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hello friends
It is my belief that the our life goals are defined as we move on with experiences. But, wouldn't it be just great if someone guided us with a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on, or merely listening to our troubled thoughts as it is with no cover-ups , Our innermost reflections, desires, fears and misgivings need reconciliation with our physical self – which is a process which can never be done alone believe me friends we all can be happy and enjoy this beautiful life but just practicing small small activities and process making every moment a satisfied moment and not just be happy but spread happiness

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Really good listener. Checks on my at least daily!
Wonderful Listener thank you so much Hit the nail on the head as it were
11/10 Great supportive listener. Was at a bad time in my life where i know not of what I speak or what I think, was able find peace and feel blessed by chatting with said Soul of the Krishna, i believe i started the conversation with seeking for Truth. and if he seen it. i dont know and cant see that far back of the chat history. still currently seeking Truth. in my Journey in life. i was talking in metaphors all the time with a line of 2 referencing either songs or scriptures, example: me: the truth me: have you seen the truth? Soul: ye its around us always Me: wise men say Me: only fools rush in me: but i cant help falling in love me: thank you me: thank you me I feel at peace soul: im delighted buddy soul: take care soul: be in touch soul: it was nice talking to u me: who are you? soul checked in with me many more times after as well as even months after trying to connect due to me vanishing. 11/10 the reason im searching for him on 7cups and came back to 7 cups in hope to talk to him. after a bunch of failure of finding him i went on seeking help from other listeners and gained huge range of awesome listeners input of whats been going on with me as well as love and respect and just a sense of awesome support here on 7 cups again. all connections of 1 on 1 chats were gone from the left side panel and i had to guess his username spelling in hopes to search for it. i did not and was not stable in mind to remember to follow this soul of the krishna. so this is a blessing that i finally found him today and now about to write a much more fair review than i could of possibly wrote in the past of when we first met. for a TL:DR 11/10 Great supportive Listener.
I loved talking with this this listener
Great! Loving the water metaphor.
I feel lost and in awe, I have no clue what God's plan is for me, KrishnaSoul helped me stay grounded, he followed up with me multiple times, he sweetened my bitter lonely days.
Showed they actually cared and took their time with me and my situation :)
Great chat today thanks a lot
Krishnasoul really showed patience towards me
very nice and kind, great at listening and so far with talking to them I am feeling better and i am seeing different points of view and viewing my situation in a more positive light
Thank you so much for your encouragement
Thanks KrishnaSoul ...your kind hearted encouragement meant the world to me. God bless
Good and responsive. Thank you for your time.
Awesome Listener... please do talk to him.
Very careful listener, very sweet and very empathic.
great help
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