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KfindingSpeaceK |
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My name is Kyle!

I'm currently not taking chats due to a lot going on with school and personal betterment.

I have been helping people personally and just listening to them for about 3 years now, I am 18 years old. I show support to those who feel as if they have nobody there for them and for anyone who needs someone to talk to. I've made it my self-proclaimed duty to help/listen to as many people in any way that I can. I've overcome self-harm, cut down on my depression and on my anxiety (both social and general), I'm much more social than I used to be, I've improved my self-esteem, my mind is a lot more clear than it used to be. I've learned to be myself despite being put down by others. I would like to help anyone I can do the same as I did. I truly believe that here is always hope for anyone. I wish everyone the best in life and I hope to see everyone improve.

To members/guests

My areas of knowledge:


-Panic attacks



-Sleeping well

-Managing emotions

To listeners:

- Member of the peer support program, feel free to message me after a hard chat.

- I am a group moderator, if you need someone in a group chat please message me.

- If you do have any questions at all for me, feel free to message me. Other information about me

I'm a graduated high school student C/O 2015, I'm searching for a summer job and I'm currently enrolling in a community college, I'm unsure of what I want to do in life, but I'm sure I will figure it out.
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Feedback & Reviews
Such a wise listener, gives u the chance to say everything on ur mind, and helps u through every step! :)
Very professional, not pitying, asking good questions, and calm
She is a great listener..
It really helps to vent out your worries.
I was having a hard time figuring out how to navigate 7cups but KfindingSpeaceK found me and told me how to get 1-on-1 help. He was a very empathetic listener, and he helped me really get to the core of my issues. I had a great experience talking with this listener :)
Very helpful to me. Took my confusing questions and assured me that my ideas and thoughts were heard and explained to me how to help myself get through the tough spots in life.
The best listener I have encountered by far. thank you!
just an awesome listener. I had so much fun.
You give really sound, down-to-earth advice. Intelligent and calming! I can see the world unfold a little brighter when talking to you. You put things into right perspective!
Really great guy to talk to. I just needed to talk through my thoughts and he patiently waited as I talked. He's young, but talks very maturely for 18. Incredible empathy for an 18 y/o. I wish him the best!
i'll admit i was shocked to see how young this listener is when looking at his/her profile; however, this person has a natural sense of empathy & gift for reflective/active listening that many can learn from & be helped by
I found KfindingSpeaceK helpful because she helped understand the situation that I was in and helped me find the answer to the situation,
Really great guy ... Amazing help ... Just awesome!!!
Amazing amazing listener :) An extreme privilege to get to know him. Made me feel so much better about myself.
It was nice talking to you. Hope to get to talk to you soon. :) All the best for helping more people.
talking helped me so much, havent met a nicer listen, even checked up on me in a few days which meant the world to me because i needed it
Very sweet person and kind to talk with
Kind, sweet and helpful
The best baller and shot caller around!
This listener is a really amazing helper
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