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Not taking new chats! Please message another listener for a live session! Thank you for understanding <3

Thanks for stumbling into my profile :) It's very nice to see you! I'm Mel and I'm a young girl from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm a college student majoring in physics. In the future I would love to work in a laboratory studying neuroscience and illnesses regarding the human brain! I work as a support teacher for young kids mostly. I love teaching and explaining things - I think everybody deserves their chance at understanding a difficult matter, even if they need more time for it than someone else would. 

I'm not much of a talker as a listener. I feel like it's very important that every single person out there has someone to rely on and be there for them. I want you to feel like you can tell me anything on your mind, feel heard, understood and never judged. That's what I aim for. I know I can't change your life nor magically solve your problems (Although I would really like to be able to do that) but I do can promise to be here, as much as possible and as much as you need. I'm your friend and I'll always care about you. I deal my own battles every day and I know that talking helps. You are never alone here.

I would like to be a writer someday, because books mean a lot to me. Everything I want is what I write to be special for someone, if I could make at least one (only one) person feel something by something I wrote, I would already feel realized. Writing has always come naturally to me. It's who I am. As a kid, I would always grab a pencil and write, instead of drawing. I would always make stories up in my mind to tell other people. I would always write too much, speak too much, and take too long to tell an anecdote. I was born a storyteller. At the moment, I just do it for fun and for myself or my closest ones.

Anything else you would like to know about me, feel free to message me and ask, I'm pretty much an open book! and will love to get to know eachother more. 

Right now I have a very tight schedule, and I get aroun 5-10 new chats daily. Therefor my status is mostly offline because I can't take many more chats. I'm mainly working with scheduled chats only. If you need immediate help, I would recommend reaching to someone in the browse listeners page! My responses can take 2-3 days - but I'm always listening!

I joined 7Cups in August 2014. A month later, September 23th, I became a Teen Star, and it was an honor to be able to do that which such an awesome group of people. After some time I started focusing mostly on quality projects so I became a Teen Star Leader for Quality. I turned 18 in 2016, meaning it was my time to transistor to the adult (oldies) side. I'm a Mentor now (Adult & Teen). At the moment, I'm a forum, community, chatroom and quality (adult & teen) mentor. I'm a teen mentor leader as well, a Community Mentor Leader for the Teen Only Zone category and a Forum Ambassador, focusing on the development and activity of our teen members. Right now my main involvement are the subcommunities and the forums and I've always focused the most on supporting the teen side of the site that was where I started.

So really if you are around here and have any question or need someone to chat or you are a new listener and want a long term mentor to cheer on you and be happy for all your success - I'm your gal. 

Mentor projects I'm involved with right now for you to reference:

- Teen Forum Ambassador: I organize teen involvement in the forums & meetings! 

  * I like to check in with our teens involved in the forums, have regular contact with them. If being involved in forum roles is something you would be interested in, please feel free to message me about it!

  * Forum trainings/applications & Giving out buddies for newer members.

   Sign up for a buddy here! Would you like to be involved in our forums? Apply to be a forum supporter!

- Community Mentor Leader (Teen Only Zone). 

   We're always looking for new teens to take part of your subcommunity! We also launched our own support team, so you're more than invited to join us in our sessions!

- Grading Active Listening (AL) 3 & 4 requests and giving out feedback! Giving AL2 badges.

   We try to get your requests graded as soon as possible (and we have a great team for that!) but please give us 4-5 days to a week to grade (specially if you're on your internship!) as we have a great amount of requests sent in daily.

- Approving Q&A's

   Ask you answer a question here

- Quality Coaching Program. (casually)

   Sign up here to be paired with a quality mentor :)

I'm a doorkeeper so I can open/close rooms. Feel free to message me if you need someone to open a room for you, to approve a discussion or edit/mod a forum post!

Much love,


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Feedback & Reviews
This person has helped me a lot 💚
She's patient and takes you seriously, helpful and easy to talk to, ambitious and her personality is a positive breath of fresh air. A good example of what a good listener is.
So lovely and genuine, definitely worth the click!
Very helpful and understanding
Mel is awesome! She is super helpful and caring to be honest. ❤
very caring
she's really nice! te amo
Truly amazing person truly cares about people heart of gold helped me in my time of need
Thank you
Lovely gal :)
She was very helpful.
such a kind human being. I'm happy I had a chance to talk to you
She took the time to listen to me even when I didn't matter. Thanks
She is a great listener
Always listens to me and never judges Mel is amazing thank you so much you always make me smile!
Mel is amazing listener I adore her thanks mel!
Is an amazing listener! I am so glad and happy I had the opportunity to have her as my listener! She is kind, supportive, sweet, and awesome! You'll love her as your listener!
No one else has ever cared about me like she did. Mel is the sweetest girl I have ever met. Thank you so so much
Hugs! Yeeee! Your awesome and you know it! Boo-da boom-boom
You are perfect and I just wanna thank you for how amazingly kind you are with us
Mel is great because she cares for you like no one else will. Thanks Mel :)
Incredible listener, super sweet girl. Helped me a lot.
I love you, Mel
Mel, thank you so much for being there. You are awesome
Lovely girl. She's always here for me. Thank you so so much
Love her to the moon and back so helpful
Really good listener and helped me with everything I needed. Mel's awesome!
I feel like what was being said really helped me to think a lot better of what was going on
Mel, you're the best listener here, I couldn't have asked for anyone better. You made me feel loved because I know you care, even if you don't know me ♥♥ You're supportive and you're always there for me! You are literally always always online no matter what time is it and you answer so fast ♥ And every feeling you leave on our talks, they show me that you really care! You made me realize I do matter and I know I couldn't have done it (you know what! :p) without you!! I love you, thank you, thank you
your really understanding and you dont judge give excellent advice.
She's so kind and comforting! A terrific listener :)
She's such an amazing person. Really helpful
Is the best!
thank you so much!
Muy buena escuchando, realmente ayuda mucho y uno se siente escuchado ♥
Mel is a great listener!
Very thoughtful and understanding and easy to talk to. .feel like iv known you for ages!
She is not only my regular listener, she's my friend. I know I can trust her and that she'll listen with attention, she really cares and it's like... too sweet! Couldn't ask for someone better.
Thank you, Mel
She's literally the best person in this world. She's a really good listener and she really knew how to help me. I loved talking to her, she was really really helpful. She's nice and sweet. And she answers really really fast! Also asked a lot a of good questions and made me realize things I haven't thought! I will definitely contact her again. The best listener I have talked to.
Mel, thanks for being there, you're amazing!!
-virtual hug-
Very helpful, great person. :3
She responds super fast and is really really nice.
Thank you for listening last night. It helped me put words to my thoughts, words that would have come out as gibberish today if I hadn't talked to you first.
Really helped me and understood me. Helped me figure out a way to hopefully make things better instead of saying "move on". Thank you :)
Love all your help!
thank you a lot! i wanna hug you -virtual hug-
Great chat, really helpful.
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