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I only take chats within my topics. If possible, please check my profile before requesting a chat with me. (Deutsch: Siehe unten)

(Not necessary if I took your general request.) 

If you're in a too bad condition, just make sure you want to talk about something within my areas of expertise.

Sensory overload warning: If you're sensitive to flashing colors, you don't need to read the rest of my profile as it may be triggering. In that case, just drop me a message, including the topic you want to chat about.

​Urgency first: If you are facing an acute situation, like a panic attack, flare-up, or urgent urge, you don't need to read the rest of the text and can just drop me a request. I'll take care of you as soon as possible. If you're not in a situation like that, please read on to see if I am the right Listener for you. If yes, you're very welcome to contact me, but you may have to wait a bit, in case I am occupied with an urgent case, especially if my status is set to busy (orange).

Hello and welcome to 7cups. I'm Nadine, a 25 years old female from Germany and glad you're reading this. I had and still have to struggle with some of the things I offer support with, and based on my own experience plus some professional knowledge from university and over 6 years of experience as a Listener on here, I think I might be able to help you with them. I understand you well, and maybe I have suggestions, techniques, or skills to help you. For example, I'm familiar with living with chronic pain, self-harm, and panic attacks. I also have non-epileptic (dissociative/conversion) seizures, and I'd like to exchange experience about this anytime to possibly learn from each other when it comes to managing or getting them under control better.

In the following, I will describe myself as a Listener and explain in what case I am the right one for you. If you select me as your Listener and I think there is a chance that I might be able to help, I will surely try my best to do so.

If I had to describe myself as a listener, I would say I'm mostly supportive, reassuring, and encouraging. But despite all my empathy and understanding, I still tend to be somewhat challenging. I can assure you that you have my greatest support if you are willing to work with me, and I will be here for you through whatever struggle you may face. My favorite saying that I took from the saw movies, which I enjoy (don't worry, I'm not a creep) is "CHERISH YOUR LIFE" and I hope I can help you do that too along the way.

Send me a personal request by chatting to me or leaving me a message if:

- you want to learn to live better with chronic (physical) pain/ disease, especially such that gets worse in flare-ups, or you want to know how to best support a person close to you that suffers from this (1)

- you want to manage daily life better with a disability that affects you or a person close to you (autism and ad(h)d included) (2)

- you want to quit self-harm (3)

- you want to cope better with panic attacks and possibly get rid of them (4)

- you want to talk about non-epileptic (dissociative/conversion) seizures (PNES) and possibly gain better control of them or talk about any other kind of dissociation or dissociative/conversion or psychosomatic disorder (5)

- you want to chat about (C)PTSD and how it affects your life and find coping strategies that work for you (6)

- you want to chat about parenting: I don't have any own kids and not so much practical experience yet, but I'll probably be doing counseling for parents, especially for children with disabilities in my future job, so I would like to test my skills on this here and gain some first experience. (7)   

- you want to chat about guilt or forgiveness. I don't have experience in supporting people with these topics but I am curious about what they might involve and I'd be interested in having discussions about them. Depending on the situation though, I might decide that I am not the right Listener for you at some point. (8) 

 - you want to chat about a personality disorder (any kind). I just recently got potentially diagnosed with one myself, and I am curious to learn more about it, how it affects people's lives and how they manage life with it. Maybe we can think of new things together. Yet, I am not very experienced with this topic so it would be more active listening rather than suggestions. (9)

- you want to learn to manage, accept and understand your thoughts and emotions better. (I might decide that I am not the right person depending on what they are related to, and the chat would be more focused on the thoughts and emotions themselves and identifying them rather than what causes them.) (10)

- you want to chat about faith, religion, spirituality, etc. I might share my beliefs if you wish so, but I will not force them upon you. We can try to find out what you believe or how you could solve a conflict that for example, makes you question your faith. (11)

- you have general questions about mental health, want to figure out what's going on for you, what the next steps could be, what you could do to improve your allover well-being, or if you want to find out which topic(s) the right Listener(s) for you should cover (12)

