Last Active over 6 months ago
Progress Path Step 146
Cheers 20,895
People Helped 42
Chats 325
Group Support Chats 29
Listener Group Chats 19
Forum Posts 92
Forum Upvotes 92
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Feedback & Reviews
Amazing oh my god
Was so great to talk to. Made me feel so validated and heard. Definitely someone I'd recommend...
Was a really helpful and good listener to consider your needs and helped you best you could. Would ask you questions related to the issues and helped you break thighs down in your mind and suggested what you haven't thought of. Was good chat. Was good on the relationship side of things and empathy to me understanding.
Open,easy to talk to,compassionate
Loved it! Awesome chat!
Truly amazing person
Very beautiful soul who will listen and empathize. I recommend!
A wonderful listener!
Approached my situation with a calmness that I needed.
Good listener and really helpful. I was able to talk to Kahi and made me feel better.
You made me feel better, I needed someone who listen to me
open to many issues
This is one of the best, if not the best listener that I have ever had.
I am entirely thankful for someone so kind an genuine. Speaks and treats to me like a friend an not someone who may be as I call myself at times "broken "and or "damaged." Simply empowering speaking to this person. Thank you
Es un excelente oyente
Helping and supportive
best listener on 7 cups no joke, very caring person, selfless. attentive. talkative, honest. all you can think of. i recommend her
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