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MelodyoftheOcean |
Listener - Sage 13

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Hey there, you wonderful Human, I'm sorry but at the moment I'm not able to take any member requests, I am sure you will find another amazing listener! You may look for them


"Stories can make someone immortal as long as someone else is willing to listen."

Adam Silvera

Hello, my name is Ocean, and I've always liked to listen to people and give them support if possible.

So feel free to share whatever topics you need to talk about with someone, I'm always
here for you. Since I don't know you, I will definitely not judge you
for whatever it is that you have on your mind. My pm-land is a safe
space for everyone, regardless of age, gender, nationality, ethnicity,
the issues you are facing or anything else that people could judge you
But most importantly - I will care

I'm looking forward to meeting you!


Member information:

"Life can seem awful and unfixable until the universe shifts a little and the observation point is altered, and then suddenly, everything seems more bearable."

- Jasmine Warga

I just want you to know, that I will always try my best to support you in any way possible, Teens and Adults alike, currently being

A trained, verified Listener,
Adult-Teen Listener,
Teen Huddles Facilitator,
Chatroom Moderator (Newbie Hub and LGBTQ+ Community),
and Global Mod

I will continue to give it my everything to support you and keep you safe in the best way I can!

Listener information:

"We only need to be one person.
We only need to feel one existence.
We don't have to do everything in order to be everything, because we are already infinite."

- Matt Haig

You'd like some support concerning the Chatroom track? Sure thing, you can always contact me if you see me in rooms or online elsewhere about the following, and I'll do my best to help!

Listener Room Supporter
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Peer Support
Listener Sharing Circle Host

You have questions about the Quality or Safety Track? I'll gladly answer anything or support you with everything mentioned below!

Quality Mentor
Lead Leader for the Care Team
Safety Patrol

Always feel free to contact me if you happen to have any questions!

Tagging my amazing Twinnie that has been supporting me throughout my whole journey


Number of Ratings: 22
Number of Reviews: 19
Listens to Teens & Over 18
Languages English, German
Listener Since May 23, 2021
Last Active in last week
Gender Non-Binary
Progress Path Step 155
Cheers 180,812
People Helped 82
Chats 2,631
Group Support Chats 276
Listener Group Chats 838
Forum Posts 604
Forum Upvotes 714
Feedback & Reviews
Thank you, Oceaaaan for being understanding, nonjudgemental, and supportive, helping me feel hopeful, and giving me the space to find relief in something that was dark for me that I was never able to tell anyone else. You are a true gem.
They are amazing!! 100/10!!
they are so helpful
Ocean has such a beautiful soul, and I feel so fortunate to had met them- never change, my dear friend. 🤗 ❤️
A very kind should..u can open to to this listener...this person won't judge you at all..this listener creates a safe space for you to open up ...a wonderful of a kind
came to me when they saw i needed help
Melody of the ocean help me so.much i am going through a really.tough time and being able to chat to her allowed me to de-stress and calm down.
I had a chance to text with Ocean - and this person was helpful and let me vent about my issues. I really appreciate this persons being so patient with me!
"Super-awesome person" is an understatement. This listener was giving me their undivided attention - was SO kind to give me the space to vent and at the same time show REAL concern, asking me about my breathing pattern and being so quick to draw my attention to things I can focus on instead, to distract my panic episode. Speaking with this listener was like speaking with a friend I knew for a long time. It was THIS easy to just click and talk talk talk it all out; I feel like i made a close friend. I can't thank you enough for your amazing understanding, empathy and humor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you make the world a better place. Truly
Good listener and considerate
very helpfull and good to have you here
She is a good listener and I appreciate her time
You are the most wonderful. thank you
Very open minded and cool
I’ve talked to my fair share of listeners over the years and I can say this is by far the best one I’ve ever had the pleasure of connecting with. So so helpful, understand, and patient! :)
Understading and patient listener. Was a great help during my identity crisis.
I was pleasantly suprised that my first listener on this page gave more from herself than I ever expected from a volounteer.
Helped me work through a lot, great listener!
Neat person. Neat listener. I hope you grow and help more people.
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