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KatRebane |
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4.5 star rating

*** ON HIATUS ***

I am unable to help those with self-esteem and related problems, struggling with self-harm, or for managing emotion such as anger or anxiety. Thank you for understanding.

  My name's Katariina, I've joined 7 Cups in hopes of guiding those experiencing emotional and/or mental distress by providing a safe environment without prejudice to talk and insight through sharing knowledge of psychiatry and philosophy. Please be mindful that although I never have the intention of being rude, the way I say things sometimes can be blunt; if I'm coming across as insensitive or you're uncomfortable for any reason, please inform me so that I can better accommodate you.

  Topics I can best help with:
 Mental illness (disorders)
dissociative identity disorder/multiple personality disorder (DID/MPD) and other dissociative (and conversion) disorders; also behavioural and social deficits, like those present in autism spectrum disorders/Asperger's syndrome (ASD) and other developmental disorders; bipolar disorder and mania; delirium and other psychogenic illnesses (neurosis); antisocial/dissocial (ASPD), avoidant, dependent (DPD), sadistic, schizoid (SzPD) personality disorders; and psychosis-related disorders, including schizophrenia); LGBTQ+ issues, sexual health and sex-related issues (such as; sexual dysfunction (including lack of, and excess of, sexual desire, and premature ejaculation (PE)); sexual preference (fetishes/paraphilia) and sexual orientation; and healthy (and satisfactory) sexual relationships); and trauma.

  These are not all the topics I am comfortable with, although I accept all requests dealing with any of the above, even when marked as busy. If I'm online, don't hesitate in sending me a request! If you see that I'm offline.
I accept casual/loneliness chats, but am not skilled at leading conversation, therefore without a topic the chat might not gain momentum.

  I might not be the best listener for those looking to move on, or find acceptance, (breakups, loss/grief, diabetes and disability); and situational/life stresses (bullying, financial, school, work, parenting, etc.).
  I am not comfortable discussing self-esteem (i.e.
negative body image and eating disorders, shame, feelings of worthlessness and social anxiety) or feelings such as anger, anxiety and envy, because I don't have the appreciation needed of the intensity/impact that these problems and emotions can have. Please seek another listener that can better complement you.

 If you are still wondering if I'm the right listener for you please feel free to request or message me with any questions that you might have.

Number of Ratings: 239
Number of Reviews: 73
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Languages English, French
Listener Since Jan 15, 2016
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Feedback & Reviews
Very attentive, patient, and kind
Very kind- through in asking about the issue and reassuring.
Takes the time to listen to everything you have to say
Very patient and kind
Wonderful listener.
You are the best
This person patiently listened. Actually listened to what I had to say. Thank you for your time.
You are the best! Thank you Kat!
thoughtful and lovely. a pleasure to chat with
She was kind, respectful and reassuring❤️ If you need someone to talk to message her ! Thanks again Kat
She was very kind
shes is good and umble
Excellent communicator, they have the perfect balance of being personable but also very professional. They offered me some very helpful advice, and in general were very empathetic.
Raw, effective and kind. Something that I thought was so little turned out to be connected to many things and I now feel at ease with aforementioned things — and my initial “problem” is much easier now. Kia Kaha! Ngā mihi nui (Stay strong! Thank you very much) 🇳🇿
great cat with very calming sight thanks for your time :)
Thanks a lot for the chat! Had a nice time talking to you. Listened to me well! Thank you Kat
Has great knowledge of psychiatry problems and has helped me a lot
very helpful :)
Very friendly and open listener, also grounded and realistic.
A kind person who has a way of making you feel better. Thank you for being such a beautiful soul, Kat.
She is very kind and patient. asks questions to make it easier to talk. thank you Kat🥰
Excellent! They make me feel comfortable and able to talk about what I need.
she's cool bro like legit
I liked talking to this person.
came after a hiatus to post something i thought might be helpful to the site/community --- she was very helpful in assisting me with this ...
So kind and caring. A wonderful listener and gave me advice on mindfulness which I had never heard of before.
incredibly warmhearted and helpful!
Excellent listner and so sweet
Appreciate your great answers and questions!
an amazing listener, even if she doesn't fully understand she tries to make you feel better! great listener!!
Very cooperative and empathetic!
Amazing! So interactive and nice.
coolest listener i've ever talk to 😊👍
Thank you for helping me decide what I'm going to do. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
Super helpful I recomend for a almost every reason
She's awesome . She's wonderwoman.She's superhuman.Have super powers to understand human
Friendly, professional and supportive. Did not feel judged or unheard even once
Thank you for listening. Very well done.
helped me realize a lot about myself allowing a fresh perspective on my problems. Things should hopefully get somewhat better from here on.
Was very helpful and positive!
Very Professional
Nice person.
Amazing person
She was a great listener. Made me feel more human
Thank you
Very helpful listener
KatRebane was very empathetic and a wonderful listener! She made sure I felt understood and even offered to set up a follow-up chat. I would recommend her.
amazing person to talk to!
thanks for listening
KatRebane was an absolute pleasure to talk to, non judgemental, understanding and very patient
a very nice person. was very quick to understand my issue
She was very professional and helpful, very patient with me, and a thoughtful person. Thanks!
Really helpful
Great Listener!
Very respectful
Kat is a great listener. I just needed someone to listen, and she did exactly that
Empathetic human being
Completely understanding and professional, listened to everything I had to say in a calm and non-judgemental manner. Very friendly and helpful, introduced me to the site and kindly talked through realistic ways to better my feelings and situation without being blunt or dismissive. Helpful, understanding and, empathetic, greatly appreciated.
You're awesome!!!
Kind and nice
Simply awesome
One of the best listeners I've talked with. She has a unique understanding of some very difficult issues, and stuck with me for quite a while until I was finally able to keep myself up.
Kind and honest
Very nice person
a good calm listener with insight
Thank you!!
She helped me in the most difficult time of my life... Great listener, even greater person
I can tell they really understand, or at the very least care to the point that they really try to understand rather than pretending. Thankyou!!
Patient, nice, good listener
Thank you.
very intelligent and helpful
Its not much but it helped me alot.. thankyou very much
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