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LoneWolf1010 |
Listener - Exemplar 3

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5.0 star rating


You can call me wolf!! and I don't bite😅 

A teacher, engineer, animal behaviorist, travel enthusiast and a big fat foodie✌🏻😅

Do you Feel like talking about anything or just wanna vent off? You know where to tap...

What are you waiting for?
Grab a steaming chai..
maybe a kettle too for refills..
Let's talk!!!

*currently  accepting  personal  requests   only*
welcome aboard 
Feel free to leave feedbacks


Number of Ratings: 234
Number of Reviews: 102
Listens to Over 18
Languages English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Urdu
Listener Since Oct 5, 2015
Last Active in last week
Gender Male
Progress Path Step 176
Cheers 384,222
People Helped 654
Chats 6,746
Group Support Chats 12
Listener Group Chats 57
Forum Posts 66
Forum Upvotes 70
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Feedback & Reviews
Thanks Anna 😍 felt good after talking you
Very nice, positive, upbeat person
Very clear headed and helpful listener.. a breath of fresh air
He's a great listener
Super cool and chillaxed person ! Was more like a friend who already knew me. It wasn't like a listener member thing which I really liked a lot ! Thank you 😊
Amazing and positive person
Loved it! Awesome chat!
Amazing listener!
Such an awesome chat!!!! Lonewolf is the best..
Had a good conversation. I get calmer thank to him
Excellent! Encouraging.
Awesome human being.....has empathy...very supportive...cheerful..very friendly...!
polite and understanding
I am comfortable to express my mind to him. He is funny as well!
He is a good conversationalist. I think that is the main advantage of being an extrovert. They can talk about literally anything. You instantly feel a connection with them. This is what happened with this listener. I felt comfortable with him in our first conversation itself.
Stranger Friend 🤗
Very kind, sweet, Funny. Takes time to really care!
Had a great chat!
He’s the besssst, I really loved chatting with him, so patient and easy to talk to.. thank you so much wolf
Amazing person. He is wonderful and calms you down.
Such a great soul
Respected sir With a sincere heart, I would like to say thank you for spending your valuable time with me. The discussions we had gave me comfort, hope, and courage to move on with life no matter the circumstance. Once again, thank you for your words of wisdom and helping me navigate towards a positive outlook.”
Very good listener
Behtreeen insan ...aur aik bht achy dil k malik
Really approachable and nice
Very kind and compassionate. This is my second time with them, their outlook on life and empathy helped me get out of a really difficult situation. Thankyou so much!
Excellent down to earth I would give 5 more stars if I could
Great love love love
Quite friendly. I felt totally at ease talking. He was cool and followed the conversation well! Lucky to have come across LoneWolf! :)
Really great guy. Shows that even with limitations, we can surpass ourselfes, plus he's a really great and fun guy in general. really helped me, and now that I know I can talk to him tomorrow as well, I can finally sleep a bunch more well.
He’s fast at replying back and is actively listening
Amazing person, great wisdom and knowledge about life. Superb.
Very positive and intuitive. And will help fire motivation in you if you are feeling low. Also, quite rational.
Very understanding. No judgements. Asked good questions. Helped me a lot.
Lovely man, he helped me through my problems. I recommend him a lot.
Great listener. Keeps a good flowing conversation and with a level of understand without trying to force you to solve anything
He is a cool dude
Honest dude, gave me some hope in which i will try to believe.
Patient listener
He was very chill and calm. Appreciate that
Very good listener..thank you for helping such a kind human being
Amazing listener! Really helped me!
He is amazing with words
I really was low when I was talking to Ayub but after I felt so refreshed. He is kind and very engaging. I recommend him 100%. Thank you so much Ayub. Fridah
Good listener! Wouldntecom
great person to talk to.
Great listener and very understanding
He's such a beautiful soul. Best listener on site so far. Lone wolf!!! You're a lone wolf !! I'm lucky that I found you
He is pretty awesome and gave some really helpful advice :)
He is such a wonderful person and a great listener. He helped me out, replied quickly and made me feel so better. Best listener. Thank you!!!
He really makes every effort to make you feel better.
A great listener who offered valuable advice. Gave good conversation that took my mind off of things and calmed my anxiety.
He is an amazing guy!! Made me feel better!!
Great listener!
He is an awesome person period. Very easy to talk to!!
Wonderful, helpful..picked me up and gave me perspective in a very dark time
Understanding and caring
Very supportive
helpful buddy
Very very helpful
Good first impressions.... Leads to increase peace and enthusiasm to open and discuss with him
Very practical
No words...he is the best
A great person with an amazing and caring heart, who try’s his best to give you advice and help you to feel better!
Very friendly Wolf ;) Love talking to you
Lovely, friendly and cool dude
Great help. Surely someone you can talk to when feeling low.
Extremely helpful.
Good listener. Doesn’t talk much but listens well.
Ayub is a non judgmental and empathetic listener. He made me feel better and lighter - A
What a wonderful listener, ive never laughed and smiled so much in ages.
The conversation changed my perspectives about things. I will work on your advices to make myself strong and let go the past. Thank you so much.
Helping and Kind and Friendly Listener...
Ausm Listener ...
he is an incredible, understanding and truly caring person! i really felt like he listened with an open and empathetic mind to my problems and thoughts. he spoke not cliches, but real answers
My Dear Friend! I really miss you. I am deeply moved when I write this. You were holding my heart and you took real care of me. You never left me alone. I appreciate your dedication. You made me feel important and needed. You brought me a lot of hope and calmness. Your words were always very powerful. It gave me faith that there are good people in this world. I have no words to express my thankfulness to you. You are wonderful person. I will always remember you. Thank you for your help. I wish you all the best. Take care. God bless you.
My experience by ayub is very nice. Thank you very much for showing me the straight path in life and how to exist a good life . Thank you so much I'm really thankful to you frm my heart ayub that u r such a nice boy keep helping others in this only.
Ayub is a very nice and sincere guy and he always be helpful in every time.i like the way he give the best of suggestions and also treat with a good friend.i like u ayub very much n I hope we will be friends .He is a god gifted son to their parents and also very good talented mind in the form of good and sincere suggestions. I like you may good bless you in you're future because u r helping others . Take care ayub shaikh.

I loved that he gave me focused attention. Truly a great listener.
Very considerate and friendlyy
This person was really nice.
Nice guy. Good listener. Helpful!
sweet guy and very helpful
How he was!? Awesome of course!
Ayub is a very good listener! You are going to be in good hands with him
Friendly n helpful
5 stars everywhere.
Helped in a rough time.
You are someone who understood my point of view... thank u for that :)
Good to talk to you man, feels nice to talk to someone outside of fear of judgement from people close to you.
Super patient and thoughtful
Great listener with good humor. Will definitely put you at easy and help you think positively.
Thanks ro listening me..
Such a great listener
You are a great person. Had so much patience. Thank you so much. I wish you happiness and a good life, thank you so much for helping me, in my time of need
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