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Hey there! My name is Fran.
I'm delighted that you have found me on 7 Cups of Tea. I am a trained listener, here and happy to lend you an ear. I am in no way a professional therapist/guidance counselor; despite that, however, I'm here to help you through your struggles and lift you up; don't ever be afraid to message me!
Want to know a bit about me?

I'm 19 years old, and a sophomore in college. I enjoy a lot to do with "the arts," including: Instrumental Music, Singing, Theater, Drawing, Photography, and Writing. I also do Martial Arts, my styles being: Hapkido, Tong Moo Kwon, and Jiu-Jitsu ground fighting. I found a lot of who I am, and who I aspire to be through martial arts. I'm very nature-oriented, and I do a lot of Hiking, Gardening, and spending time outdoors. When it comes to religion, I have explored many options in terms of spirituality. I am ultimately an atheist and a lover of the Earth.
I am also a proud member of the LGBT+ community, and have been for many years. I have gone through a lot of exploration and changes with my gender and sexuality, but have ultimately found who I am by listening to myself and no one else. I consider myself bisexual and female, but labels don't matter to me and I just go with what feels right.
I have been in a very lovely and strong relationship now for over a year and while there have been ups and downs, we build each other up as people and I am happy to share my experience with others.

I firmly believe that everyone - no matter your race, sexuality, gender, religion, or any other sort of practice - has a place in this world, and that everyone deserves happiness. That includes YOU. You are a perfect, amazing human being, capable of perfect, amazing things. Don't ever forget that. I want you to love being you, and I want you to love living. Don't ever think you're weak for seeking help, because that is the strongest thing anyone can do. You're strong and brave.
Don't be afraid to message me, even if I'm offline! I will respond as soon as I can. Be safe, be kind, and live life. I love you all! <3

Just a note - I do not feel comfortable talking about self-harm or suicide, just because I feel, myself as a non-professional, that I could never give that person the support that they really need. If you have self-harmed or thought about suicide, I really recommend that you use one of the hotlines this website provides, and if you message me needing support, I will provide you with those numbers. Thank you!
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Feedback & Reviews
LittleOleUs was absolutely lovely
He was very helpful
I recommend. Good Advice.
I recommend. Good advice.
He was very nice and polite. I loved chatting with him, although it was short. His attitude made me feel comfortable.
Great response time and very empathetic
10/10 would recommend very helpful and kind thanks again
Most help I've ever gotten with 24/7 crisis/depression/anxiety etc. chat. Keep doing what you're doing, it certainly made me feel better
I honestly appreciate your empathy. Thank you Francis. - Chloé
Really helpful and kind :) would totally recommend!
He did amazing! Towards the end, we started talking casually, but it still felt awesome and supportive!
Amazing listener. Makes you feel trusted right from the start and will listen to you for hours.
The best listener I've met in my whole life.
The listener was really helpful, I've learned a lot and it was a great help!
I recommend this listener to everyone 'cause he's the best!
The best ever. Helpful, very nice. Never changed the pace or asked anything I found wrong. The best ever.
LittleOleUs is very easy to talk to, replies quickly, and is considerate and thoughtfull. They are open to listen to any problems I feel like I have, whether I think them small or large. If you are reading this LittleOleUs, thank you for being here to listen to me and help me along the way.
Helped me figure things out
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