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Kelleyd83 |
Listener - Genius 4

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5.0 star rating

Hi, welcome to 7cups.  

It's my pleasure to help you with whatever it is you may be going through.

Number of Ratings: 802
Number of Reviews: 184
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Languages English
Listener Since Apr 27, 2015
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Gender Male
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Cheers 227,193
People Helped 1,229
Chats 2,863
Group Support Chats 77
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Feedback & Reviews
He really tries to listen and understand you, whilst providing some advice! 😄
She was a good listener.
Great listener. Thanks so much!
He helped me with advice and insight when I was in a dark time tonight
Very good listener, we had a nice fluid conversation and really just got to talk about life!
Polite, conversational, and quick to replay. Didn't go way off topic of make me feel pressured to discuss things I wasn't ready to discuss, either
asekd good questions
thank you so much for listening to my rants
amazing listener
Really put things together for me in my mind. And made me realise alot
thank you
She's doing well as a listener.
Really helpful.
really friendly and empathetic
Im so glad i got to talk to them. They understood my problems more than anyone and i could tell that they wanted me to genuinely feel better. They help a lot of people but still reply so quick and know exactly what to say, I hope they get just as much care back as they give to people
Very friendly and understanding
He;'s a kind man.
He's a warm guy. Nice to talk to.
Thank you
This user was incredibly sweet in every way possible and really listened to what I needed to talk about. They made sure I talked about everything I needed to.
Good guy.
He was very attentive, and was great for breaking the ice on using 7 cups for the first time.
Nice and understanding of my situation!
Very understanding, had a lot of confidence in me when I had none in myself. Thanks Kelley!
Thank you for answering my questions
Very nice guy, he listens and asks the right questions :) thank you!
Wonderful person. Really heard me out and I feel so much better! Thank you Kelley.
A great listener.
Attentive, great advice. Best listener I've spoken to
Seems good.
He helped me realize things about myself that I never knew before.
Good listening skills
He was great
I was awful but you were great
He was a good listener, and I appreciated that
He's been great
Absolutely amazing!
Did a great job.. just wish that we could have chatted more. But, people have to sleep.
Good feedback.
Good listener.
Good listener.
Thanks for and ear or a keyboard and a screen lol.
This guy is hysterical in addition to being an excellent listener :-)
So thoughtful and understanding and just so wanting to help. Wish there was more people like this in the world 😊
Top notch listener, managed to get into very deep things and perhaps find out something about my inner self - positive or negative.
Listened to me with great feedback. Was very help
I was nervous to be chatting with a stranger at first, but I found this conversation to be super helpful!! They were understanding and empathetic, and did very well reflecting back to me!!
Good listener
Great work
this time was worth chatting with this person...
great help. opened my eyes to something i never saw before
Thank you
Great listener.Helped comfort me
Amazing individual. Honest and great conversationalist.
Amazing listener!
Very supportive and encouraging! And real!
Enjoy the honesty and encouragement!
Very amazing, good listener, I give him 1000 star's😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
A very kind person.
Nice guy
Divine intervention
Super nice, I was super worried stressed out and depressed but I feel slightly better after talking to kelleyd83
very helpful
great experience
super sweet!
Lovely conversation, He put my mind at ease and made me feel listened. Thank you!
Kelleyd83 was the best listener I have had on here. They really understood what I was saying and gave me space to talk. They answered quickly and I felt they related to my really well.
thank you for read me all the things i needed to say :)
really nice person! funny, open minded, would love to talk to them again!
Wonderful person
awesome supportive and insightful contributions. short, sweet and very helpful.
I think she/he ran out of solutions for me but I appreciate the empathy anyway
She really understood a lot of what I am going through and she shared her own experiences which helped me reflect and feel better about what I'm going through.
Very helpful! Sometimes we just need somebody to listen and that's all
cool person
She is asking questions and being very nice too! Very helpful!
Kelley was very kind. She acknowledged my remarks and had a sense of humor that helped lighten my spirits. I appreciated her.
Thank you
Awesome! Easy to relate to!
Kelly was on point and very insightful in giving me food for thought! I cannot recommend this listener enough!!!
Very kind and listens attentively! Thankful to have her!
They were very supportive and also really good at reading the mood of the conversation and matching it. Thanks for the help!
Very supportive and good listener.
He help get me out of my despair. He loves.
The best Listener I ever had
Thank you for the approachable, friendly, calming, insightful conversation. Feeling related-to and heard in an entirely non-judgemental way have added to the already positive and welcoming space you have created, even in the middle of a prolonged flashback. I am not writing this review because of a moral duty or custom, but because I feel it is the least I can do after being acquainted with you.
He's very nice and really related to my issues. I felt like he was personally invested in making me feel better, it was cool. Like I had a friend who cared about me.
Great empathy & understanding! Validates what you're going through
Great talk! I felt like I related to you so much and you gave me some tips and advice that I will take to heart. I think they will really help me get through these tough times or at least be a start in helping me. Thank you and take care. :)
Good talk, decent listener. Thanks!
Very easy going person, very kind. thank you.
A very real and honest person! She cares and help me realize a lot about my situation!
he is a great listeners,really helped and was a great experience
Really responsive and a really good listener. She helped me feel like I'm not alone struggling with what I'm dealing with.
Very good listener, very helpful! May God bless Kelley83. Thank you!
She's great... i love talking to her, i feel safe knowing i'm not the only one feeling the way i am feeling about my mental illness
Very good listener. Talked me out of my anxiety spiral quickly and let me make my own conclusions about my feelings. Great listener
Very understanding. Listened to me without judging and made me feel comfortable in the conversation.
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