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MayaRainbow2 |
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**On a break for an unknown amount of time**

----Count Your Rainbows,Not Your Thunderstorms.----
Sometimes all you need is someone just to be there even if they can't solve your problems. Just knowing there is someone who cares can make all the difference. 
Happy to help!
*Apologizes I'm currently not taking new chats.* 
Number of Ratings: 262
Number of Reviews: 59
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English
Listener Since Feb 7, 2015
Last Active in last 6 months
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Feedback & Reviews
Thank you for helping me during conflict and recommending the right avenues i should take :) much appreciated
I can't ask for a better listener, such an amazing soul
At the moment her label under her username is Genius, and I can't really think of a better way to describe her. She is outrageously helpful, and well deserves every positive review she has. I'm very grateful for her constant support and well wishes, she honestly is the most amazing listener and a great person to talk to.
You're a true star, lovely. You were absolutely amazing and super helpful. I felt a lot better after talking to you and I'm sure you constantly brighten up others' days like the awesome ray of sunshine you are! Thank you so much and I hope you have a day that is as wonderful as you are!
shes cool and nice i like her
Helped me a lot! Response time is amazingly fast and you can tell they really care :)
She was very kind and did her best to understand and I feel much better thanks to her help
Thank you this helped alot.
shes good so far
I honestly can't thank u enough. Thank you so much for helping me, i dont know what i would have done without u. I know that i can always talk to u and what u said to me means so much. U said things that people havent said to me in a while and it felt amazing to hear that from u
maya is one of the best listeners out there!!
This listener saved my life and probably dose not even know it. I told myself if one person shows me they care maybe i wont end it. She was that one person. She really made me feel like someone cared, and made me feel worth something. I am truly thankful.
This is truly one amazing listener.
thanks !!
they are very kind and understanding and help me a lot with questions i dont ask myself in certain situations
She was wonderful, I feel like I have a friend to talk to now :)
Thank you very much, you helped a lot
Thanks, MayaRainbow2 was very sweet and caring and very considerate, very helpful and a very good listener
A very cheery and warm hearted person. Understanding and super helpful. I wouldn't mind talking with her for days. Haha.
ur kind, thanks for the tips
just thank you.
She is such a nice person and help me take big steps tonight ... I'm guna try to use dis to keep up with her ..... She is guna go on to help many other people
Thanks so much xxx
She will really is caring and will help no matter what. She is patient and makes you feel good about yourself.
MAAYYYAAAA ILLLYYY LETTT ITTT GOOOOOOO. What can I say that's not been said? She's amazing, kindhearted and funny when it's appropriate. It's difficult to be funny when it's appropriate. Anywho, she is loving and always waits and gives thoughtful advice. she is lovely and is very helpful. I don't think there has been a problem maya couldn't help me fix. She is amazing,awesome,craze-mazing,lovely. She is like a rainbow of happiness and hopefulness. Maya ily and *in perfect Menzel pitch* LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO*huggless and gives cake*
Was very good. I have ideas of what to do now in hard times and i feel less sad
She was wonderful.
She was really helpful
Thank you , thank you, thank you. I talked with her just a little but i really got inspired... I'm feeling a lot better :)
Great work. Comforting words.
such a helpful kind person :) x
She's very nice)
Great listener and understood me, mostly
It was really nice talking to Maya! She was very helpful and sweet and did more than j could've asked for!
was fantastic really understood me and helped me with what i needed. also let me express what i was feeling and was extremely nice. wish i was her friend haha
She is a life saver ♥
Very nice,helpful and understanding. Best listener iv spoken to.xx
really helped me, so glad I found this website. thank you.
Really empathetic and helpful. I'm not panicking as bad which is good
You are so helpful, thank you
She is perfection. :) -Cathy and Pete 2k15
Maya is truly amazing and positive! I love talking to her and i would recommend her to everyone! She can put a smile on your face every time you talk to her, her obsession with Disney and rainbows are adorable
She's amazing! thank you so much for everything :) You've managed it to cheer me up and to calm me down
She's amazing
Maya was really sweet and supportive, and one of the only listeners that checked in on me regularly. Also, she's an all-around fun person to talk to!
A massive thank you Maya :)
been great talking to you! awesome how you listened to me and helped me through it. i dont have a lot of friends to turn to so this was really helpful for me. thanks maya!
understood what was up
Was a great person to talk to. I enjoyed it very much.
Very nice, thanks for letting me stay on :)
Good listener
Maya is literally the best shes helped me so much tonight and I cant say thankyou enough to her shes always there to talk to and helps you in whatever situation or mess your in and makes sure your ok shes always there to talk and assures you shes there anytime you need her if you want to talk to someone as feel you cant face to face then she is literally perfect! Thankyou so much maya for everything you've done for me
Kind and Considerate
takes time to listen, something everyone'll appreciate
Really understanding and helpful and is positive
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