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Hey,im sarinn and i’m here for you,
this chat page is your safe place, you won’t be judged and you have nothing to be ashamed of,
i’m already proud of you and love you all sooo much 

*lgbtq+ Ally*

just a hug in case you want one *-*

please provide me with feedback and reviews after the chat *-*

 and always remember; love yourself: speak yourself  'cause

"life gets hard and it gets messed up

when you give so much but it's not enough

when the high's too high and the low's too low


 don't you let it kill you,

 even when it hurts like hell

 oh whatever tears you apart,
 don't let it break your heart"

"it’s magic to live just for someone else, It’s heart warming to have another half"

maybe your other half is some where out there, who shares what you feel, a lover, a friend, who knows??

Number of Ratings: 71
Number of Reviews: 60
Listens to Teens
Languages English, Persian, Turkish
Listener Since Oct 17, 2019
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Feedback & Reviews
I really love how sarrin takes care of me.! They cared a lot and I really appreciate them!!
Super empathetic and an amazing listener!
Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much! You're an awesome listener!!!!
Very sweet and kind person...and an amazing listener!! So glad to talk to Sarin!!!
Very understanding, caring and lovely person! Thank you so much for listening and being there- it means a lot!
rreally kindd… and mmade me feel betterr
saarin is an amazing listener
nice sweet kind and helpful
amazing listener
she is amazing, one of the best people ive ever met, she is so comforting to talk to. i love every chat i have with them and i genuinely enjoy our conversations. they have made my life one million times better
Sarinn is the most loving and caring Listener out there that will make sure at the end you feel heared, loved and safe. Always awesome chats with an awesome listener!
Very amazing listener, I felt much better after talking to them!
They helped me a lot, I am happy I was able to talk to this listener
she is really nice and made me feel so much better
Best listener ever
She’s my happy place and comforts me the best, the only listener i really text with and I trust her a lot ily
she so nice and is respectful and kind
So good thank you so much for the chat
She checks up on me and is so sweet
Great listener
Really helpful and understanding, amazing being to talk to.
said things i really needed to hear, really grateful to talk with them
Very kind and caring!
Sarinn is legit so nice! Helped calm my system down after some very taxing flashbacks, and was incredibly kind, caring, and supportive throughout the entire chat. Thank you so much you're amazing, Sarinn!!!
Super sweet and understanding !!
Very kind and checked in with me more than once, which I appreciate since I am bad at initiating.
Was very sweet and kind. I loved my conversation with them.
So amazing . She never judges me and super nice and caring. So kinda . Helps me all the time . I love her 🥺💚
They are a very nice talker
A kind and loving person thank you
awesome listener. kind, caring, patient. makes you feel comfortable and not judged or alone. definitely reccomend!
Amazing chat ! She is so helpful and sweet . So caring and supportive and understanding and she never judged me . Thank you so much 💚
I feel so much better now. Thanks, Sarinn! Love, G
Soooo amazing! They always stick with me. She’s so kind and never lets me go until she knows I’m okay. Sarinn is one of a kind listener. I am so lucky to have her in my life. I know it’s only been a week, but she has had such a huge impact on my life. Time zones stink, but everytime she wakes up, we talk. She validated me and remind dm me that it’s okay to struggle even if it’s 2 days in a row. Awesome listener! I would reccomend everyone go to her. ❤️ -B
Sarinn is amazing. I’ve only known them for 4 days so far and they have stuck by me. They always sit with me and always makes me feel safe. They reassure me that they aren’t leaving my side and their advice is spot on. They get you. I appreciate sarinn very much, especially when I’m breaking down at 4 am. -B
Sarinn is great she is lovely and a wonderful friend haha my sources of the secret mod room say your great too. You help me so much and I couldn’t do it with out you. So happy to have met ya
Shes like my friend She is the best
such a friendly person, she deserves the world
Good listener great listener best listener
amazing person, they are super kind and understand
Honestly amazing, they listened amazingly, they understand and where caring and empathetic and just an amazing chat overall
She/he is a really good listener and a nice person to talk to!
she's really nice , sends love from miles away.. helped me to take my emotions out..made the pain in heart lessen. :) thanks alot.
i liked finally getting to talk about the issue
if you ever need a really good lisiner go to her she id so nice and cool and helpful she really helped with what i was going through
Really listened and gave thoughts on the situation. Which i really loved and connected with.
It was great I loved it
a really good and nice person, helped me about my stress in exams. and i greatly thank this person for the help!
Super kind and awesome!!!
good chat they were involved
Really kind and caring, i loved it❤️
Responds quickly, very polite, and seems genuinely interested and wanting to help! :)
she was patient and understandable with me and was really relatable through out it all
Greate listener and replyer
They're a charming person who knows what to say and when to say it. I like their input and how they're able to relate to me and ease my worries.
She could completely relate to my problems
Very helpful :)
nice helped and cared
Sarin was very supportive and a good listener. She helped me organize my thoughts!
Good at listening
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