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MimiMoon |
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I do not take any sexual or abuse chats  sorry and thanks  for understanding

Hello! I’m Mimi, and welcome to my bio.

I am currently on a self-care break, and can not do many chats.

My Status:

🟢 - Online:  I'm available and ready to chat with you! You can send me a private message, and I'll be able to respond.

🟠 - Busy:  I'm busy contributing to the 7 Cups community! If you would like to have a 1-1 chat, you can leave me a message and I will respond once I finish.

🔴 - Offline:  I'm not on 7 Cups at this time! If you would like to have a 1-1 chat, you can send me a message, but I may not reply for some time. I will respond as soon as I am back on.

About Me


You can call me Mimi, Moon, or MooMoo (Thanks for the nickname, Nerd 😛)




My Legendary Friends

The Amazing Newbie Bunny Trio

@PatientMate & @Nerdtastic01 <-- The two of you are such amazing friends, I don’t know what I would do without you! Thank you for being such amazing buddies, not only as listeners but as true friends. You make me laugh and I have such a good time talking to you in the Listener Room! Take care, and keep being wonderful! :D


My Member Buddies:

@emotionalTalker2260 @DaisyFlower32

My Listener Buddies:

@secrecykhasya, @Nerdtastic01, @kindNutella926, @PatientMate, @HealingBrokenWings, @BeautyOfGrace, @PassionateOwlTheListener

My Mod Buddies:

@CommunityModKay, @CommuntiyModCharlie, @VicK5123

Aussie Buddies:

@emotionalTalker2260, @kindNutella926, @CommunityModCharlie

These lists are always subject to change! 😊

Fist Bumps I Was Apart Of

Earthian Fist Bump ~Pebby, Mate, Nerd (stay away Martians)

Newbie Fist Bump ~Mate, Nerd

Bad Sense of Directions Fist Bump ~Nerd, Mate

Imagine Dragons Fist Bump ~ Ella, Kay

Bio Fist Bump ~ Nerd, Wings

Bad Drawing of People Fist Bump ~Nerd, Kay

Some Funny Quotes from fellow cups buds

"hehe, we are so similar it is nearly scary" ~Ella xD

"Don't blame me, blame da coffee" ~Daizy :D

"The nommer Sailor MimiMoon smh 😀" ~Angel (:

"Mimo" ~Daizy :)

Ha the typo turned name :D

"Discussion: Game night : 2 truths & a dare"

Best banner error ever, @CommunityModChristine. We are playing 2 truths and a dare now 😛

My Hashtags

#ihavecreatedsomanysectionsthatidontrememberthem ~@PatientMate

#MimiMooMoo🐮 ~@Nerdtastic01

(Last Updated 20 October, 2021 )



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Feedback & Reviews
they are nice to me
So nice and amazing.
Really understand's what you are goign through
Very nice. She made me feel nice.
the most amazing person ever. made me feel so much better
Thanks so much, MimiMoon. She is patient and caring and I love the way she listens! :)
Mimi was caring and patient. She was really good to talk through, and took my troubles away. I 100% feel better after talking, and now I realize I am not alone. Thank you so much, Mimi!
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