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MattInWonderland |
Listener - Scholar 6

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I'm here to listen. You can let your thoughts out. I won't judge you or interrupt you with an opinion.

You can talk to me about anything - I may not be able to help, but I will never turn you away without listening.

Number of Ratings: 75
Number of Reviews: 30
Listens to Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Sep 24, 2015
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People Helped 141
Chats 805
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Feedback & Reviews
Exactly who I needed to hear from
Great!! I'm happy to chat with you
Really committed to the sessions and absolutely patient and non judgemental. Feeling so much better after our chat.
The BEST LISTENER.. he is keeping me sane for the last few weeks. Very Professional , Non-Judgemental , Patient , Kind, wise and really helpful. He actually pays attention and asks constructive questions to help you to get to the bottom of the problem.
Matt is very professional in his undertakings and so far has managed to save my life by the help he has given me as I am going through a bad time at present. I feel comfortable with him and can tell him exactly how it is and he has not made me feel inadequate in any way. I shall continue to chat more with him as I really feel I have found a piece of gold with Matt. 😊
I felt a lot better after experiencing Matt's non judgmental listening and wise words.
Matt is a really amazing listener :) I feel understood and he really listens.
One of the best!
Matt...... wow!! Amazing amazing super awesome listener!!! You didn't pressure me to talk about anything that was hard for me. You are so caring and knowledgeable. Thank you so much for your time :)
Made me feel better when nothing else would and had the patience to listen patiently to my ranting, hear me out and ask the right questions when my mind was in a really dark place.
Matt is amazing. He actually cares, he puts a lot of thought into helping you, he makes sure he's always there for you, even if he's a little late. He helped me alot. I know he can you. So just try.
Thank you very much for your help.
He was honest and straightforward, asking questions that others wouldn't dare. And instead of trying to give me some hypocritical psycho babble, he offered support in the only way that he could. And that was great for me. I appreciated the time he spent with me.
awesome listener
kindness 80 lvl
he is wonderful listener, and help you with a lot of insight!
Very thoughtful and a close listener. Thank you.
It was easy to talk to Matt, he listened carefully and tried to give me reasons over things.
MattInWonderland is awesome. He helps you with alot, he is very wise, he is kind, he is professional, he is always making sure you're okay, and if he thinks he said something wrong he immediately says sorry. I really am happy I found him. He's helping me through alot and I know he can help others.
matt was really helpful and easy to talk to. he heard me out and advised on how to get around to find a solution to my problem, which was exactly what I needed!
Matt was very honest and very caring. I loved talking to him, it helped me through what I had to deal with tonight.
Matt is one of a kind. I’ve met a lot of people in my life and he is the first one that I truly feel is an angel. I’m in the most difficult position in my life so far, and it has been difficult for me to open up and willingly talk about my problems throughout my life. So far, he is the only one who succeeded. He puts a lot of effort into making others feel loved and cared for, which comes from his genuine heart. He is a great listener, but most importantly a great friend. If you ever feel like you’ve lost all hope, or that you’ve tried everything you possibly can, this is one of the many great human beings whom you will find that offers help. One that I have had the honor to know..
Great listener, remembered all I said. Responded with great simple relevant questions. I calmed down within 30 minutes (mostly just how much texting I needed to do)
Matt took all of the good with all of the bad I told him and gave me an honest and kind summary of what he thought of what happened after encouraging me to dig deeper into why I was so upset over something as tiny as dinner. I feel like I met one of the most compassionate, kind and honest people today and I'm so grateful for all of his help. 10/10 would recommend, he helped me get from wanting to die to seeing more than just a little bit of hope and I think I might be finding more room to like myself now. All the best, Wonderland. Thank you for everything 💗
Matt is extremely professional, patient, and sensitive. As someone with disability(s) and at a very sensitive time in my life, I found our conversation rejuvenating and an extraordinary first-impression of 7cups. Thank you so much again!
A great listener, thank you :)
Thanks for letting me talk.
thant you very much
Great listener
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