- you want to chat about something related to communication, especially verbal communication (written or spoken) or violence/abuse (any form, active and passive position) in order to reflect on yourself generally or regarding certain situations or you want to discuss something regarding the relation between communication and violence. Depending on the exact issue, I might decide that I am not the right Listener for you. (13)

- you want to ethically or morally reflect on or position yourself either in general or regarding a certain situation. (14)

- you want to change a certain generally controllable behavior by analyzing causing and motivational factors and looking for different ways to manage these. I have the most experience with this method regarding self-harming behavior but I want to see if I can apply it to other topics as well (15)

If you send a personal request, please start the chat with (a) code number(s) from 1 to 15 (which you see on the list, next to the thing(s) you want to chat about) to show you have read this. I do provide long-term support as well! Let me know straight away if you wish that, so I can see what I can offer at the moment.

Please note: While I do have my own, as well as professional experiences with some of these topics, I am not a fully trained professional. I am in education for a job where I work with people and help them, for example through counseling, but here, I am only a Listener and not a Therapist. This means I can't give you advice as to having the ultimate right solution for you. Yet, I am glad to provide you with suggestions where I feel it's appropriate and to consider your options together if you want to.

If I am offline (red), you can still drop me a message and I will get in touch when I see it.
If I don't take your request, feel free to leave me a message because I might have forgotten to log out but will get back to you when I see it.

​​​If you read everything: Thanks for your patience, you're extra special :-p

Ich spreche auch Deutsch. Themen: chronische Schmerzen oder Beeinträchtigung bei Betroffenen und Angehörigen, selbstverletzendes Verhalten, Panikattacken, dissoziative Identitätsstörung und dissoziative Zustände/ Anfälle oder andere dissoziative Störung, Trauma (PTBS), Genesung/Erholung/Rehabililitation von einer Verletzung oder körperlichen oder psychischen Erkrankung, Erziehung/Elternberatung, Schuld und Vergebung, Persönlichkeitsstörungen, Umgang mit Gedanken und Gefühlen, Glaube und Religion, allgemeine mentale Gesundheit, Kommunikation und Gewalt, ethisch-moralische Selbstreflexion und Positionierung, Verhaltensanalyse und -änderung, andere Themen auf Anfrage, wenn sonst niemand für einen Chat auf Deutsch verfügbar ist.

