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Ky23 |
Listener - Specialist 5

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5.0 star rating
Hi there. My name is Kylah. My goal in becoming a listener is to have open and honest conversations with anyone who would like to have them. I don't get on consistently, at any set time as I am going to college and work, but I do check in when I can. For that reason, I'm usually not able to offer longterm support. I will never turn you away, but I am also not available at this time 24/7 to assist all you lovely members that speak with me. Hopefully, 7cups can see a bit more of me here and there! I'm currently working to get my degree in Sociology (and eventually my masters in Psychology!) to be a college counselor. 
Besides that, I really enjoy hearing about your life and I don't mind sharing mine. 
I love the outdoors, going to festivals/concerts, reading, writing, laughing, playing video games, eating, and I'm also very passionate about animal rights. I'm interested in Buddhism, ASL, and potentially joining the Peace Corps before I attain my masters. 

        Personality Type: INFJ   
Oh! One last thing: I plan on making more posts to give any updates, show my availability, and post some pictures + videos up. Feel free to follow my feed to see all that and I'll be sure to update you! 
Talk soon :-)
*If it says I'm *Busy* feel free to send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
*I am 18 and over. I get this question occasionally, and would like to be clear about that!

*Please do not message me for or about conversations that entail a sexual nature. You will be warned, and blocked if inappropriate conversation is continued. 7cups is a safespace, and I won't tolerate that type of content. 
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Listener Since Jan 15, 2015
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Feedback & Reviews
I've spoken to alot of people her and she's the best I've met. It was like she knew what I was thinking and all the right things to ask, it made me want to tell her more
Very easy to talk to, smart, insightful, willing to just talk about anything, or willing to dive deep into a particular issue.
Definitely knows what she's talking about.
She was nice and easy to chat with.
Very good at what she does. Empathetic and smart.
very friendly and empathetic
awesome person!
She was so kind and supportive that I immediately was able to relax which I haven't been able to do in a long time. Keep up your good work and thank you so much again!
Very happy to speak with someone who will actually listen to me.
Really nice person to talk to, and really helpful.
very kind and compassionate listener, just a wonderful human being
really sweet and kind!
She is awesome!
Very kind
Very nice and understanding!
She is very understanding and takes a lot of thought into what she says! A lot better of a time than what I expected
very good listener. she finds the problem in me and tries to get me out of it and makes me feel better
beautiful on the inside and the outside ! She definitely has a strong sense of character. helped me a lot.
good listener
She's a really beautiful person, on the inside and on the outside, obviously! Good listener. shes a ray of sunshine :)
She's a beautiful person, on the inside and the outside, obviously! Good listener. shes like a ray of sunshine :)
She's a beautiful person, on the inside and on the outside, obviously! Good listener. shes like a little ray of sunshine :)
Straight shooter. Really tries to help
I absolutely feel more relaxed now, i really enjoyed talking to her
Great listener, could not have asked for a better experience
It was lovely.
she cares...
She was really helpful, gave a lot of suggestions to help, and she also just listened to me complaining - just what I needed, thanks!
She is absolutely amazing! She responded right away when I requested to chat with her and she has the judgement to guide you in the right direction and the care to be there for you. :)
Nice girl.
She was really helpful and listened to my problems.
Very helpful and nice
She's nice and straightforward.
A really good listener!!!!:)
She helped really well
She was so helpful. Very kind, and empathetic. I appreciate her input, and really felt secure speaking to her with my problem.
She was really confident and trusting in me, and she gave me confidence about something that I was absolutely terrified of.
She's great ! That's all I gotta say!
Fabulous;really helpful.
Amazing, great listener!
She's so kind even though she didn't have the write words for my situation we just had a normal chat and it made me much happier just to get it off my chest
I'm glad I got to talk with her.
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I(17 female) think im bisexual but I only think guys as friends and have never developed a crush and when i think about being with guys or sexual experience( i have experimented)and it made me sick?
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