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Feedback & Reviews
Excellent listener. Thank you very much!
very good listener
Great and helpful listener
Very honest person
Kind and very understanding!
Very considerate and very caring. 💕💕
Empathetic kind and compassionate listener they really care, keep it up!
Listens well and is empathetic!
Awesome listener, very compassionate, cared about helping
Very attentive, empathetic, and kind. I'd strongly recommend this Listener!
very good listener
really helpful, thank you :)
I liked how empathic and sympathizing this person is ^_^
An adorable Listener
- English and German - sehr empatisches, offenes und sympathisches Gespräch
Kind and available
Very respectful and rational and gave me ideas to try to keep calm from having a full blown panic attack.
Loved it! Awesome chat!
Friendly yet deals with issues in a practical manner & helped me see things from a different perspective, enjoyed the chat
Very empathetic and also helped me work on the problem
Good listener keep up the good work!!!
Very kind and helpful.
Great listener! Very helpful!!
Best chat i ever had in my 6 months here. Understanding, helpful, caring, really hears me, really wants to help me. I feel as if i won the lottery with this listener. 10/10 reccomend!!
Helpful in narrowing down which of my issues it most important to discuss.
honest and guided to right resources. 5/5
Good talk, the person listened to me and answered my questions.
Very professional and helpful. Thank you so much. The best listener I saw here.
Highly recommend!
A good listener with constructive feedback and pointed questions.
she is so polite
Provided a lot of useful information
This listener was very kind, and sympathetic. They tried to help in anyway they could. I appreciate their genuine care and the fact that they took the time to talk to me.
Understanding and helpful guiding me to what may be best for my needs thank you
very good listening skills and inquisitive questions
Helped me find a listener to help me out
Really helpful and understanding person with lots of knowledge. Thank you very much!
Very kind and caring ❤
Really the first person to sit with me in all I'm dealing with. Helped me feel not alone and like I'm not too much. Thanks! Looking forward to chatting again. :)
It was everything I needed. Someone listens to me until I was calm
She is awsome and helpful.
Nice and helpful
I appreciate that i was made to question myself and LCL was firm in her conversation.
Shes amazingly attentive!
nice one to know
great patience
She asks questions which I loved.
Few people have a big heart like her. She really give of herself voluntto help others. Thank you so much
Very helpful and supportive listener. Thanks :)
insightful and a credit to the site.
Excellent listener, very profficient and attentive and polite, one of the top quality listeners...
I had a great time talking with you!
Thanks for all the support
Good! A lot of care and help given! Thank you!
Gave me a nice welcome to the community, which honestly was a pleasantly unexpected surprise. :P We had a short friendly chat and I asked a few questions about setting myself up, each of which were answered well. Now I'm officially kicked off, and I feel better about my start. Thanks!
asked awesome questions to get me to think about my situation, helped me rationalize through my overthinking. Thank you Nadine!
So amazing. Helped me so much.
Funny and sweet. Very comfortable to talk to!
They're nice and a practical person.
Thank you. I enjoyed it. I appreciate it.
Good advise.......
Great listener and she understands what you goi
Good at following up.
Attentive listener, quite present, committed and authentic in her feedback.
Good at listening, and asking the right questions
Good person with a grounded perspective.
she directed me right
Nice to talk to listener very help ful
Great listener! Very kind and understanding
Quite helpful, i got support, she is good.
Very compassionate and professional. She knows what she's doing and understands herself very well. Thank you for helping me find ways to cope with my pain (the vission problem). If you want to discuss something she experiences in, she's the best listener for you.
Very sweet and comforting, and helped me to stop a panic attack. An absolute pleasure to talk to!
very genuine, easy to chat with!
Very good listener looking out for those who are in psychological distress.
Nadine is a very kind and caring person. She was like a light to help me though a dark moment. She followed up to see how I was doing and is empathetic and supportive in every way. She is one of the best listeners I’ve found here at 7cups.
She is really compassionate and tries her best to help
just started but she seems very knowledgeable
Really kind and professional
Thank you so much
just being able to have someone listen is more then I had before
Very nice listner
They provided resources when they thought I would benefit from talking to someone for my specific problem and helped me the best they could.
This listener was so attentive and patient with me during my panic attack. They have a calm presence and gave me a new technique that helped me so much. They were empathetic to how frightening it was for me and made sure I didn’t feel alone
He is very Informative.... And he is so professional that what i really like about that person
The Listener is very helpful and detail-oriented. The Listener asks some questions to get to know you better and provides concrete, actionable suggestions/resources after hearing your situations. If you are looking for intelligent and honest support, please seek this Listener.
Really good, if you love informative chats where you can have an intelligent talk and get ideas for solutions.
They were kind, reasonable, and made some very helpful suggestions.
Great and helpful!
Despite not being specialised in the particular area he was as helpful as he could be
the listener was great, asked great questions!
Very great and supportive listener. Helped me a lot.
thanks for your help it was really nice of you to speak to me :)
Spoke about chronic illness and gave me a new way to look at it
Wonderful. So understanding, knowledgeable, and caring.
very patient listener that didnt give up on finding a way to help me and succeeded at the end. She is very flexible and can adapt to your needs. I lost my old long term listener and I'm glad to have found her as a new one and I dont almost dare to say but by now I like her even better so maybe it was just supposed to be like that. She is very profesional and experienced with panic attacks and DID .
she was really active.
I woke up with a bad mood due to my current physical condition that makes things a bit difficult but I'm glad to have found this site. The listener was kind and helpful and I felt a lot better after the chat.
Ive tried soo many but she is the absolutely best listener for panic attacks. She helped me on reducing and preventing them a lot but the best thing that thanks to her I deal with them a lot better. I don't fear them anymore so they are kinda less intense too since she taught me some coping techniques. I also liked that first she supported me very closely but then helped me to manage them more and more independent. Another thing I really appreciate her for is how open and directly she talks about everything.
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